Dopplering in Riverton NJ

In cross,  when you stand by the tape, on a tough part of the course,   you can see the rider's face, the effort, pain, commitment.  I think I can almost hear that battle that is going on in the skull, "dig down deep,  dig, dig,.... hold on to that wheel, no slipping back, hurts, let up a little, NO!  go"

I'm sitting out on the porch, listening to music, Jamie xx, enjoying the rain. and having a beer.
I came in 21st at Riverton Crit.   I wanted to quit a lot of times.  Other times I was up the road in a break.  I'd hear people, and the sound bent, dopplerred, as we flew by.  I love that race, its so hard, and the corners suit me well.  I like the small town,  folks clapping for the riders off the back.

It was a good day, and I was no where near the win. 

colors are different, sound,     I think that's John Minturn, the blur,...

One reason to race cross, just to do one race,  is you'll get a bit of understanding, of what a rider goes through out there.   The talk that goes on in the brain.

I like Riverton, love it, its almost like a cross race

thanks Historic Riverton Crit  folks that put it on, it was Awesome!   dlowe

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