The Wagner Free Insitute of Science

i'm lucky that my work, some of the locations are places I would never find, or seek out on my own.
Years ago, a dozen or so, I guess, I worked at this old museum.   It was a cool place, and like many things I put into my brain, I thought I'd remember it and return for a visit.  a dozen years later.  After a bit of searching I found it again, and went for a visit.

I rang the bell.  A nice young lady greeted us and let us in.
She introduced herself, shook our hands and left us on our own to roam.

I had called the day before about taking pictures.  In the most polite way, it was explained to me no picture taking.  I was a bit crushed

You step back into time, a rare occurrence, that people don't find the need to meddle and update.
An elegant building.
Back into 1890.


can of Worms

changed up the treads on my rims, pulled the crosstires off the Rev's rim and thumbed on my Bontrager Race X Lite Hardcase 23mm's, my winter road/dirt abuse tire on.

a great tire I've loved running.     

My wheels are the new Revolution Wheelworks 23mm wide clinchers.  

I'm not sure if it was the age of the old bontragers or the new wider width, but the first corner on my ride yesterday, I like to dive it, and in the apex, the front slid a bit.  Zoikes.  I did not end up sprawled across the road, but it did give me the espresso shot of adrenaline.   So I need to pick out new treads, or risk just getting new bontragers, maybe it was there age, and not the seam and little b's, making it let loose.  

Tires that's a good one to ask an opinion for,  everyone, everyone has a different favorite.  and what works for one, the perfect never flat, cheap, fast, long lasting,  and super supple one, is a piece of crap to the next guy.   I've got 4 windows open, looking at the different tire web sites,  think...?

cheers, d.


in office

Its a cold day in Philadelphia, and I'm taking it easy, .....

another mp3 player, went red.

Had a good night out last night, a dinner with some good friends and our wives.


I've been spending more time in the office I've made upstairs.
Its in a room, a 2nd floor sunroom with a wall of windows.
The tree outside brushes against the screen in the wind.  and when it rains it sounds like a soft muffled drumming.

I've got art to frame and get up.
Its given me a place to work, with the tools I need at hand.

and a new shirt from the Welsh band Y Niwl

Dau by Y Niwl    from Soundcloud,  check 'em out.
I'm a bit under the weather, my body had no gas riding the SS yesterday @ the Wiss.
a really nice team ride, I'm on a new team this year, Philadelphia Ciclismo.
It was hard for me to leave HumanZoom, the only team/shop I've ever raced for.
but they are changing, and I was able to leave on very good terms.

So far I've found the new team,  very nice,  a great group, hard workers, humor, beers, ...making for some pleasant group rides.   I'm sorry I will miss tomorrows ride.
alas, I do look forward to the new seasons.

Cheers! d.



i was born in Indiana.  Lived, till now most of my life in Ohio.    Never really used the F word till I moved to philly.    I've been working on being more Midwestern.  More Ohioian.  Polite. Nice.

Its a chore. 

cheers, d.


food chain

a while ago, couple of months, I noticed that the birds and squirrels had vanished.   It was empty and quiet in our backyard.   We put out seed and food for the critters every morning.

Then all the critters were back, then gone.  
I was out on the bike a few weeks ago, turning up at the end of our block to start my ride, I saw a big hawk sitting on a low branch.

the critters were the hawks food,  so as they peck at the food in the backyard he flies over, gets one and is on his way.

today is a quiet day, with the critters hiding.