Hippo Cross

another Jersey Race, I got bent and really close to the snapping point, legs were like mini-spare tires, rolling along.   16th, in a goings backward battle for me today.  Great fast course, fun to race, just did not have anything, was a beautiful windy sun speckled cool fall day. 

I stuck around a bit, chatted and spun out, and watched the juniors race. 

sorta a bonus day, just stick one out, and took the lumps that I got,  and that, was still a real nice cross day.

Cheers!  dlowe


Sun Set Lake

am I the last one standing,
wheezing, with a broken rib, a bit of blood, making its way into my lung?
The town, a 50mph two way street shooting down the middle of it.
smells like dryer sheets,
grease doughnuts,
brake pads,
broken down cars, big windowed emptyed 60's shops, jacked up 4x's with black tinted windows.
I sat in the back of my small van, eating my post race sandwich.  Drinking a comtemparay small batch hoppy rye beer.
Parked by the soccer fields.
Hot day, for September and each small landscaping stunted small breeded tree, it's puddle of shade had a family in it, watching the sports.

I had a good weekend of racing, up by the Black River.
on Saturday.  Just again, faster, but not quite, roaring.  a 3rd place, took the two up sprint, and a bit of tape as I hit the last corner really hard.

and today, I pack for a flight to San Diego in the morning.
Cleaned out the van. sent a text to Kelly on his well played win today.

but am I the last cross blogger standing?

It was never a very pure art form, ugly, poor, self centered centric.

I reach over and sip the bourbon, that Glenn and Rebecca gave me, from super-CX.

and I was never up there with the good ones, nah, I'd always sorta shake my head,
after reading, "man, I don't got nothing, and what I got, just comes in un-natural spurts"

 Raced 50+ today,  I got away in the lead group of 6, Man, smoking it, the sandy corners,
dis-honest lines, getting away.
I sputtered a bit, lost a spot, then the bloke sneaking up on me, he got close
And I smacked it, haymakers to the line,
...I'm not sure he was even chasing hard, but Hell, I didn't wait and see, cause, I did not want to lose another spot. 7th.

I love cross, I hugged Bob Joo's after the race, him in the pits working, "thanks Bob"

You need,....   I mean, I need that voice, Loud and Clear, not that I hear it much, but I hear it more when it's not there,

and I am standing, sure I can take a punch, and fall back on the ropes
not pretty at all by this time in the fight
not pure at it,
but sure, I want to win
real sure of it.

cheers, dlowe



I'm in the grid day two, the sun is out, and its hot for cross.
Looking forward at the blank slot in row one.
does no one else notice
that's all I can see, so big, from three rows back
Deep into the conventing,..... far off, is that my name, "d.lowe,..david,  David Lowe..."
and my fellow front row riders, were calling me up, to fill that spot
I rolled into it, and nodded with a true utter deep humble respect,
When the whistle blew I went and got the hole shot.

I put so much out last year, I honed and refined, and thought, and trained all I could.  I just felt a zest.
I mean I really got pummeled, and beat down, in all really stronger making ways racing that last year in the 45+'s.    so My first year, last year,  in The 55's, I was the new kid with handgrandes and something to prove.

This year I've come in with the sphomore effect.
not with the Unbridled, ignorant, head strong, whatever it takes, keep it going, confidence.
of last year.  It's to easy to drift back into the race.

It is very young in the season, just 4 races in.
and finaly the last lap today,
I started to feel that believe in myself again, to feel a bit honed.
After getting the hole shot, I popped a bit, and drifted back, felt that not uncommon feeling of I don't have it today, pack it up and quit, I'm slow, with not much heart.
but I stayed at it,
 and the last lap,
I felt it, that zest.  I got at it.

a  5th yesterday, but, and,  a most invigorating, 7th today.

a few pics of elite women racing

and if you see me, with a blank stare, drolling, don't let up,
cause I'll hunt you down, If not for 1st then for 13th, or 30th or second to last, cause.
cause, I signed up to race,  and when I walk up to what ever the results are taped to,
I'm going to get a bit of satisfaction, of given it my best.

thanks Gentlemen 55+ simple things can be quite meaningful ,...and
 I'll will do my best.



Granogue '17

            k. dillard
                         d. lowe

                 k. Dillard
              k. Dillard

Get it on!

Cheers, well done, f' #1 is done. 

D. Lowe.