Inside Wharton Esherick's house,  it's a museum,  the personal space, his work, his shirts in a cool pull out drawer under his cool bed, he built, level to the windows on his second story, with a view, from the top of one of the hills of valley forge, out over farm land. 
     The guide touching the table top, a long slow brushing, affection.  Soon we all were touching things, softly rubbing items, everything, almost everything Wharton made of wood.   

I leaned my bike against the wood wall of one of his buildings,... we were told that he wanted his home, his work, to be Alive, well she did'nt say alive, but,... living, to interact, his carvings and art, functional and sensual!!!

I road out to Wharton's home today, I'd plan to ride there with my friend Kelly Cline, yesterday.  our wives would drive out, we'd tour the place, eat cheese and drink wine in his kitchen.   but the weather, rain was foretasted for the afternoon, that bogused my plan, instead,  I got out early and did a swell cx ride, of places I love, trails I love, trees, woods, dirt,  fucking LOVE!

today, I walked back into the Esherick musuem shop space, with a road cleated click a clack, 
and I knew the man behind the small counter musta thought I looked, like, familiar, I said "Hello",
"I would like this pack of five cards" placing the packet on the table,  "I did'nt think my legs would get me up the hill",  "thank you for such a nice night yesterday", ... I fiddled the cards into my cycling vest pocket,   unfazed, he said, "it was a nice evening",  "thank you". 

what a really wonderful visit this weekend

Cheers!  dlowe


Unrequited Love

Always one of the favorite bikes,  the one keen and I am affectionate for, it's the one, a bit of a monster, cobbled, dented.  Really been well loved!
 It's the one, that, does not get respect, not loved enough,.   It's the one bike, that hangs on the wall, that the populace only tends to pull down for the trendy St. paddy-Pallooza-WCofWhateverYear.  Zonk!  My love the SSCX.

I don't like to be beat, I looked at the results......

beaten again by "Mister Vanderbacon" .  by 5 seconds,.... crushed, so close,  Loved!

I had a blast at Monkey Hill TT,   here is a great race report from Mister Vanderbacon:

Monkey Hill Time Trial (Wilmington Grand Prix)

I like the course, the loud volume of cheers, as I suffered onto  the top of the cobbled Monkey Hill.

and the cobbles, the wet corners, the speed, handling, the digging deep,
an excellent contest.

Cheers!  dlowe


Mud on the Shoes

a Mythical Beast

with no disrespect to Wahner, Piscitello, Gray, Featherman, or Smith.  as mighty foes they are, and to do well against them, would being doing excellent,  but...
I dream of beating a Goliath,  besting in a cross race, Tilford.

at the end of Nationals, enjoying that shower beer, I felt good, grand.
I felt, what could I do better, what do I need to work on.
My confidence had grown.  I just don't want to race cross well, I want to do my best.
My faults; running, the remounts on off camber/downhills, muscle strength.

It's taken me a long time, I took two easy months in the gym before I'd add weight. working on form, the build up, to not get hurt when I added the stress of weights.

and It's taken me even longer to build up the running, a few months now,,,,,, and today, my first longer run outside, a bit of trails, chilly damp day, a bit of mud.   I'm slow, and content.

I thought of my form, how my feet were striking the ground,
I thought about Steve Tilford, how, I think, his injuries, how maybe it's a flaw, if any he has as a cx racer, it'd would be his run.

I hope to have better legs by the fall,  to be ready to f'n put it to 'em if it's a muddy one.
To hop off the bike, pick it up, and frickn Go like Gump.

I love training, the day dreaming, the learning,  the imagination.

excellent weather today,  Cheers to CX!   dlowe