real rad ride time

if you see a Kelly Cline post on FB for a ride out his way, you best take him up on it cause you'd be a lucky one.
The trails are rough, with flow, of course plenty of soul, at times a bit steep,  or some nice rock heads.  I'd call this an Ike and Tina ride.
I like'd my ride today, so much, a real a lot.
Quite a bonus to ride W/Ann Rock and Andy Mr. di Michele.
Andy was on his cx ss bike like just riding it all with us.

this ride, meet all expectations and more.

now, a cold beer, nap, .... it real was a real rad ride.

super regards, dlowe.


dirty socks


Its quite extended,  we all pedal, some of us shave our legs, and some don't.

                                       mr. m. featherman  by Jules Benson

some  are full of vinegar, maple syrup, strychnine, dynamite, or sardines.

and I don't care who I ride with, or what bike I ride on.

I know being pulled down the West River Drive yesterday, by Joesph Wentzell at nearly 30 mphs after 60 miles of riding,  that's crazy.

or Today, looking up from the back of the pack, up the switch back dirt, rock, steep climb, and seeing the blokes, d.Smith, and deleware folk just riding away, I know that's the right bike for the day.

I'm throwing all my wet muddy stuff into the wash.  Tomorrow when I wake,  down to Media, to ride the little ridden trails, with patriarchs of The Family.

   Cheers, david.


who is your dada?


my love for duchamp nevers, gasp, stutter, deflates.

"lobby Philadelphia Museum of Art"

I understand that most don't get the m. Duchamp, and it even makes me snicker that two (3*) of the his works at the Phila m of a, are reproductions, you know the rim mounted to the stool, and the above bottle rack.   What I get,  is the Duchamp's did not really follow anyone,  like Oldenburg's clothes pin and 3 way plug, the common, everyday brought new possibilities, when made into art.

The duchamps, the 3 bros. and one sister, all artist, would of been excellent cross racers.   sometimes it runs in the family.

next visit to the gallery, I'll get a pic of the porcelain urinal.  see if I can out do the stieglitz photo of the original.

this morning I got up real early, to enjoy some coffee with my wife, who was up for an early call.
I got out and did some work on the bike.
I was pedaling afterwards, when I came to, ...all the inbetween the finishing and start, ...hmmm, not quite sure, of where I was at, ..   is good.

best regards, your pal, dl


The Rising Sun Armchair

one of the most beautiful nights of the year,  the sun was setting, and a couple of riders were out in a field, on the edge of a Philadelphia park.  riding on a rogue course.  it was hidden right there, the tracks from eye view, did not exist,  the tall grass just waved in the setting west sun.

we were asked to leave, and I was asked to do, something that I am piss poor at.   I'm not political, not at all talented in the tasks of diplomatic proceedings.   we left and worked with the city to find a new place.  We ended up on the edge of a soccer field.  It works.  but it does lack the beauty.

and I do appreciate and love beauty.

Today I got up early.
I went to do morning sprint workouts, on the loop of roads, and one runs by the field.  Where the sun set across riders practicing cx.
I was there early.  and looked about and I laughed and smiled as I looked at the tissues's covered
in jizz scattered about, the broken glass,  reflecting in the rising east sun.   along that field.

I am resilient, and the sprints felt good, and I felt odd, I have not done a "workout" in a while, but I do want to be faster, or just have to keep up a bit with the faster old men of cx this fall.

Philadelphia is a funny place,

and the field that we briefly trained in,  mud tracks, of auto treads,  must of recently been used as a parking lot.

to a setting sun, and the rising sun,   you know, like the chair in Independence Hall.

 Cheers, dl  (the rising sun armchair bit of info)


young mister appeltans

     (ah, falling short, a bit out of focus)

I went down to meet Flynn, and to attempt to take some pictures of him.   By no means an easy task, for me, and while I had a grand time chatting with his parents, my friends, Jeff and Lara, I lack the skill and foresight to capture any good shots.   

He has a very nice demeanor, happy, smiles, lots of emoting from the eyebrows.

There is a very nice soft skylight  to work under,  just to think, how to accomplish, this task.

I'd really like to get a good shot.    In focus, nice composition, grand expression.

Cheers, dl.


secret garden

my friends yesterday were running a bit late for our meet up to ride.  I went for a pre-ride ride to pass the time.    The 1927 Secret Garden is beside and a little strolling trail behind, the Strawberry Mansion.  Beautiful, quiet, cept for all the little critters and a bunch of birds chirping.

on to "A Life Beyond Limits"
Very well written, insightful.  I am always amazed by, that,  successful people are so much more than just the simple label, like "photographer" that I place on them.
complex, humanistic,
a good read,  went through 50 pages my first sitting.

cheers, dl.


Dirt Riders

I sat on a stump,  with a cup of coffee.  Chatting with a couple of the young neighborhood kids. 
Not saying much.  Just sitting, lots going on.  Planting and cleaning.  Opening of the pumptrack. 
I left and went for a long easy road ride.
I swung by on my way home.   Put my foot up on the fence.   Looking in.

There was a cue,  long one, of young kids, to get onto the small track. 
and dudes, were riding the big track. 
A lady, leaned on the fence, and just talked. 

I did 3 visits to help a bit at the track.
This track, its real nice, why?  Its philly.   Just made by hard work, soulfulness, laughing a bit.
and fucking wiping it out,  kicking ass. 
I toiled just a wee bit, many toiled way more, moving dirt, stone. 
and it was just built, to ride, just to ride. 

and the kids, worked, and then ride. 
Kenn was there every time I came by.  He's got his head on straight enough,  relaxed, but firm in direction.
It all came done, dressed in the last couple of days, and became a place. 

This bit of unwanted land, the cities, dumped on, hidden.
It is a little mecca. 
Just taking some beat up land and making it a place to ride. 

I think what makes the track was the kids that came to it.  to ride

great job Kenn, and all others,  Really well done. 

best regards, dlowe. 

thats me, far on the right, with the blue cap.