white man in hammer(bimbly fuck)smith

the drive from our old barn, nestled in the $xxx,xxx.xx priced tagged houses,  to Dock st.  Straight as an arrow.  Right across town. 

Through ramshackle, trolley tracks and faded, well stained logo-ed mini market signs

Polar Bear - Brian

holes, charded brick row homes, ram shackled, some well groomed with old styled flowers and hand carved house number placards,  trash, old, just beaten down, rotting. securtiy bars, kids, babies, new sneakers, chrome hubs, mini spares, mcD's bags, chicken bones, crooked painted lines on the street.  twisted the wrong way st. signs.  churches with any window within a stones throw busted out.

pushing the boundaries cause it sounds better than being true, but polar bear is like Lynard Skynard + Bird + LCD soundsystem.  If that could happen that would flame all the hearing follicles aligning my ear canal.  from England?  ok it just plays on and on for now

and driving home, I just turned it up, till the bass threatened to shake the rear view mirror from the glass.

At each stop light that I was caught at, I just tried to look into, at this different world, sitting in the setting sun.

a white man on 42nd st headed outta w. phila.




I've got the cross bikes back from the shop, Anthony and George repaired what I destroyed, and the bikes are for the most part ready to ride.   I pulled the SSmtb from the shed, but ended up on the cross bike headed out on the cross loop.   The trails been blocked by the high running river, so today was the first passable day to ride.  Everything has gone crazy,  I plowed through, blinded by green, I stomped through, stirring up clouds of pollen.

I tried to avoid the dreaded stinging nettle, but I still have a few spots smoldering with "itch".   I had fine vines tangling my cranks and pedals, pulling me back.  Giant leaves.  Spider webs.

I made it to the stones, the large pebble beach and broken up cement.  I felt like a bushman, stepping out of the dense jungle into the clearing.   I looked, the river was down enough to pass, and there was a nice looking naked lady.     Tall, nice figure.  and then I saw the photographer, snapping away as she posed, more arts-ie than porno-ish.   I loudly cleared my throat, they both startled and he got a towel for her.  I didn't make a big deal, you know, just like anyone else I'd come across back here.    I apologized for my strange surprising appearance, stepping out of the thick brush.  In my garish kit, bike hefted onto shoulder.    They seemed to be the normal ones here.  I gave her a smile, a nod to the bloke, made a nice remount and pedaled away, not looking back. 

ah my trails, mine

I am in need of a machete.

cheers, d.


disortion-ation pedal

I told George, on Thursday night, as we chatted before the Y Niwl/Gruff Rhys show, "I wonder what I'll remember, sitting down Sunday night?"

to be truthful, Its a challenge to type and think correctly, at this moment.

a great show, thanks preformers

There is a zone some of us seek, especially cross racers, this distacted from reality, stare, hold it togerther, plow on.

Mine, not by all choice;, music, lack of sleep, more work, tough race, brew pub, nap, walk, another brew pub, sleep, race, home, brew pub. 
a stroll in Bloomsberg

a beer or two in Berwick

a nap to the, rare light of the sun this spring, in my racers crushed 31st placed hotel room

and as I drove home tonight, after a real nice night at the pub with Mr. Hamm

I thunk
and a single thought, stronger than all the others.
came into my mind
it was the moment during work Friday, shooting at a daycare, where I was standing holding a light, and somehow a four year old had latched on to my finger.
Holding it contently.
I look down at the wee little one
holding on
he is
Happy and content.

so thats how I leave it, thanks little one.
I sometimes am a giant,
with only my needs in mind
my epic-ness,
and somehow
with your small little hand
made me feel
just holding on


a fog hanging in the valley, Bloomsburg


Lomo the still photo's SS

George is doing the house thing, and as he's always been there with a helping hand for me, so I was glad to lift and tote some of his trash to the dump with him.

before we got going, I made him sit in the yard, and he obliged me.
and  slammed the aperture wide open and crushed my depth of field.
all the controls set on manual.
and focused from the lcd screen.

but as you see, his eyes are not crisp, I've focused just behind them.
could of happened as I moved to snap, just that small movement, of in or out

I'm plugging away at it.

One of the harder issues is this 1.6x of the focal length of the lens that I'm using. 
The 50mm lens on my camera equals a 80 on a "pro" camera.
so I've been lens shopping
wanna end up in the 35mm range,
wider, but without the distortion.
 I don't want a zoom, maybe just the Single Speeder in me.

I am liking the cheap lens, really cheap lens people are figuring out how to mount to their cameras.
Get hipper now, y'all.  Diana Adaptors.
why?  in a simple way, this hipster lens is making you think about focal length, and getting away from the automatic world, and the ZOOM.

Cheers folks!


wanted: a made in Bedford Cannondale

New York City

d.lowe portrait by Tony Stewart

affected photo by Anthony Hennessy

I really like my new cannondale caad 10, but I'd like it even more if it said "made in Bedford, PA" on it
I'd pay more to have the flag flying on the top tube again.

cheers, d.



off to mt. pleasant today, I took my lunch, and a nice beer
pedaled my second favorite bike from the stable

and broke the seal on my new camera

at one time I was even a bit more off than the off I am now.

I had aspirations of takin pictures

I learned to FOCUS, set the F-STOP, dial in the SHUTTER SPEED and set the proper ASA

you'd might have a view of an exposure needle waging back-n-forth tween a bracket in your view finder,
or maybe a hand held light meter.

you learned from experience

I used prime lens, not zooms
what does a 50mm looks like
compared to a 85mm
What does it do in compressing the image?

you'd have to be a fine craftsman just to take and print a proper picture

my camera has too many buttons,
the ones I need
they will be hard to find, if I'm drunk,
or its dark,
or I'm in a hurry.

but I have 18 mega pixels of glory, and
I, in an instant, can tweet it.



I love stink bugs

I've got this guy staring at me, he's empty, me I'm giddy. 

today... well today was an excellent day.   I didn't finish the race.  I loved the loop, the snappy decent, and the zapping climb, loop.  Hung big for a bit then when limp quick.  Pulled myself like it was a cross race, with just a couple to go.   I got what I wanted.  Hurt.

Mothers day,  its sorta a good/sad day for me.  My wife's mom's not alive, with us.  Mine is.  I miss my mother-in-law.  

Chatted with mom, made her laugh from the belly, joking about Cleveland.  Thanks Cleveland.
a nice chat,  I don't relate to all my family, but I am lucky enough to have a great relationship with my Mom.

Stink bugs, I don't grow crops, they don't do much to me, cept sometimes crash into the lamp shade a lot while I'm trying to read poetry,  that's acceptable.

otherwise,  I wish all my friends were sitting on my porch with me.   All the people I love. ah I'm just f'n on a way to drunk.    CHEERS! david.



This is for real, I don't think Jake knew I'd snapped this one of him.
Just a long day at work.
Another use for an apple box.

no bike riding:
my synapse's are
becoming fat little children with short stubby legs


I, Gett It

I should be doing invoices, work, not killing beers on an empty stomach
Its been a long time since I've been crushed by work,  day, day day day,, good for dough, and its interesting how my crisped mind works, between the work and still trying to log miles, and home.   good

if you try to hurt a goose, even just fake a kick, or a spit, a swing, I'll knock ya off your bike, and maybe give you a boot to the ribs.

I don't know anything bout this music, don't know if I like it, but grabbed it, from a tweet.  The accent is good enough for now to pass the time.  Cheers, the mindless one. d.

TWILIGHT SAD   its a free album so, click, pop, sip, listen.

 twightlight sad - Suck