fatal little flaws.  I've got a few,  I am lucky that most of them just added to my life, despite my laying in bed thinking about how I need to change 'em.  Looking at the clock  reading 4:33a.   How many times I say "I'll change 'em".    and despite my tongue or lack of stickin to tactics, life still treats me pretty well.  again Somewhere in all this racing stuff I've forgot that it is racing.  To win?  Ha! To ride.  Don't worry I have plenty of podium speed in my legs, and plan to pack more into my hard training body, its just not the reason, to race.    This year I'm nicking my shins on the barriers. 

I'm out of town staying in a hotel I stayed in 12 years ago, ate at a place I ate at 12 years ago.  I remember driving home from playing a show in Albany, NY.  the punk years,  and the headlights  off in the distance look like little campfires.  Not a great show, but I still remember so many  feelings from that night years ago. 
I think to myself  "if I want something, I should look to myself to get it", you know, its not up to you to make me happy or rich or even fast. 

so as I stare down my beer bottle, looking at the little bubbles inside its kneck,.....  I toast Nick,  Ride on. 
cheers, dlowe.



ummh,  duh,  this is " a cyclocross racer".   Racer, yep.  Racer.  so I better get on the ball and get some racer, photos, info stats, and all the crap that makes it racin.  So toe the line and kick some ass,  and I'll try to do the same for ya.  Till next weeks race, expect plenty more of my entertaining dribble filler.  Cheers, dlowe cyclocross racer.


...just fine!

yep, quite a day and its only 6:04.  Did "boys to men" w/ Ant. had some fig pizza, and drinking beer,  got my motivation and goals for tomorrows cross race.  cheers! dlowe.

Deep Pockets

It is no longer Halide Crystals. Its no longer chemical its electrical. From film to electronic data. I remember when we left analog for digital in audio, and how it hurt. and Now I have a computer full of music, in little folders I pull back and forth to my mycro-scopic "music" player. Easy. But today I'm gonna dig out my old Sony Walkman. The one with the exploited sticker on it. Pop in Husker Du's "Land speed Record" to open me up. Sometimes you got to be careful in what you put into your ears, directed at your soul.

and with that, a Happy Birthday to Anthony. Ant has deep pockets, of big o'family man soul. Went out last night and dumped some suds down my throat, some klinkin of glasses. Comrades.  Today I just want to ride, ride, and ride... but will restrain myself a bit and just ride. My Mountain bikes a calling.... cross bike wants me too, Wiss, needs a visit, and Gladwyne's "boys to men" climb. Da cobbles. Tree hopping at Belmont. What to do?



Today, I worked on the "person" side of my training. It is easy to come off as a douche, or to get riled up from some little thing that you make into an issue. If it rolls on and picks up the tacky mud it gets messy, and soon unenjoyable for everyone. I'm lucky, to race in an area that has so much support and development of the cyclocross sport. Its freakin fast, and tough, but always should be fun, enjoyable, and satisfying. Win, Lose, Mechanical, someone wrecks you out, you get tangled up in the tape and drag a big hunk of it, caught in you gears, for a good bit.

Tonight I road aggressive but kinder in the corners, timed my passing to not bomb down and pinch, but to slingshot in and out around. I'm not always the best chatter, but I work on it. and that small talk goes along way in making a good vibe.

I swithced up my tires, went with the clinchers, Maxxis Razes. My old tread of choice, and I returned to them to see what I've learned since leaving 'em. They do bite well, to a point, and they give a bit earlier than the Challenge grifo's tubulars (They've got them at the Shop) I've been now using. The raze are not a bad tire, I could still race them, but tubular is better.
oh yeah my test.... I went out hard and pushed em, and then a little more lean, and then,... ah wash out.

That's a nice color dirt, not to hard of a fall and as I pealed back the bibs, no mark on the thigh. Next test, laundry/stain removal.

Now whats really unlike me is I'm liken the pumpkin beers, hmm, gonna go crack one now, Brooklyn Brewery's Post Road Pumpkin Ale, Pretty good. Yep, I'd give it a pretty good. Need to go find a tap and drink some fresh stuff. Boo! dlowe.


Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Specialist positions available. Apply below.

Looking for an EOD.
Depite good starting call up position. I quickly blew-up pedaling with the faster dudes. Struggle a bit and had good heart, did not win any small battles.  Can't blame on  tired legs, heavy bike , hang over, or poor tire selection.  Willing to wear shock collar, or whatever it takes to regulate my poor brain management.  

Ah Charm City was a blast, a blast off fast fun course and the little tweaking that was made to it, made it ride all that much better.   so today it is not about the racing, I did that, ...and not to well,  at that.   In the end, we race to go fast, to battle, to open beers with friend and foes, to share what we have, and in general have a great time doing it all.  Great Day.  cheers, dlowe.


wounds, welts, whezzing, whew!

MAC 1.  Nittany Lion Cross.
Nittany Lion?   No lion. Needs new name. 

Nice sunny cool day to race. A very nice course, taking advantage of much of the landscape as it could. Mostly laid out with the cornering around trees, no road section, and it was a lot of lead footing it out of corners and burning matches on the straights. I raced the Master 35/45 Elite, I'm 47. A lot of confused and grumpy dudes at the starting grid as no one could figure out the small number of call-ups, or who and why you got called up. Just a few rows of civilness and then elbows and 'tude as we all scrummed it for position. So the start for me was like holding on to the line of the Popeye balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. We gave the spectators a good show, elbowing, crunching and cussin' through the 1st 3rd of the 1st lap. Sorts turned back to normal. I passed a dozen or so, and then found my battle. Won the small battle but could not bridge up to a bigger battle just a bit ahead of me. Results: 37th overall 35/45, I don't know where I place as a 45. Funny to me that's the category I race in but, I guess its not really important enough to break apart from the 35 results. I can't wait for timing chips. Onward to the Charm City, I think I'm gonna pull a Black Friday, and get to the start grid really early and get up front. Cheers, and really a happy to be cross racing oldster. dlowe.

todays race earned ONE GERDIE the TURKEY POINT. 


Wonder Full

you know everyone around here is getting it buttoned down, cause its time to get it on.  Me too! Ant got me niced an toed-in.   I spun some and it all feels good as it needs to be. 


Went out to Earth Bread Brewery, I think its the first time we've been back since Chad and Anna's send off.  We drank,  Lee, George, Anthony and I,  missing them, but no beers hit the floor.  I sampled a few, nothing outstanding, but all very nice, indeed. 

                                                     George and Anthony debate something.

George stylings

when I awoke this morning, I also had some clogs in the brain.  so I've decided to delete a lot of thoughts I've been holding onto, I am ready to start again.   I guess sometimes the solution ya want is the one that is not there to find.  And if you wanna be happy, you better, find another idea to spend time with, maybe something fun, and positive.

I like the mark that we leave on the grass field.   The closer you look the more violent it seems.

  As you pull away somehow it just starts to blend in.   Its amazing on how fast our marks our covered up and forgotten.

cheers, dlowe.



I knew what to expect last night at practice, some mud, a bit of dead leg, and a bit of riding like a juvenile.  Results: Good practice, I did'nt get socked in the nose, just under some skin, and got a good workout in, got the most outta what I could put out and otherwise took it easy when I was outta gas.
I knew some more trails were close by, land locked in 12 acres of woods that were encompassed by all the Houses they could fit.  Knew not to expect ridin' worthy trails, but had to still go look.   Pedaling up a neighborhood street, looking at the landscape, not easy land to build on, and that went for the trails also. 
Beer and beater trails, good amount of land and some interesting prospects for trails, but probably gonna stay as beer can, beater trails.   Steep stuff, erosion, a bad jump, roots, broken glass....
and a old panel van dump a while ago.  Good for some just out and about easy riding day.  Cheers, dlowe.



today is a day off the bike, the alarm went off, I called George and the ride was on. I was one minute late to the meeting spot. I stopped to snap a photo from my trail of the sun rising. Off the bike? Not really.
I like weeds along the my trail, and it seems that some group, that has the big pile of dough, for sprucing up my trail, does not. They like to get busy and hack all plants (weeds) down, and put it all into piles, and there it sits. I like the wild flowers, Queen Ann's lace, the big leafed 14' plants, the dense reed like undergrowth. Quaffed is not my thing. I like that natural look.

The ride starts with a nice roll out, to the steep cobble climb, around the abandoned reservoir, beer trail, meadow, big monster, forbidden drive to some sipping and sit down time with coffee. For an off day there are some good peppery efforts in there, and despite what this physically does or doesn't do for my legs its really good for my mind and motivation. Its good to have plenty of good times on the bike.

I've been thinking about power meters, with my short efforts and a specific zone/work to do, its hard to use PE or HR to measure the amount of effort your putting forth. but do I have to test myself to find my work zones?, uggh, that sounds like no fun, and how often do I have to test? but I'm sure that one day that power will have its place in my training. not quite yet. still a lot to learn about the PE aspect, and what these intervals and what that shit does to my body. Lovely,..... cheers, dlowe.



Today: drizzling, windy, and just a hair towards a chill. just pulled on the gear. the bike pointed out. with a jump and a few downstrokes away we went. Just another day, listenin' to the black lips, Iron Monkey, Major Lazer, OM, Smog, and some other dudes who rock out. I did some 30 30's, push ups. You get up to a good speed, and every 30 seconds you attack, then step it down a bit, and repeat 20 times. Done, I just kept pedaling west, into the wind and rain. I stop at a fountain, drink my fill and make my turnaround.  On the way back in hit up Marchiano's and some hot coffee at La Columbe. Got home and the hands just had a slight numb tingle, with some small shivers I undressed infront of the washer,  and got a hot shower. I'm getting all the littlish things done, tweaked, and raceable.  Tomorrow more rain, so gonna get some cornering in, and work on the tire pressure stuff. Nice, dialing it in. Just a couple of weeks and I'll be in the grid listening for the whistle.


cheers, dl.


Philly X Wednesday's Results:

It all seems good. Sitting catching up with friends, feeling the buzz, and the coolish night. Settling in....
.....and on the way home from sipping some new flavors from our friends down South that have deemed Philly a market for there tasty suds. I saw the trucks, the tow-away signs, the lights, and I knew we should stop. Soon I was standing back on the set, but with no tool belt and bull shitting with friends. It felt good to visit. Brian Jordan/on the clock, and Ant/off and one of my nights drinking comrades, came back looking for me. B.J. had set Ant up with some headphones to listen to the scene, took him right to the edge of the frame, and Ant got a glimpse of how Hollywood shoots a movie. I took no pics. sorry. but I do have some from the early night, the Terrapin was really tasty, I had 4, and got a sip or two of everyone else's varieties.

I really did not know if I would make it to the 1st 2009 Philly X Wednesday Practice. I did. It was damp and then it rained and Kelly's course turned more crossish and right away it was broken things, and some blood, rolled tires, and run over X'ers. but all good. and this season of cross is off to a great start here in Philly. So you C-3ers, with your darther vader voices, beware. What you have in numbers means just more bullseyes. That might make ya guys a good jersey, cause were freakin chasing you. Today I got out the air compressor, and layed into the bike. I like giving it a good air bath before, the wet bath. I believe that way it don't drive the smallish bits, draining down it to the tightish compartmeants for life, but blows them free.

onward to a tofu pup, chips and some suds. cheers, and to the real start of cross. Lift Glass NOW! dlowe.



Been more myopic. I've had some choices on some social things to do, and somehow my first choice was to be a homebody, and I've enjoyed it. Not that I'm not getting out and around on the bike. Just not doing any hang time. No BBQ, No Group rides, No Whiteclay, yes a cup of coffee at 11:45 and a beer at 12:30 with Anthony , but that's sort been it.

Someone drained concourse lake, with a few clicks I've discovered its part of a Master Plan. I'm a little worried about the "improvements" that are going to be bestowed on the Belmont Plateau. I fear we'll lose some of the nice trails and ambience's as the Outsiders do studies and figure out how to use up the grant monies on themselves, and make the wise decisions for my use of that area. Ah, Improvements. ? really.

Sunday D. Berson ask me to meet up and ride some cross with him, he's a good egg. We did a bunch of corner technique stuff, and I got a chance to lay some of my heavy handed cross opinion upon him. Wonder if I'll do more bad than good. Then I rolled up past the Centennial house and did my hot laps, as my Sansa had a good mix loaded up on it. here's how I wrote it to Chad "..... I got in a 45 mins. of hot laps on my course by the Centennial House. With all the Philadelphia pinnings of pit bulls, blow jobs, and blow, to ride through, past, into and quickly away from. I think they all thought I was a crazy dude, insane and trying to pummel my life away by hammering my bike around as hard I could in the grass field". Yep, thats my home, in a David Lyching way I really love it here.

a little product endorsement for you. I've been riding with a Sansa mp3 player for a while, I saw the new fuze and got to recomend it to you. music, radio, video, recorder, card slot. dude thats somekinda bang for the buck at 4gb costing you aprx. $60 buckkos.

Well got a few more things to not do today, and then some work, and hope to make it to the 1st Wednesday's cross practice, and on to some socializing, Terripan Beer sipping. clicky, click, click. dlowe.


Range Rover

I rolled my way over to the center of the Gladwyne Hills, to get it on with some more short uphill intervals.   The hills almost perfect for this effort, could be maybe another 10 yards long.    With these short intervals I make land marks to match the defined time of work, so for the following work I try to make it to those marks instead of looking at a timer.   I avoid these types of workouts, but now I need them and have added them to my training.  Yuck, means good. Right?

I could of raced today, a real nice crit, some nice lunch with excellent beer, but somehow knew that my mind was not into the asphalt circle, and I'd get more out of my puking inducing dirt cross training.

Found a nice "Members Only" trail, followed it over one of the dales, and U-turn it in Conshy, and pedaled my way back in on the path.   Caught a couple of carrots, to pep it along back to town, and now headed down to drink on the back porch of the City Tavern.   Its looking like more drinks out somewhere, with friends.  Sitting outside just a sipping the night away.    Tomorrow, some BERSON time, and then some hot laps, ahhh... my type of workout.  cheers, and special B-day wish to the Dr. Fox.    raise the glass and drink, d l o.


just plodding along

Got done with work, made it home, and fit my 1.5 hr workout in before dusk.  Took the same way home, but took my time and plodded a bit.  Watch the sun drop, felt the air cool and sat on the trail till it was dark.   At work, it was brought up, "what do you want to be doing 10 years from now?" more in a HR way, than a indepth chat type of way.  I don't know, I sorta like to figure out how to do what I do, and do the little things better.  Myopic?   If I ride the same trail, and notice new things each ride do I need to go ride new trails? 
Today I hit the Wissahickon for an easy ride.  Just putted along.  Stopped and chatted with an old timer hiker with his cool dog.  Kicked a few rocks to block some wide lines.  I was going to go visit the monks house, but felt time would be better served sipping coffee at La Columbe.  and now, nothing planned for the next days. sorta nice.  just getting things done, putting along.  cheers, dlowe.