Did Batenkill. So I'll have a few more post about the whole experience for you. First off, Well really Second Off. My wheels of choice. Revolution Wheelworks Rev-30. Here is a nice pic. from their web site. Nice and clean and pristine. Must of been shot in one of those big timey photo studios, ya know with Bowie playing over the bose sound system and half naked models prancing all about.

Well here are my photos for you:

a tad bit of road grime left on 'em. OK we see how they look, how did they ride? My choice tire was the Bontrager race X lite hard case 23mm tire. Plenty strong, and no I had no problem with the width choice. Held and gripped great on the paved road, as well as the hard pack dirt roads. Ran them at 105 lbs. and just road everything like a speed boat, meaning I wasn't too careful on my lines, other than staying out of the unpack dirt lines. I felt quick on them. As far as the wheels go, great choice. Strong and light, felt good when I had to stand and bear down on them to close gaps. Rigid and firm, which I like. Dependable and didn't feel like I had to baby them. They did not have a harsh ride, tracked the ground well, meaning they didn't do little skips and jumps or skittering across small uneven spot of the road. What you usually give up to get that kind of ride is flex, a sorta sogginess in support. These wheels did not have that feel. Would be great for a crit, or longer road race or cross. Heres to you guys at REV WW. Thanks for the nice ride. Time to load the Mp3 player up and get out for a nice zone 1 spin for a couple of hours. I've got some music for you to hear just need to get it into the music player and up for you. cheers, dlowe.

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-JK said...

Awesome. Thanks Dave!