The Wagner Free Insitute of Science

i'm lucky that my work, some of the locations are places I would never find, or seek out on my own.
Years ago, a dozen or so, I guess, I worked at this old museum.   It was a cool place, and like many things I put into my brain, I thought I'd remember it and return for a visit.  a dozen years later.  After a bit of searching I found it again, and went for a visit.

I rang the bell.  A nice young lady greeted us and let us in.
She introduced herself, shook our hands and left us on our own to roam.

I had called the day before about taking pictures.  In the most polite way, it was explained to me no picture taking.  I was a bit crushed

You step back into time, a rare occurrence, that people don't find the need to meddle and update.
An elegant building.
Back into 1890.

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