Thanks for stopping by and peering in.  I've moved from my bloggin,.  on to a composition book and pen for a bit.  so, cheers! D.



awoke, like a few of you, to the alarm.  4:30a.  I turned it off and just laid in the warm bed till 4:45.    A leak, the ritual step on the scale, 158.4 lbs. and down to feed the cats and start the coffee.  I picked the Spanish blended beans, and pulled the heavy cream from the fridge to warm it.

I sat at the laptop and logged on.  Wove my way to a feed and enjoyed watching the Women's cyclocross world champ.   F n' Compton I think did too much work on the front, she is a bull of a rider.  The coffee, I made a bit too strong. 
I went back to bed and drifted off to into an annoyed funk.

and the alarm once again went off, back again through the same pattern.
The men's race, feeds coming and going, twitter was like a party-line, dominated by a few, and those few could not stop their fingers from tapping away on the keyboard and posting any notion of impulsive thought.

I grew agitated.

I had a seeded baguette with Cotswold cheese.

the stomach soured from the sharp flavored cheese.

So my real day began.  Off to target, for new ear buds, the constant pressing back into my ear had broken the thin cable on the left bud.

On to the bike, I cinched the fenders to my road bike,  35 quite nice out, needed 4+ hrs.  of easy.  Took a bit, but headed out.  Dead and dark were my legs.  I was surprised, yesterday I had one of the best trainer workouts ever, so today I thought the easy rolling would be,... easy to do.

Under inflated, triple flat protected tyres and riding into a head wind does not make for easy spinning.
Deterred I gave up at 2.5 hrs and pulled my bike quietly onto the porch.   Gerdie the Turkey was hanging on the porch, so I moved slow not to startle her.  

I stripped off my layers, and dressed in odds/ends of old team kits.  a plush lined long sleeved top and some tights.

My wife and I peaked out the front windows and Gerdie had seem to be intrigued by my bike.  She stood on the mat next to it, and, sorta was coy, a fondness? 

a wild turkey hanging out with my bike on the front porch.  Made my world a bit better. 
I cheered up.

I undid the safety wire clasp and pushed the cork from the bottle.  freeing the imperial stout.

thanks Georgia for the root cooking inspirations, and cheers to my hearty Internet blabbers, I, like you can sometimes hardly contain myself in asserting my unrelenting outpouring.   cheers, and on to another week of life. dlowe.

 The Gerdie, who uplifted me from my sour mood.


all cleaned up from a busy stove top yesterday.


current conditions

joesph in the photo booth

OM-Kapila's Theme.

normal days.  long hours, a late night drive home in horrific conditions, no thoughts of the bike, and a surly attitude trying to grab hold in my soul. 

  joe's ass.
thrown aside broken sandbag.

Cheers, d.



The worn drum,  on the trainer,... It really serves me well, being able to hop on the trainer before/after work, or when its to cold/iced outside to ride.
I like the trainer, good for form, no coasting, just pedal away listening to music. 

Today I was full of yellow jackets, I felt pent-up.  Things just seemed to get on my nerves. I clenched my jaw and just ground my teeth a bit.  Just a mood, no reason. 

I remember listening to this little slab back in college, I love the noise and the energy,...

  its how I am feeling inside myself right now, that jumbled sweet rawness of energy.   
thats it.  cheers, d.


Picking up trash

This house is so photogenic, its one of the few old house on the bluffs that over look the schuylkill river.
Park houses now.
Yesterdays ride took me past many of them.
This one, John MacPherson's Mt. Pleasant is my favorite.
Maybe its just the light pink of its colouring.
but it stands beautiful, in a simple majestic way.
The small park road was littered with the remnants of a drunken fest.
I had today off, so, I spent my morning picking up the trash.

I enjoyed the quiet task, and filled a bunch of bags.

ahh, Cleaned by d.lowe

I wondered back behind the house and snapped a photo of memorial hall off in the distant, across the river.

I suspect sometime this summer I will be enjoying this as my back yard and have a very nice picnic. with my wife here.

cheers, old house.  dlowe.


Fridgid Stars

I rode around my haunts.
Not interested in any group rides,  I wanted to be out doing my "pedaling time".   Building that pyramid.

     xxxxxxxxxxxxxx---MUSIC GOES HERE---xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just hitting up the West Park and East Park on the cross bike.   Always want to stop by coltranes's house.
and Nicks made me put the pads against the rims and come to a halt.
 I bopped inside of Nick's, a new joint, ahh..., gasp do I say, a Vegan haunt.  Smelled really good, and I was greeted by a strapping young lad who offered to put some coffee on for me.   I thanked him, we chatted a tad, I took a menu and went  back to my bike.

I stood across the street, trying to imagine, John Coltrane living here.  Next to the new Nicks. I'm no Jazz Head,  I don't listen much.  I stared. Those are the steps, the door,/was the family, the bed... his life for a few years.    Well I guess I'll be buying some jazz shit to put into my mp3 for new riding music.  Try to figure this jazz shit out.

now I sit, in front of this Artwork blogging, in an unsatisfied way.  I wanted to have some codeine in the player, but for some reason it won't up load to share.   I did 3.5 hours of riding today, not hard, just good riding.

I don't know who Tony the Misfit is, but in my brief search for Coltrane info he came into the mix, nice photographic works!

post script: Who Is this Nick  (Nicholas Sanfratello)   fellow? 

d. blow

ok, here you go:



Work took me south to New Orleans.  Just for a short week. 

 Bert Jansch-A Dream, A Dream, A Dream

about One Second into flying I'm restless.   I like flying and traveling, its just a hard time for my brain to sit still, in that small moving vacuum tube.

We started in a burned out house.

and did some interior interviews

I was fine with not making it down to New Orleans proper.

not much food for a Vegetarian on the crab/crawl fish seafood menus, but the local beer was fine.  and everyone was accommodatingly friendly.    Work, I'm lucky to work with people who are friends, who work hard, care about what they do, and are really good at what they do.     Media is such a whore, and that's just fine with me,  egos and heartfelt information,  are mashed together, but I am not really interested in thinking about the thesis/ramification of that statement so onward with the good fluff.

Firetrucks, and interviews in the firehouse, was our last location, then to the scuzzy New Orleans airport.  Beers $9.  a real ugly Dirty place.  Not quite a welcoming/sending off diplomat to tourism.   

Made the change in DC to a smaller plane.  For some reason, walking across the tarmac to the plane is special.   The open, windy, cold reality, my feet on hard ground, climbing steps into the tin can.

I sat in my narrow seat.  I had a very unexpected co-flyer in Brain Walton.  He sat next to me and, I,  from following the tweet world, knew to ask/quell my real curiosity "how did the wind tunnel testing go?".  He was down in NC with Scotty Z working on his TT research.  so we chatted bikes to philly. 

the music, a bit, sorta really different for me, Variety is the spice of life,  cheers, enjoy your perversions. d.


did'nt notice

lucky to jump right back into working, being freelance this time of year can be slow.
back on my 10"x12"x20" throne.

some Rollins, from The End of Silence demos, Obscene.

today's ride, started out in Fairmount, west park
noodling about to warm up for early in the year intervals; big ringers

the "Tree of Concern" memorial, um the tree is gone, cut down, and I like the touch of an empty 40oz'er to really bring it all together, this is Philly.

I did my laps around the dormant trees, on an old unused walk-way that goes nowhere, left over from the 1876 fair.

Its sorta normal to see cars parked around the remote edges of the park, I just ride by, trying not to notice.

Hit up the East park and out to the Wissahickon.  Coming back in on the tow path, I was looking over where Bob the Crane sits when its warmer, and a large bird, Crane? flew up, along side of me, from my left, his wings clapping just over my head. He lifted up in the air, and flew along.   Those brief seconds, I noticed.
cheers, d.



out on the old Caad 9 for the Wreckem ride.  a small group of a dozen  riders,  damp, chilly, and a bit of drizzle.  good to get going hard on the road again.  3.5 hrs.      cheers, d.