I sit trying to disambigulize my day.  I won't have any luck, I pretty much knew that when my eyes first popped open this morning.  I felt like doing a majestic ride/race.  I raced, attacked, sat in, worked hard, but still no single purpose.   I should put this in a race log,: "felt weird."   

post race stops coming down the turnpike, Maple Acres Farm

Whole foods beer, pizza and growler fill.

Friday night was a fine night, sat in the park and chatted with Lee.

all in all this stuff rattles away in the brain looking for its nook of purpose.
cheers, I shall toast you with some Duchesse  De Bourgogne.



I was covered with grime, two showers worth.    In hand I have some cheap beer from Seattle, thats got pretty good form.  Pike's Scotch  "Kilt Lifter ruby ale".    I made the quick stop in DE for beer, how can I not, PA sucks for consumer beer buying. 

My shoes sat at the base of another bed.
an off-kilter dinner discussion.
but very interesting, that included the opinions of our Mongolian Morman Waitress.
and just as many of you, in the heat.  I like the heat.  I don't mind the water that seaps from the skin, the tightness of the heat.
My fancy styled placebo room.
a bit off-kilter:

chill, d.


white clay highway

traveled the short trip down to DE to hit the trails of White Clay.
Anna's home court.
A lot of gabbing while pedaling, and catching up with our Boulder friends Anna and Chad.

Anna rode strong leading and directing the linking of loops.
Chad, Anna and George.
A little hydration.
more bs and laughs
George, stoic.

we shared a nice ride, jumped in the pool cracked a variety of beers.
and in the end gave handshakes and hugs.
I wish today was even longer.
cheers friends, david.



a week of work, locations- fire, casino, train.  

the actor, acting.

just blast light, bounced into white boards, diffused close, hard hit on the arm from a mirror.
Looked real nice.
Today, crit, sips, farm fresh corn, sips, sleep.
I feel alive on  bike.
9th today.
good for me.



Forget Batenkill.  I'm trying to talk myself into and maybe enlighten a few others on what sounds like a great race: The Hill Billy- .  I really was impressed by the Morgantown RR  that I did, cheap, well run, fun,excellent course, and just all round good vibe. 

I just got back from Bethlehem, I was lucky to get the chance to work a couple of days up there, its close, so its usually a quick in and out of the town.   Nice old regrowth town.  Scruffy charm.

No more ghost last night.
A good night out.
went to the Bookstore speakeasy, very nice.
sat on the roof of the parking garage sipping like a hill billy from my growler looking at the night clouds.
and awoke to wide open windows and a nice breeze sending me to work with a light step.
A hotel with windows that opens wide, how nice.
Hello Trenton, to bed and to trenton tomorrow.
cheers, hill billy crossers.  D.



I'm staying in this old hotel, and I think the ghost have a sense of humor, one sorta like mine.  Rough, mean, smart-assish, but not really supposed to be hurtful.   

I checked in early, and chewed the cuds. Hit the pavement, boring just traveling by the soles of your shoes.  Made it about 2 blocks, then sat down for a beer.  The bartender was a scruffy mutt. 

had one and sontered to my nights home.

Its an old hotel, with old elevators. I pused my floor, top floor, and some more got on and punched in.
White collards, dudes that have to travel for work.  Me and my growler moved to a polite corner.  I started thinking and bing, were at my floor, my hairs are standing on end, I'm the first one off, it skipped the other floors.   I push thur, hear some grunts and carry my brown glass full of fresh cold beer to my room. 

I think I am going to end up being a ghost.  Prying and dabblin, poking ya, just getting that last few drops of life left in the bottle.

This is Tony:
its a photo from work yesterday.

a another good day.
 cheers readers, really lift a glass. 



sometime during the night in a groggy fog I decided not to race, to ride.  Thats a change, no urgency to race?
I slept very sound again, rare-ish for me. 

after a night cap toast from the fresh growler from Dock st.'s dinner

the sunlight blast in the front windows, natural and bold.

and it just might be the geared bike with a front fork, just enough change, the new speed, comfortablly fast, and wiss. has got some goodish lines, damp, most thing are settled down, or pushed aside, no surprises, just bombs away.

I visited a trail at wiss, no one rides much, an outta the way one, and pedaled about with the rides of the past's ghost.  Good ghost. 

I stopped and sat at the log, I knew my chain ring had taken some of it.  
cheers, david.


plume ribbon

     Tuesday, I just held on to the ribbon, I did some turns on the front, most of the time I fluttered.   today, I popped over and over again, alas not dropped, I'd catch my breath and go again.   I like that a break got away, and worked, and I think lapped the gruppo. 

Jason sitting on the gate after lunch, his time. 
today is just running on, up quiet early, I'm not tired now, and I think I'll crack the last of the beers that Brian Jordan made.
I like friends that are always friends, not based on how much you hang out but cause you get along.
Cheers Brian, your beer is quite tasty!

sleep deprived, a cool night, open skylights, no work tomorrow


au pair

when I hunkered down at the line, listening for the beep to signal ten seconds,  I start to apply a bit of pressure.  and at the beep, I racheted back the pedal one notch, and in my head I count down.  At 3 I ease up the brakes, and give the holder some forward tension.  at one I try not to go, but somehow I sneak off the line before zero. I don't time trial much,  its not a bike I'd pull out of the shed and say, "hmm, be fun to go do some suffern."   During the whole ride I analize, just about riding, my current state, my future state... nothing about blogging, or thoughts on life.  and I cross the line, snap out of it, coast, swallow,... and just soft pedal.  and until the results are up, I just enjoyed the ride. 

Then with a scan of the results, my mind goes back to all the thoughts and feelings I had on the bike.  There, I could of saved a second.  and on. 

then home and onto a ride, a long ride, just me and the bike, no music, computer, or campanion.
a really good ride.
Cheers, d.



yesterday instead of riding the roads of Delaware I was working on the roads of Delaware.   Not a hot day, but a day hot enough to enjoy shade.   We had to bring our own.  More specificly, E-Zups.   To keep the simple sun from baking us dry and red.   

One of the things I notice when I ride is the coolness of riding under a canopy of tress.   The strech of road where you dodge into the shade, out of the sun.  The drop of the heat, the dampness, the leaves, speckled sunlight.   Follow down the drawf bluffs, and soon I am standing in a creek.   My bike laying abandonded on its side.  My core temp. drops.   Dabs at the feet and back into the shoes.  Back onto the bike.  Back into the sun. 

Allan Rodzinski's Photographer.  With some soul.

get on yrrr bike, do some riding, make big Al proud.

cheers, dlowe.

music.  Fang Island's Welcome Wagon