Allan Rodzinski

nothing better than making a post about Al
someday I hope when you type ...big al "Alan Rodzinski" into your search engine you get landed here!

hung his beach photo up on the wall tonight, above Steve Keene's  painting

I read to pass the time and fill the mind, back in 1888 Robert Henri,  the great teacher/Artist
got one of them new cameras from george eastman  and would hop on his bike and head outta town, philly, and snap some photos,  sounds like a cool man.  he'd hang out at the Wiss and skecth a bit.
not to shaby of a painter either.
he'd done quite well on the spring classic, for sure.

I got a fire that needs tending,

Cheers at ya!

thanks for the most excellent photograph Al,  keep up the good work,


Steve K. says, “I want buying my paintings to be like buying a CD: it’s cheap, it’s art and it changes your life, but the object has no status. Musicians create something for the moment, something with no boundaries and that kind of expansiveness is what I want to come across in my work.”

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