awoke, like a few of you, to the alarm.  4:30a.  I turned it off and just laid in the warm bed till 4:45.    A leak, the ritual step on the scale, 158.4 lbs. and down to feed the cats and start the coffee.  I picked the Spanish blended beans, and pulled the heavy cream from the fridge to warm it.

I sat at the laptop and logged on.  Wove my way to a feed and enjoyed watching the Women's cyclocross world champ.   F n' Compton I think did too much work on the front, she is a bull of a rider.  The coffee, I made a bit too strong. 
I went back to bed and drifted off to into an annoyed funk.

and the alarm once again went off, back again through the same pattern.
The men's race, feeds coming and going, twitter was like a party-line, dominated by a few, and those few could not stop their fingers from tapping away on the keyboard and posting any notion of impulsive thought.

I grew agitated.

I had a seeded baguette with Cotswold cheese.

the stomach soured from the sharp flavored cheese.

So my real day began.  Off to target, for new ear buds, the constant pressing back into my ear had broken the thin cable on the left bud.

On to the bike, I cinched the fenders to my road bike,  35 quite nice out, needed 4+ hrs.  of easy.  Took a bit, but headed out.  Dead and dark were my legs.  I was surprised, yesterday I had one of the best trainer workouts ever, so today I thought the easy rolling would be,... easy to do.

Under inflated, triple flat protected tyres and riding into a head wind does not make for easy spinning.
Deterred I gave up at 2.5 hrs and pulled my bike quietly onto the porch.   Gerdie the Turkey was hanging on the porch, so I moved slow not to startle her.  

I stripped off my layers, and dressed in odds/ends of old team kits.  a plush lined long sleeved top and some tights.

My wife and I peaked out the front windows and Gerdie had seem to be intrigued by my bike.  She stood on the mat next to it, and, sorta was coy, a fondness? 

a wild turkey hanging out with my bike on the front porch.  Made my world a bit better. 
I cheered up.

I undid the safety wire clasp and pushed the cork from the bottle.  freeing the imperial stout.

thanks Georgia for the root cooking inspirations, and cheers to my hearty Internet blabbers, I, like you can sometimes hardly contain myself in asserting my unrelenting outpouring.   cheers, and on to another week of life. dlowe.

 The Gerdie, who uplifted me from my sour mood.


all cleaned up from a busy stove top yesterday.

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