non-sensical happiness was brought to me
just a simple picture
not a lot of them
they should be rare and special
I'm pleased happy going to get it printed up
Another Wulfkuhle.

                                      kathleen fite wulfkuhle - "purple sweet potatoes"
I went out the yesterday pretty early to ride, some of the trails I got virgin,  others, someone beat me to them.   It was just riding around Belmont, for an hour. 

new Funkadelic from the 3 album  "first ya gotta Shake the Gate"
Funkadelic - "Dirty Queen"

saps starts to move a bit,
f'n cold out
I'm a furnace baby!

Cheers, d


65 cheyney rd, glen mills

I've never seen a spring house,  there is no driveway.  I parked in the development,  and took the short walk in.   I saw the water, a narrow creek, running down the hill.  Under the ground it went and came out from underneath the back of the house, running out from under,  I guess like it is supposed to.
I was coming home from a visit to the Brandywine River Museum to look at Jamie Wyeth's art.

at work the other day,   I was talking with someone and mentioned how parts of the park were warmer, almost pleasant to ride on real cold days.  He did not know that different parts of the land,...some are cold, some are warm.

I'd almost buy this place, not that I have $99,990 dollars, or the skills to bring it back into repair.  I do like the want to keep it alive.   To living in a place fuck full of personality.  and to live on a place that is on the edge of that Brandywine light.



Haydn looks out over the highways

the lake is shallow, one of the two centennial lakes left from the 1876 fair.  An old man, with a nice strap hat, dressed well, but informal, was sitting on the lip, looking like he was a jumper.
but it was only a three foot drop and the water maybe 5 to 8 inches deep.
I started past, but my curiosity make me turn right and circle back,
"you fine"

I came close enough to see a dog standing out of reach broken through the ice, standing facing us.
"how long has he been there?"
"10-15 minutes"
Yo,  come on boy,  yo, we called an sweet talked and tried to reach but he was just beyond my finger tips.

I took the leash from the man and made a slip noose and just got lucky, with it going over his head,
and it was simple from there.
pulled him in, hefted him up.
I did not let him go.  I love dogs.  I just rub him and squeezed him,  rubbed his paws and he wormed loose and had a funny smile, happy and guilty.

                                                thee  captured culprit, "baxter"

I went on for the rest of my light snow ride, just an easy spin on the sscx.   I swung by to say cheers to Haydn,   Despite his place in life, things, I don't know, we not so bad?
He looks out over a highway.

a fire, a new book to start,  Dylan Thomas,  I have not read anything by him so keeping up with my Welsh kick, he is in the fold.   Its a - "Portrait of the Artist as a a Young Dog".

warm toes, good spirits, big smiles today!
cheers, dlowe.


a long time

Van Der Zee,  is one of the books on my coffee table.  and I flip through it slowly as I listen to music.
Feet up, fire warming them.
I look at his photos, he had a long time of taking photos.
from the '20s up into the '80's,  he worked.
I like his look, his work.
and I like seeing the important people, and the nice shots he got of them,
and I flip a page or two,
and study,...

....I wonder where that chair went,  the one from his studio,  it seems to be there from the beginning.
He used the same chair, for his subjects to sit in for over 55+ years,
I love that, the same chair, backgrounds, even the lights,
he found something he liked and stuck with it.  Was real good at it.

Here is a photo by John Loengard,, of Mr. Van Der Zee working in his GGG Studio.

cold early dark nights aren't so bad,  passing the time...

Cheers, d.


Allan Rodzinski

nothing better than making a post about Al
someday I hope when you type ...big al "Alan Rodzinski" into your search engine you get landed here!

hung his beach photo up on the wall tonight, above Steve Keene's  painting

I read to pass the time and fill the mind, back in 1888 Robert Henri,  the great teacher/Artist
got one of them new cameras from george eastman  and would hop on his bike and head outta town, philly, and snap some photos,  sounds like a cool man.  he'd hang out at the Wiss and skecth a bit.
not to shaby of a painter either.
he'd done quite well on the spring classic, for sure.

I got a fire that needs tending,

Cheers at ya!

thanks for the most excellent photograph Al,  keep up the good work,


Steve K. says, “I want buying my paintings to be like buying a CD: it’s cheap, it’s art and it changes your life, but the object has no status. Musicians create something for the moment, something with no boundaries and that kind of expansiveness is what I want to come across in my work.”



after years of living I've found
time that
there are moments when I stand in absorbment
taking it in
the beautiful mundane moment of plain
the hills dip, the trail turns, the gray blank light lets it all reach up into the sky,
easy to look at.

I'm wallowing a bit,
with a diagnosed torn ligament in my hand,

somehow on new years eve just headed about to go out the door
my wife asked me to take some pictures

I liked the moment, and it was brief to pose, and aim the camera and capture her before
we were out the door on our way.

I"m not much of a wallower,
distracted by shit,  and just moving on
to soon,
I'll try to make the most of it, the wallowing tonight
then tomorrow just move on

I wish I was sitting on the bank of a creak,  under the tip back opening
the branches of the willow higher here
on a nice quilt,
nice beer
good woman
a pillow, breeze
bare foot, shorts unbutton, with a fat full belly
all afternoon.

Onward, Tally ho......, mates
Cheers, dlowe