I turned the corner into the hills of Gladwyne,  put in my ear buds and shuffled Oasis.

I skipped out on  finishing the Tuesday morning sprints,  I got a slow flat after a couple of laps, slow enough that I'd just pump it up once or twice and made it home.   Just as well,  my legs felt pretty good,  but I dug deep Sunday racing,  skipping a few hard sprints, and riding,  would do me better.

I day of Greentree on Sunday, (Course de Evesham-Marlton-Evesham) or maybe should be better know as "the sham",  I have to say it was "thee most BoBo"  put on race I've done.
the bikereg page had the bear minimum of information.   at the course, no day of sheets,  filled out a day license sheet, put my number on it somewhere, paid $45,  and wondered,  what time I'd be racing.
no bathroom,  long delays,  long delays from a crash,.... a long day of  non-chalanting care.

the race itself,   as soon as we got one lap done,  that was the grand world I lived in,
I had good legs,  it was a nice mix,  as the 35+ 45+ were combined.    A good counter break was made and 9 dudes made it up the road.   It took a while,   I got away with a rider,  a few more joined us and our dysfunctional break worked/lack of worked,  to somehow reel in the lead break, with two off its front.
We mixed in with two to go,  I got a good wheel out the last corner and held onto 7th.
I was beat to shit, and horse.     Ragged out, rung dry.

I had a blast,  but jeeze,  if your going to put on a race, where racers leave blood on your course, give it their soul.   Treat them with a bit of respect, honor, even if its just the motions,  Its a race,  we paid to race,  You as a promoter,  don't do the race, if you don't have the heart/$/care,  to make it a least a little bit of an event.

Cheers, dlowe


Ready Made

I rode with George Monday morning,  its been a while since we have ridden together.
I like riding with George,  he's one of my mentors, and a great personality on the bike.
My fitness is better than George's,  he is quite fit, but not racing, and has not been hitting the hills much.

                           ode to Duchamp,  

We went up Barren Hill,  a nice climb, and I rode in front.
I tuned him out, and rode the best I could, steady, not flashy, but strong, taking what I could get from the hill.
I got to the top and watched the time,  I had about 45 seconds on George, by the time he rolled by, and we headed for the fun Manor downhill.

"you are riding strong, you crushed me"
"I didn't crush you,  I just rode my best"
and  "you did, as well".

 Portrait of Gustave Candel’s Mother 

 One of my favorite Duchamp's,  I do like his ready mades a lot, "an ordinary object elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist." from André Breton and Paul Éluard

George and I sat at La Colombe chatting, and, of all things, and Meach strolled by on his bike,  "YO!  MEACH"   and he sat with us,  Then came Anthony, by chance, came rolling in,  soon we were all talking, and enjoying Ice coffee,  a real nice morning.   



Dopplering in Riverton NJ

In cross,  when you stand by the tape, on a tough part of the course,   you can see the rider's face, the effort, pain, commitment.  I think I can almost hear that battle that is going on in the skull, "dig down deep,  dig, dig,.... hold on to that wheel, no slipping back, hurts, let up a little, NO!  go"

I'm sitting out on the porch, listening to music, Jamie xx, enjoying the rain. and having a beer.
I came in 21st at Riverton Crit.   I wanted to quit a lot of times.  Other times I was up the road in a break.  I'd hear people, and the sound bent, dopplerred, as we flew by.  I love that race, its so hard, and the corners suit me well.  I like the small town,  folks clapping for the riders off the back.

It was a good day, and I was no where near the win. 

colors are different, sound,     I think that's John Minturn, the blur,...

One reason to race cross, just to do one race,  is you'll get a bit of understanding, of what a rider goes through out there.   The talk that goes on in the brain.

I like Riverton, love it, its almost like a cross race

thanks Historic Riverton Crit  folks that put it on, it was Awesome!   dlowe



Years ago, I was at the Valley Green Inn, before I started riding.  It was hot like today, and kids were on the bridge.  I was surprised to hear,  thummp... cuckoling, boasting and laughter.   I looked at the bridge, and was surprised to see kids jumping off it, into the shallow Wissahickon Creek.  It took me a while, but riding today, out on the SS CX, the road bike about fixed up, nervous miles cause I really want to have good legs at Riverton.  I saw them headed up, dry, I got a single chance.  I got the picture I want.
I want to be in the money  Sunday.



        photo lifted from facebook: Burt Hoovis

the 45+ Masters getting on, riding Roberto Clemente bridge,  then back out on Warhol.
Every year I can, I'm going to do this race, the Steel City Crit.  It's on the short list of crits to do.
Steel City, Riverton, The Jersey Fish, Liberty, Bethlehem,  .... boy do I miss Philly's Lemon Hill.

Me and  Mom DLowe, Janet DiLauro.  I can't tell you how swell it was to give her a hug and peck on the cheek, leaning over the barriers, at the start line.

the race?  I got 13th, broke my bike and flatted but made it across the line.  I had in my mind to go for the win, one bloke got up the road, and I had a good wheel set-up to take the field sprint, for maybe 2nd!     but it...
I rolled in on the back end of the little group.
I sat on the sidewalk in the shade at the feet of my Mom and Step-Father Michael, I tried to bear it, and hid it as best I could, my disappointment.  but... its been a while since I committed to think "Win".  and I've got to learn to go for it, and accept it, ether way, and yeah, I gotta think win.

I like Pittsburgh,  I like racing new blokes, and the grudge, of being the outta towner,  maybe we can get a couple of CX weekends set aside in the fall,  you know a weekend in phila.  where the Pitt peeps make it across state to race our turf,  and a weekend where we try to kick their ass on their home ground.

Hug your mamma's....   xxoo dlowe