with the shadow of a c-stand

laying out in the parking lot of the valley green in, with a little bird

stacked in the jockey box, ready for the next of many of our location, with Mr. Blands arm.

It took awhile, out on the mtbike trail this morning, for the shrill voice of the screaming producer, to finally fade away, and my wanna clock her in the back of the head anger dis-apate.

The hardest part of the today, so far, pedaling past a nice 1971 Mercedes 250sl convertible for sale.  If I could, that'd be the car I'd be driving around.

the start of a simple lunch, and a nice time, with Ljiljana

its the quality of life that I live for.

fine things, good things, .....they don't cost a lot.

sometimes its sitting on a bench in the breeze,.... of course, ....that's free.

just to wash away the bullshit, like the trail dust, down the shower drain.

so, off to a nap, then, as things may have it, onto the road bike, and a bit of pedaling in a big circle,
training crit.

 cheers, d.



its there, in the center, my Schwinn.

I've gone from the Keith Richards book to a Zombies book,
World War Z is being a good read, quite good.

(real tilt and shift done with a lens, not electronic enhancement)

I hopped on my stead, for an easy spin out the legs, easy day,....

The East park was full of men, with their cars pulled to the side of the road,  getting blow-jobs, or getting high.     

seemed like a good subject for some photos, but, not today, ... someday I'll post some photos of the parked car zombies.

my goal was the fountain.  I sat, and took a bunch of pictures, only a few came out, and stayed cool in the wind blown fountain mist and the shade of a small sapling.

thought about this shot for awhile, got'er done on the way home

beat around the old falling down building on rock hill road, found my way in, but really not too much interesting, in this falling down shell.

I love philly, I don't think I'll ever consider myself a philadelpian.
I guess I like being a bit of an outsider, disconnected, not attached with loyalty or soul to this city.
One day I'll move away, but for now, this place suits me fine.
cheers, d.
electronically enhanced photo



before I heard the foot steps coming towards us with our food, I could smell the truffle.  The plate was set before me, I popped the yolks and smeared them about.   
(sorry for the not up to food blog standards of photo, from wifes phone)

as much as I love racing, I did not double up the crits on Sunday, no, I went home early and out for brunch with my wife.  Agiato Paninoteca and Enoteca every time we have been there it has been nothing less than spectacular, not in Grand, but in common.  such good food, inexpensive, with local farm eggs (trickling springs creamery)  a very good bottled beer list, and a wait staff that knows everything about ever thing on the menu, and seem welcoming and helpful to non-meat-eaters like my wife and I.   

its nice to have a place to swing by at the end or a ride, hop off the bike, grab a window seat and enjoy a beer.  simple.  d.



That's how my day went by,  and the Black Lips, at first, the new one, I had not much interest in, now, its groovy.  

The best part of today,...?  the smell of truffles whisping in the air, while sipping my post mtb ride beer.
Black Lips - Modern Art



I peered into the punched into hole.  Pitch black.  Used the flash to illuminate.  The size, 12' drop to the floor, 40 or so feet deep, big room.  I want to climb down and into and see where it goes.



I am tired. 

I did not have enough gas in the tank to make all the laps of the Drives Ride tonight.

I came home, and ran water from the garden hose, free flowing, on to my bald scalp.  Rolling down my face, taking the most obvious dried sweat and dust away. 

I guzzled away at the water, quenching.

I drilled and dremeled and tweaked the lens, and twisted it back on to the camera.  and I just walk around the house, lots of pictures of the cats, we've 6 of them.  and Lots of pictures of the flowers that grow outta control all around our house.

later,...It was nice tonight, out in the yard, just doing nothing, watching some fire flies, sipping a beer.
just sitting
laying out in the grass
....later still.
   cheers, d.



sometimes I forget I am almost 50.
I've been de-tagging myself on facebook,  I sheepishly admit.    I suppose that my work mates, family and friends know what I'm like but....  ha!

Sunday is the pro-race in Phlly.  My wife, postponed out family get together to Today, giving me a kick out the door, yesterday, to bike socialize and watch the race.

and everyone is in a good mood, some a bit rowdy, a few scrapes, broken bones, and me winning a undisclosed amount of wadded up money, by sorta cheating in an impromptu grass crit.  The money will go towards buying beer in the Cross season. 

That little dot back there is George, I kicked his ass up St. Assphat hill.
Well I jumped early, hid behind the bridge, rode up silent behind him, grabbed carefully onto his back-pack, had him tow me a bit, let go, smiled and passed him, got to the top and, of course, gloated a bit with this photo.

These guys, Tom, Anthony and George stand where the statue that's in front of the Union League use to stand. 

Tilt and shift is coming along as I dismantle more glass, looking for a wider/deeper focus lens.

Showed the talented M. Harris my home-made lens, he got a quick nice snap.

50, yep.

cheers, dlowe.



at the end of G.V. last night, I got to the car, and went to use my voice, it was just a rasp, a horse, dry sounding, worn out, voice.  Its was a very good night of going in circles.  I got on the hot break, a part of it, at my limits limit limit, and got behind one rider, who gave up a foot, then two, then four,  and that one foot,... that was the gap that POPped me off, would of happened, I'm sure just a bit later.  but I wanted to stay with, just holding on.

well I dropped off and waited for the field, and road with the field.   some of the time it felt like a swollen river, me, my good legs driving hard, motoring through a lot of bloated drifted wood.  Shooting gaps, and moving like Ali's jab.  I felt good.  

Hugged Meech this morning, and picked up kegs with Ant and Meech for Lemon hill. 

 Ripped apart an old lens and cut a 29er inner tube into a small chunk, mounted it all to my camera and took some pictures.  It, the lens, is a very shallow lens, so I'll use this one for custom close-ups, and art-sy special meaningless looks to be used in the music videos, I hope to make in the future. 

A stevedore, is much like a minion, a server in a way.   I bet down in the hold of the boats they work and in the many ports of stop, their life is lived fuller.   Its those ones of us that give service, that put up with others, that I think know the most secrets of life.