65 cheyney rd, glen mills

I've never seen a spring house,  there is no driveway.  I parked in the development,  and took the short walk in.   I saw the water, a narrow creek, running down the hill.  Under the ground it went and came out from underneath the back of the house, running out from under,  I guess like it is supposed to.
I was coming home from a visit to the Brandywine River Museum to look at Jamie Wyeth's art.

at work the other day,   I was talking with someone and mentioned how parts of the park were warmer, almost pleasant to ride on real cold days.  He did not know that different parts of the land,...some are cold, some are warm.

I'd almost buy this place, not that I have $99,990 dollars, or the skills to bring it back into repair.  I do like the want to keep it alive.   To living in a place fuck full of personality.  and to live on a place that is on the edge of that Brandywine light.


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