with the shadow of a c-stand

laying out in the parking lot of the valley green in, with a little bird

stacked in the jockey box, ready for the next of many of our location, with Mr. Blands arm.

It took awhile, out on the mtbike trail this morning, for the shrill voice of the screaming producer, to finally fade away, and my wanna clock her in the back of the head anger dis-apate.

The hardest part of the today, so far, pedaling past a nice 1971 Mercedes 250sl convertible for sale.  If I could, that'd be the car I'd be driving around.

the start of a simple lunch, and a nice time, with Ljiljana

its the quality of life that I live for.

fine things, good things, .....they don't cost a lot.

sometimes its sitting on a bench in the breeze,.... of course, ....that's free.

just to wash away the bullshit, like the trail dust, down the shower drain.

so, off to a nap, then, as things may have it, onto the road bike, and a bit of pedaling in a big circle,
training crit.

 cheers, d.

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**sTinKfOot** said...

I spy an oil & water jockey box :)