Mud on the Shoes

a Mythical Beast

with no disrespect to Wahner, Piscitello, Gray, Featherman, or Smith.  as mighty foes they are, and to do well against them, would being doing excellent,  but...
I dream of beating a Goliath,  besting in a cross race, Tilford.

at the end of Nationals, enjoying that shower beer, I felt good, grand.
I felt, what could I do better, what do I need to work on.
My confidence had grown.  I just don't want to race cross well, I want to do my best.
My faults; running, the remounts on off camber/downhills, muscle strength.

It's taken me a long time, I took two easy months in the gym before I'd add weight. working on form, the build up, to not get hurt when I added the stress of weights.

and It's taken me even longer to build up the running, a few months now,,,,,, and today, my first longer run outside, a bit of trails, chilly damp day, a bit of mud.   I'm slow, and content.

I thought of my form, how my feet were striking the ground,
I thought about Steve Tilford, how, I think, his injuries, how maybe it's a flaw, if any he has as a cx racer, it'd would be his run.

I hope to have better legs by the fall,  to be ready to f'n put it to 'em if it's a muddy one.
To hop off the bike, pick it up, and frickn Go like Gump.

I love training, the day dreaming, the learning,  the imagination.

excellent weather today,  Cheers to CX!   dlowe

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