last night, Friday,  I went out to see Nashville Pussy.    I could of gone to see Nick Cave again, or a interesting jazz show.   I went to see them cause, after all these years I've never seen 'em.  And after all these years they are still working the rock and roll.   They rocked.   It was loud, stomping, burly, well played, tight ass,  ... well yes older, and a  few f'n extra pounds.   Standing by the stage,  I enjoyed it, absorbed it, and was part of it, the power of Rock.

I'm reading a book:   "Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of Greek Myths"  by Bernard Evslin.

my wife, reads me one of the short stories, in bed, and I listen to her voice and imagine the characters, and I am enjoying it so much.

I like this quote from one story, about Arachne ... "It is the same thing"  she, Arachne said,  that how she worked, the way she worked,  was as beautiful as the works/weavings she made.

I like that a lot.

she later was turned into a spider

cheers, dl


chuck close

I bought the book of art at the show of Marissa Paternoster,  its blunt simple but somehow steps away from juvenile.
I like it.
I read in the art gallery, whatever book I am into at the time.  I'll pick a room, and grab a bench, every so often I look up from the page, at whats around me.




I love music so much.
tonight's show,
I drove 76 into the city,
walked in, got a beer from the bar,
waited just a bit
they played, I soaked it in,

Modern Hut
Noun - Marissa Paternoster 
at The Boot and Saddle 7/16

I found a new way to shoot the camera, that works for me.

I don't want to go to bed, to go to sleep,

The music, playing, it all, fucking did it for me.



Euro cut racing shorts

I finally got a mtbike race done.
Stoudts Summerfest  MASS relays and stuff.

                                    post racing - Gorka and Lowe, the "undynamic duo"

I raced duo with Gorka as my partner.
He took the start and first couple of laps.

I was just getting to the race when he was lining up to start.
Set up, kitted up, tagged up and raced my mountain bike.
Not motoring, just crusing, my laps, shaking it out.
Tagged Gorka in and cooled off.

                             Gorka,  the darling of the fans.

Next laps I saw the board,  posting places, we were 11th.  and it sunk in, this, not matter how laid back and chill,  it is a race.  I laid into it.   I went out and made the rest of all my laps hard.

We clawed and climbed up the results.

At the end, as Gorka finished and I tagged in, If,  I, hurried a bit we could get three laps in before time ran out.  I did take a quick beer feed on the second lap, had to.
and made it to the line with two minutes to go, so I got the third in.

I saw going out that we were just a hair behind, 6th.   I kept at it hard.
We ended up 5th.   No matter, so much as having something to push me that extra bit.
I was racing the mountain bike, seeing some big smiles, joking with friends, and had a blast.

good day for sure!



Every so often, I'm asked to work for below rate.
or on a freebie.

The other day, Wednesday, it was one of those, days,
the rate wasn't so good.
I did a lot of set ups.

I was hired by these four kids, part of a pre-college class they signed up for being taught by my friend Kim, who'd asked me to be a hands on quest lecture on Gripping/lighting.  I got to do a lot of talking, and being myself, and teaching a bit by letting 'em learn what they can on their own.  We did a bunch of lighting set ups in the studio.

after lunch.
We carried the equipment down the road over to Philadelphia City hall.
Each one took over,  and with not much care of all the foot traffic, and gawkers, were very focused on their work.
It was a good day.  The kids, all quite at first, all jumped in,  they each came up with cool shots, made witty jokes and worked hard.    

They don't know how to do it right,
or cared that there is conventions in doing it the right way.

or understand the rules, or know how to replicate others work, so they,  their stuff was fresh, and interesting to watch.

They couldn't fail, it was not that type of learning.  Art is cool that way, when you do things your way.

I think they got, that it means something to you, and if it only means something to you, fuck the rest of 'em anyway. 

I don't think I said fuck too much I hope.

I had the best bosses today.  for sure.

cheers, dl


water ice #7

nothings very crummy about riding bikes in philly, whatever is under you legs is good.  Water Ice #7 came early this year.  It was a fun ride, despite being attacked by a tiger.   I'm ok,  just dazed a bit,  had to lead on,  had to make it, for my orange vanilla swirl water ice.   and its about the water ice.
this one will be remember  fondly, as I pick my scabs,  and hopefully someday look at some faint small faded scars hiding on my saggy skinned old man body.   It was again a fine group of fine riders having a grand time.

Cheers!  dlowe