Coltrane's stoop

Headed out of town, from boathouse row, up into the east park, on the VinoVelo ride,  you might hear me grumbling.    Not to the rider next to me or the one in front of me in the rabid two by two ragged line of overly-hyped riders.  and not about anything other than,  I'm pointing out John Coltrane's home.  Where he lived for a bit.  Its there, run down,  across from Longknockers driving range,  That once had a one arm pro, and a beat up caged toyota that was a good target to aim for while it swept the cut up old smoothed used golf balls.

That what I like about this time of year.   I coming into it full pep.   Whit gusto.  It was a grand year,  super grand, and it seems to be,  that'll be a norm,.....

I like the fringe parts of philly,  and I like the history that is easy to see.   I like just riding,  I sat on Coltrane's stoop in the sun,  listening to traffic,  a warm spot.   and just let it soak in, the warmth,  and just had no thoughts at all for a while.

Cheers!  dlowe


after CX nationals

I finished, and now it's done.
48th at Nationals,  my first year going,  I had a stupendous start, real good,  seemed a bit simple, all the prep and talk, the warm up laps and looking at lines. It all worked,  I moved up from a 54th starting spot to around the top 25.  
                                                   photo: Todd Mosley

I had a beer, in the shower, the races were still going on.
A bit dower about my placing,  that's normal, I expect the best, I want the best.
I could not of gone any harder today, or road any smarter.

I made my way back to the course, and rumped around with some of the other from home  peep cx'ers,
sorta, wimpy sulking,  and the races, kept going on.

                                    photo: Sean Runnette

I thought, you know, I want to cheer these guys on,...the racers still out there.
A group of us headed out,
and yelled loud,  Cheering 'em,  f'n go,
and then made it over to the finish line,
for the finishes,  and I congratulated everyone of the riders I knew.
I was so into it,
I was freaking patting the back of all the finishers. everyone, all of em. 

Nationals was awesome,  its taken me years to make it to one,
and It could not of been any better,
maybe I could have some better photos,  or radder stories,

                                       photo: Craig Vettori

I just wanted  to race my hardest, give my all
do my best,
The cheers, the advice, the camaraderie, I do not take for granted, its deep, and good.
I raced over 100 50+ men, like myself today, ...
and I had a blast.

clyclocross is a great sport, for its spirit, the dreams, the insane amount of pain, and the victories,
It is classy, badass,   I dream Cross.    I do, I dream cross.

Cheers!  dlowe