Picking up trash

This house is so photogenic, its one of the few old house on the bluffs that over look the schuylkill river.
Park houses now.
Yesterdays ride took me past many of them.
This one, John MacPherson's Mt. Pleasant is my favorite.
Maybe its just the light pink of its colouring.
but it stands beautiful, in a simple majestic way.
The small park road was littered with the remnants of a drunken fest.
I had today off, so, I spent my morning picking up the trash.

I enjoyed the quiet task, and filled a bunch of bags.

ahh, Cleaned by d.lowe

I wondered back behind the house and snapped a photo of memorial hall off in the distant, across the river.

I suspect sometime this summer I will be enjoying this as my back yard and have a very nice picnic. with my wife here.

cheers, old house.  dlowe.

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