crit racing 2015 -  photo: Annette Weaver

I think,  that I am a better crit racer than cross racer.  

I hear once in a while, that, racing is to serious.
Last weekend, was a well needed, late season, gap in the whole racing calendar hole filler, do what you want/need cross race.   I took a back in the pack start, to force myself to work-up.  I figured out to make myself attack after the run up,  to keep up or push my pace a bit,  because,  maybe I'll need that mind set at Nationals.

Not a huge field,  but it was large enough, and going fast, hard enough, to get the work I wanted from it.  I waited till the rush of off the line settled in, and went then, when It was forming into groups.  It worked nice,   I got by a bunch,  didn't blow up,  and got a good, real good effort in.
I did not get up to the front, by any means,  for some reason, I'm a bit off the front, my lap times, are longer, I'm not as fast,

I look forward to getting back into the crit racing,  and have not done any tight fast group riding since going down.

I look forward to getting up early Tuesday mornings and doing the East Park Sprints.
The Great Valley 30 on Thursdays.

The effort, hard breathing, pushing on,... inside me,  there is a man, a wee little man,  smiling, laughing,  getting the biggest kick out of what he is doing.

Post race, end of local season.  Masters.

I have fun racing,  I love it.  I hope to do some Mtbike racing a bit more,  lots of crits.  and I hope, to be at CX Nationals, when I am 80 years old.  Fighting to be the champion.   It might take me that long to figure this cross stuff out.

Onward Hoe!  to Asheville we go.

Cheers,  dlowe



I've raced a year against a special group of old men.
I think maybe it snuck up on me,  how grand this season of racing has been.

In August, I was coming off of some broken ribs,  I jumped back in early,
Kelly's monday night CX grass track,  I got some hot laps in,  a bit too hot,  wiping out,
It scared me, and my ribs,  I  did little easy circles, and sat on the bench I was fine.

                                 photo:  Ben Anemone

then I melted in the sun in a cornfield.

and Granogue,  that race,  riding a few feet from another old dudes wheel,  battling, and losing,
that was so good.

                                  photo: dennis Smith

then every race, the  battles, it was real good foes, some small victories,  losing the battles, good sprints to the line, sometimes,.... and....  I did not win a single race

It all was good,  real good,  so much good,  even the worst was.... good.

Yesterday,  I loved talking with Mike Stevens during the Solstice CX race,  coming into a corner giving him my not so polite take on it.   he takes it well,  and ya know,  I need some Mike Steven's in my racing.   I stayed up right, raced hard, won my sprint, 14th.

After todays race,  the real excellent, tough, Limestone at the Kiln.
20th, perfect, I beat some foes, and,  19 better on the day, beat me.

I have had enough this year,  I got more than I deserved.
Next year I bump up an age group,  to 55+,
and I'll bring,  everything I got,  I going to train hard,  sleep well, and think and dream about the styles and types of riders I'll be racing.  I'll be doing Tuesday morning sprints.
Grass track,  get'en them bikes ship shape.   Dudes,  I am coming,  and I'll will do my best.

to a great year,  we all made it great,  we did, for sure.  Cheers!

      photo:  Mr. Kelly Cline

I wonder, who the hell, next year, is the bastard, that gets the pleasure of  getting crushed, schooled, whittled down, berated, egged on, taught a lesson,  paced smartly, pushed to their best- to be the Deluxx Sandwich,.....
 I have to say, with total seriousness,  whoever you are, you are one lucky dude!

 *Yo! Deluxx Marc was not at today's race, so not in the picture, but if one of the two guys above, Daub, or Luxy didn't put the screws to me, it was him.




When I sit and eat my pretzel in Phoenixville, I look up at the old building across the street- Across the top of it "Independent Order of Odd Fellows"  I figure I belong and bought my button.

This one is special,  It is a rare pit pass, from the last UCI Granogue cx race. 

Unused gear.

The little holiday tree.

A great ride,  100 miles of N.E.  PA

This years medal I won at PA CX States. 

I used to race Mtbikes.

I get this brilliant idea this holiday season,  I've always wondered what to do with the knick-nac,
trinkets, small bits, the shiny tidbits.   They end up in the key drawer, the drawer of the night stand, in the bottom of a box of junk in the attic.   I rummaged around and with some help from my wife,  I choose a few, and made them into ornaments, for our little tree.

Today,  I feel it,  that bubbly energy, that energy that only comes before a weekend of racing.   It looks  to be a good one, Saturday, a new course to race, and Sunday is deep, just to aim for a 15th place finish, that'd be something!

Cheers!  dlowe



After the two days of racing, Riverton and West Chester, I sat on the curb and enjoyed a Tastykake.

The two days were quite different for me, how I felt after the race.   Saturday, my first time doing the Riverton race.   A super cool venue,  with its own, good,  quality of course, I left grumpy.  I had one of my better, if not, best,  days on the bike,  that my fitness, that I was faster than normal,

on the way home....
I sat at the yummy Rice and Noddles, and had to force a smile to the pleasant waitress.   and the food is always good, a really super bowl of soup,  no matter, and despite whatever the race I do out toward Lancaster leaves me.

Riverton I rode well, and really smart, used secret lines, rode my race, worked hard to the max and was sitting a very sweet 5th, in a battle with a new foe  Joe  Bothell  and I worked it good, to keep Jeff Miesemer behind me.  Till......

I got a bit fancy on the off camber line and biffed into the stake, on the last lap,... Jeff got by,  I slunk out and...
then Luxxy,  riding well, just passed, and I got on his wheel, he just road me off, and took it from me.
It was all in all,  after thought, a very good race for me, and a great 7th place finish on the day.
but, I left unsatisfied, miffed about the biff.

Today at West Chester,  I wanted to continue in that good direction.  Make it up a bit.  I was not to good at it, losing my edge a couple of times, falling back in the field, wanted to quit, but kept going.

I saw Luxxy and Bothell sorta far away, off in front of me, and set my mind to reeling them in.  got back into it, saw stars, kept the bike up, cornered better, got close, but didn't catch them.  13th.  That finish,  while I sat in the sun, eating my cake, that left me feeling good,

Me, if I have a good/bad day on the bike I have soup.
and, if it's a bad/good day, Tastykake.

I do wonder what I will be eating after next weekends racing?

alas, in the end, next Sunday,  I will bring some beer for after Limekiln CX,
Its the last local race, stop by my car, and,  that's it, tell your tales, share you bitching, and enjoy a beer.

Cheers,  dlowe


New Socks

Its strange not to have a race this weekend.  This last week I put the "emo" thoughts, the prep mind-set, and all the pre-race routines to rest.  I trained, and rode, on my mtbike,  the road bike, the SScx.
I closed the window on last weekends racing tight.  Shut it out, and pulled the blind down, the curtains closed.

                                  photo: Jude Vilain

I don't race mtbike, haven't in a couple of years.  I try to keep my chops up on it.  I always want to be competent enough on it, to hang on a good group ride.   Seems that around here, whatever type of cyclist you are, pro to joe, you dig out your mtbike and ride it with a bunch of hacks on Thanksgiving.  I did the local, just 9 minutes from our house.  Bombed down the Plateau hill,  right dab into the waiting group.  Ha!  Like opening the door to a locals bar, all the heads turned, ...a couple of faces I knew, here I was, the outsider.  Nice!

I don't have a current mountain biker button.  Not sure I ever had one.

On the  ride I stayed on the back, sweeping a bit, quietly, at the route suggestion stops, I kept my mouth shut.  I didn't push the pace, or rile it up,  just enjoyed it......  well coming back on Bowfinger I did hammer it....

At the end of the ride, the hang out time,  I poached a beer from Jude,  I cracked the can, and tried to tap each rider in toast,  to greet with respect, to thank them,, being,  the new-ish guy.  The CXer, the roadie, the whatever I am...

one ride doesn't earn me anything, I try, to think, to earn it, every ride,  Around here, the community is deep, experienced, giving.   I had a great time on the ride.

This week, I have eaten a ton, enjoyed the days off work, a few beers, movies, pal-ing around with the wife, hanging with our 6 cats, reading the paper, and a bit of yard work.

Today I pulled on my new socks, hopped on the cx bike,  the race bike.  To train.
Into the mind, again, of a cyclocross racer.

I love 'em,  and wear them proud! 

I can't wait to get back at,  racing, all the usual suspects.  Again I say "More CX Please!"                                      


Get your socks here:



                                   photos: Cassie Fetzer

I called in for a favor, got replaced on a job, and made my way out to Pittsburgh to see family, and to race.  The Pro Bike Cyclo-Cross Festival.
Its been a long while since I've been on a podium, and even then, ago, it was not so often.  I was able to crush myself both days, really able to go hard, and smart.  I felt I  finished where I should,  having some nice good laps both days.  Day two, I came home with a 2nd place 50+ PA  medal.  Day one, I won a sprint on my throw at the line, for pride, and I was 3rd in my group.

                                    photo: M. DiLauro

The course was a tad on the short side,  all the better for me,  I found a good rhythm, in the laps and between the gnarly sections and the lung busters.   A real good one.  I'd do again for sure.

I stayed about 30 minutes from the course, at my Mom and stepfather Michael's place.  Perfect. Good home cooked meals, reading the paper, gossiping, a few beers, catching up,  A nice four nights of sleeping  in my great-grand parents old cast iron bed.  The train came by late every night,  pretty far from the house, but it made some rattles, and dense, deep, good sleep tones.

On Monday,  my mom and I made the trip over to Cleveland, to see my step-grandfather,  he is a strong man, a true character, hard, sweet, tough,  and at the dawning days.  Its hard, this old age stuff, for me, and new to me,  but my mom was great, and she pushed his wheel  chair out for a long tour of the building.   I gave him a good handshake, and a we went on our way.

To my father-in-laws.  He took us out to a small place, close by, and after a long chat, some hugs, my mom and I were on our way back to Pittsburgh.  I left for home this morning, the drive was easy, the traffic light.  

Thursday, Thanksgiving its just my wife and I,  and that's ok, I think I learned a long time ago, take it when I get it, and when I get it, cherish it.

one fine weekend.
Cheers, dlowe.



If you pulled the Fair Hill rolling landscape tight,  a clean taught blanket, making the bed, you'd have the Kutztown course.  
Made with as much love, ...quilts are like that, old scrapes of fabric, coming from whatever saved used-up items, worn out things, that can be put back to use again.   Thrifty.  Memories put to good re-use.

I've never put together my strongest rides at Kutztown,  so I've got that goal in the future, to have a kick ass ride there.

Its cold,  windy, and sets the tone, for preparing for racing and staying warm.

The course, a good balance of suffern' straights, handling corners, whoops too.

Improvements?   The line around the whoops,  with the big poles to hop over, that sharp corner,  put that out somewhere on the course.   That'd make 3 on and off the bike sections.

Socially,  I liked the small fire pit,  some of us master racers sat around it, drank beer, ate some grub, and bullshitted.   A nice addition would be to incorporate a social gathering area, some fire, Warmth to share.   Smores for the kids.

Driving home in my car, I had the sweet smell of smoke on me,
so many good things, Derek's voice on the PA carrying in the wind, I could hear it, as I rode down to the farms across from the course....

Cheers!  Well done! 
thanks Kutztown


Tin types

Today I got punched in the stomach.   Kicked in the shins, and slapped about.
That's good, very good.
Everything was a bit off, I worked a long 14 hours yesterday, and tried my best to lie to myself that I could make this a good 1st day.
and about the end of the 1st lap, I was on the back of the group.

didn't matter.

the last two laps I lifted my chin,  I encourage my foes,  I attacked out of corners,  I tried to pick it up, to ride my hardest. 

In the starting grid, my mouth ran a bit too much,
I was staged in the back,
and was connecting the dots
Who was fast off the line, who was a bull in the china shop,
and No Marc.

I'm not dower about my results.  It was just , Not, an epic battle day.

I did a bit of strolling in the flea market by the course,  chatting it up a bit.
I bought some tin types,  picked 4 out of a box of 100's.
I love photography,

my wife said... "oh, how nice.  these were special to someone at one time".
that's this season,  It's just us old guys racing,  and no one knows our names, and the results, will disappear, won't have any factor in the day to day of this world.

At work yesterday,  I saw some tired folk, and the drain of the day,  and I thought, this ain't nothing,
you've never been a deluxx sandwich. The battles I've been in this year have been good.

Cross makes us bad mofo's. 

Cheers,  Dlowe.

A speedy recovery to you Marc,  heal up right, and bring back the battles strong.   A big thanks to you,  for making the racing grand, and the memories deep.


Sly Fox

my trainer is set up, upstairs, facing out, I look out a wall of windows, like a tree house, the branches of the birch tree my wife had planted close to the house, years ago, many of the leaves rub up against the second floor window screens.
Its dark often when I get on the trainer, and I listen to music, earbuds,  illumination starts, very monotone, till its all lit up.  and its day.  A shower, to work.

after sly fox I talked with Diane, about our races.  she lead me to make a conclusion about myself second days are my better days,  my first often seemed I can never catch my breath, I never get deep into that groove, of going hard.

My second day, Sly Fox, I had a grand race,  I slapped an ass again, my second of the season,  as I rode down the backside behind the brewery, a course marshal was on the course side of the tape,  he saw me coming and turned to exit,  I got a nice ass slap to send him on his way.

I dug deep, up the long start straight,  real hard with I think with two to go,  f'n this chum was alive today, and not going to get caught.

I battled my foe, I'm not sure who he was, the bike line rider,  I put screws to him, and cajoled him, pressured him,

We sprint up the road to the line, I on his wheel, and I don't think he sprints road much, he tried to shift in the full force of standing and pedaling, and me on his wheel in his draft.
His chain didn't like that, the bike bucked him, the back wheel coming up, and we both were quite startled.   I said hold on, you got it.  It wouldn't of been good if he went down for ether of us.

He got going again, and I never came around him,  after that.

It was a grand day.  A very good course.  good beer.

I like those memories, the single ones that define,

                          there are thousands of leaves down in our yard, ...and this one.

Cheers,   dlowe


tough love

This is my favorite course, Fair Hill.

                                                                   good corners

Its one that makes me a better cross racer.  This race,  it is  what I love to do.   Be pushed to my limits,  having to think, to bike handle, and to dig deep on my pedal strokes.  I did not have my best race, fumbling for the first lap, gapped between the group pulling away and the group seeing me as chum.

I raced hard, I found good lines, I held it up when it was braking loose.

It came down to a group of 4,  me sitting 3rd wheel into the final turns, and I had a need to be at the front.  I took a clean wider line and stole the corner.    And had the three on my wheel,  we hit the gravel road to the line and I died,  as the first on my wheel came around, and I gave up a bit more, and the 3rd blew by, and then at the line the 4th, easily got me.

You know, at this time, I've got to self coach here,  ...with a red face texas high school football coach scream,  I need to yell at myself,  "what the F' were you doing out there?, gave it up,  you let me down, you let them down,  now live with it".   

In all earnest,  I loved the race,  and mostly gave it my all,  
its a great course,  and Fair Hill taught me an important lesson.  

Cheers, dlowe.

     photo Bill White:  The Sprint.



behind the Stoudt's brewery,   the kegs are piled high.  Further back, the bowl of land,
that is right up to the property line.  That's where we raced.   This is the mid-point to my season. I took off racing yesterday, and did not ride much during the week.   and I'll take it easy this week also.
November is 3 double weekends,  some good December races,  and Nationals.

"what's in the keg?"

This one, Stoudts, its an ok one, ...but... if you make a corner 10' different it'd be a better one.  It's one where once they get it perfect, don't ever change it.

I like being an old man racer.   and its a good year to be one around here.  Good battles, deep.  I don't see any of us old fucks, pulling the plug cause its getting cold, or we're ridden out.

Nope I've gotta a feeling, it'll be like this till the end.

Yo, where's the next kegger?

today, a flat and 17th.
Cheers!  dlowe


Flex my brain.

I hit the gas out of the grid and wanted to move forward,  I was in the top 5 and the first sweeping corner,  I pick an awful line, and slide into the ground, my head dragging a good golf tee- off size of sod up.

I was off my group,  I got up, on the bike, and went hard, got back onto the 2nd group, moved through the group, and drove it for a bit.   Keeping a strong line in a corner I wanted, and keeping.

I can't remember,  how or the chronological order of all the events,  but somehow, in the next 35 minutes I was able to taste dirt a number of more times.   Hot into a stake, my bars a few inches off the line, and down.   A clip of the pedal into the sod.  A stall exiting the short but deep sand pit.

                             our group was big today,  I could of gone from 6th to 14th, I got 14th

I read a good book,  about the Wright Bros.  recently.   written by David Mccullough.  An excellent read.   It took them a number of years, of thinking and trying.  Often a successful experiment, was a failure at "flight",   but they had the mindset to expect and learn from the failures.  That they had to fail,  and most likely fail often, to learn.  They did,  So that's how I took today.
Get back on the bike, straighten the shifters, focus, and go hard.

Part of racing cross for me, and I say it often, I want my foes to be their best. I want to race against national champs.   I've watched the battles,  and the mindsets.  Its time,  I want to make the move up to the back of that group, the fast group at the front.  Our group is great,  the battles are intense, really physically and mentally taxing.
That's great, we all should be getting faster, from our tough battles.  I want that gap to close, that the mix up front, becomes bigger,  and that the best, on the tippy top,  themselves have to get better.

                                                         a beauty of a day at the park

I left the race early today,  I enjoyed the course, helping to put on the race, but off to work.
...and the next couple of weeks are busy.  so  maybe, it will be more,  a bit of mental training, than physical training.  I will be looking  back at each race this year,  look at my mindset, what I wanted, and what I got, and how I did.  and what did I want to, need to improve on.    I won't get the chance to ride as much, so I'll flex my brain.

Thanks for pushing me so hard foes,  I heartily apologize if I mess ya up a bit in my crashing.

More cross please!



I was driving home from setting up our course today, thinking about...thinking about the course.   I'm a happy team minion.  Happy to be on a swell team.    Happy to rake and shovel and make the Gorilla again.

Its a nice day, a bit of jest, bit of work, its pretty nice cause everybody, gets to do a bit.  There is a high standard.  I feel it, even at my minion level.  Putting in stakes, riding, taping, moving stakes, riding, moving stakes, ....seems better,  better?  Best?  

I've enjoyed the banter on "good" course "bad" course.   only time tells.

A brief bit of pre-riding,  I got some hot lap time in on Mike Festa's wheel.  A tad faster than my comfortable level, I felt good, dropping gears, tape to tape-ing.   Up off the saddle pounding, braking, over the log,  sweep, sweep, pedal, up,  nosing rude a bit to his back wheel.  Braking. 

I blew and moved outta the way.   

I really look forward to tomorrow.  

A good start, move to the front six. Hold tight, Holding tight, and staying put.  I'd love a 5th place finish.   

Who knows?

Cheers!  Race your f'n hearts out.  dlowe. 



I took the advice of one of my foes, and did not double up racing this weekend, it was good advice.  Even though I had signed up to race HPCX Saturday, I got a phone call on Friday, to check out a studio spot on Saturday.  I made the appointment and bagged racing HPCX.

I'm not on friendly terms with HPCX,  nothing bad,  I've just never had a good day there.
Saturday I slept in, .....and looked and toured a cool old building, heard some old interesting history bits, and maybe have a studio space lined up for the near future.

Sunday and I was back to racing.
I love West Chester CX.
Its a field course,  done up all nice and right.
I've done my best this year, some big good races and efforts,   and am riding above my level.  and mentally and physically in a bit of a need for a short breath.

What I got Sunday,
It was another Deluxx sandwich.   A term I heard shouted out at us as we rode by the pits.
Mr. Dennis Smith said, something like....  "oh shit where's my camera", ...  but a short bit later as we passed back the backside on the return pass of the pits... He shouted out  ... yer in a "Deluxx Sandwich"!!!  dlowe!
Our group of 4, Deluxx team rider John Lux,  then Nils Johan Anestad, Me, and Deluxx team rider Marc Vettori..   Our group of four were the back end of top ten.  

Luxy, laid down the tempo,  and its good he put the suffern down on the group, cause he kept us in front of those chasing the top ten.
       I'd be nowhere without the photos of Dennis Smith - photo: d. Smith

I'd tried a couple of moves, Luxy made sure he'd put me back in place.   I'd have to bomb the tape and save every pedal stroke to stay on.  I attacked late in the game to try and shake off the dangling, chasing, Deluxx rider Marc Vettori.
      photo: d. Smith

but in the end a surprise strong move,  a late, N. J. Anestad attack,  and he won the group battle.
Lux next,  me,  with a 10th place finish , and off back just a bit Marc.  The "Deluxx Sandwich"

The ride of the day,  the sprig of honor,  I must bestow on Lee Rodgers,  I fear the day when he acquires the confidence/fitness to ride hard.   He had a back of the grid start, and shot up the dirt around the melee for a great start.  A great bike handler, a strong willed competitor, he seems a natural CX'er.
                                        photo: Bob Wellmon

Mid season, so far so excellent.   Time for a few deep breaths, change the brake pads, and come back and kick some ass,   have some more fun,  learn a bit more, and I don't mind so much being caught in the Deluxx Sandwich.

cheers,  dlowe


my down Fallings

Off the power-line trail into the backside of the nature center.  It has the sweetest trails.  Coming in off the power-line is mostly carrying the bike.   The regular riding route takes you straight up the center "Nature Boy".   I've been told, scolded, even just riding on the drive way.  I never see anyone on the trails, and only maybe hit 'em, the parks trails, up 4 times a year, each season.  I go real slow,  I understand this is not a biking destination,  that bikes,  no one wants them, flying around on these trails,  that its for walking,... I ride at a walking pace, and do accept, that if I'm told, I'll bow my head and walk the bike out.   and to stay out.

Its really hard, not to ride there, once in a few whiles.




Charm City Weekend

It was a luxury to head down early on Friday to Baltimore, a day before the racing weekend.

I took a nice tour of Fort McHenry,  ....that's where the British were put off from invading, where the resistance and the raising of the larger garrison flag, up the pole,  in the morning after the pounding, said f'you. Brits

then a short jaunt up the road to the incredible, and free Walter's Museum

 a private old family art collection,  in a cool building,  I looked at everything,  stupendous!
then I made another short jaunt to the course and did,  a bunch of laps of the fresh course, then dinner at the bar,  ...always Johnny Rad's,  sipping a beer and watching skateboard videos play.

The real luxury, was the luxuriosly, Deluxx bike team, tag team beat on, pound down I got racing Sunday.

Its a three man team.  and the headpin, is the cantankerous, John Lux.   so evil, I think he recruited the other two hench men, just to also, beat on me,  I mean its a team of three,  three master, that somehow I was sandwich inbetween,  the whole race Sunday.  
                                    photo: lefty Diane Vettori

John went by strong early and got away from me,  ...but not outta sight,  and I'd suffer trying to pull him back, with no avail,  really giving my all just to keep him in sight.

        photo, mrs. henchpin,  Diane Vettori

Deluxx mate, Fatmarc Vanderbacon, comes on strong next.   I was able just to hold his gap, I gasped and gasped.   I think John let up a bit, and Marc went harder a bit, and Marc got a bit of a gap, and again I was in close battle now with John.     He couldn't put me away,  and I stomped on him a bit and got a nice gap, and was heading to the last bit of the course, up to the sandpits, and he unleashed the last minute attack,  not him himself, but #3,  Deluxx  Joey Daub to get me.

Coming around the last of 4 sand crossing Joey took the good line to pass and put me to rest.  I took the bad line and went more hard.  We rode the sand crazy, scooting back and forth, banging and pounding shoulders into each other,  exited the sand, both intact.  Into the big planter, I took the exit first,  but use some wileyness and caught my breath, gave him just  a hint of a passing lane, he took, and I sucked his wheel out onto the pavement.    I got him, took him in the sprint.

I pulled up, Marc was there, done already.   Huffing and puffing, I shook hands with Joey, and Mr. Deluxx,  I think, if I remember correctly,  unleashed a big wet sweaty hug on to me.
I don't know how many of these f'n races I've got in me,   This was a dynamic trio deluxx beat down at its best, and...was really, Charming, for sure!

Cheers,  race hard, bump, crush and love your opponents!  O' cyclocross!



joy rider

Its as if the world just keeps opening up in front of me.

and my curiosity, to discovery
to pedal on,
I'm fit, very fit.  and trim.
I ride a bunch, all the time.
A lot of it is just moving.

Pleasant day today, real nice, almost cool.
The legs need to be fresh for the racing weekend.
100 men, I race against, Saturday, and Sunday.
I headed out clock-wise,  with only a couple of climbs.
I waved to Jude as we passed on the tow path.

Lincoln drive trail didn't feel empty, or alone.
A bit rough and slow, rocky.  tress downed.
I hope a charming opener,

to Baltimore,
this weekend, Baltimore!

Cheers,  dlowe.


Counting Coup

Granogue was such a grand battle, between me and my foes, ...but I came out on the short end of the stick.  It stirred up an unsettleled anger, and I took it out on Quacker CX,  riding mean.  I'm not happy about that.  I dq'd my results for myself.  I still have a foe to beat.  In a more happy, fair mooded way.

  one of the many fine turns at Cooper River

It was nice little two week break, and a nice, good way to get back into it: Cooper River Cyclocross,  I'd have to say this is the littlest, bestest race around.   If Copper River was a rider,  ..."shit...that's Cooper River lined up at the back..."   my thoughts in the starting grid.  He'd ride an old steel bike, a short stout rider, thin but all muscley.   That pug of a racer would cleanly pass us all, taking his time,  riding what we had to run.   He'd find a cleaner line in the corner and pass for fun.  Sitting on the lead group,  taking the speed very slowly up,  you'd not even notice, the gap would only grow by inches,  but somehow he'd drop each and everyone in the group.   He was never a strong rider, just stronger somehow, and its not that he won every race,  he just did it, really well.

I like this race, Cooper River cx, and its one that I want to race every year.    This course is the heart of cross,  everything fits just right into the small park.    Its master work.    

I need my foes to battle, sometimes I'm a bit rude on course, sometimes you chop my wheel, in unclear, argo moments of hot passion to pass.   I hope for the race, where it comes down, the battling all race,  it comes down to a man to man sprint,  and that ether you get me at the line,...

Cheers to the passion.  dlowe