sitting in

There is nothing like Archie Bunkering it after a ride. 

Almost every ride ends with me sitting in this chair, re-grouping, the close calls, lost/won TLsprints, trying to gauge my fitness, sobering up.    This time off the bike, this re-aclimation to the real world, clearing my head, or just re-gaining my senses is needed.  I made it home, avoid the crash, heard a new song, or just got it done in a workman like fashion. 

the house is welcoming, I smell fresh baking bread, have some real tasty beer in the fridge.  and my problems, the leaking ceiling, and the worries over work can wait.   There are fresh sheets on the bed.
cheers! d.



no, not me.  well sorta, I try to be.  I have a lot left to achieve, and I do give a big F' about it.  but to be just a worker?  ah an Artisan.
I tipped back two dogfish heads at Earth tonight.  After my riding.  Good, yep, we've been blessed here.
when I say cheers, I mean "thanks for the hard work, the care, the effort, doing the mundane."  Common,  nope.


I found that Essence rare....

I want to pack it in, and drive south.  To some place warmer, dry.   To ride, and ride.  Get some carry out beer.  Cheap room.  Feet up.  Laptop open, a bit of surfin.   A trip to the market for fruit I won't eat, some water and nutella.  and wake up and do some more miles.
Maybe, just maybe....
I've earned it, or not, got enough legs to enjoy a 5-6hr jaunt about.

I love looking into the lens.  It is a souless hole.  I have a hard time taking pictures of people. 
I'm on the prowl, with a keen eye while I ride, especially on the familar routes for a "snappin' opp..

.....its what I look for.


smooth circles

something happened to me.  I've come to like winter a bit, so a few days on the trainer, frickin big deal.  It was an incredible snow.  I got out and shot some with the flip HD, did some simple editing and finished my first video  in years:
snow from David Lowe on Vimeo.

I regret not taking more picture.  and that case of beer or two. 
so got riding in, back to the group rides,  one day feeling off, w/ a good amount of suffern, and one day on w/ a good amount of suffern.  just pedaling away. david.



the brown glass beer bottle, I just finished, is stached in the gap behind the bookcase.  It's gonna be around, I hope, a long time.  Not much else will.  Not my bikes, my oldest one right now, of the 7 I have, is the schwinn beater I ride to the gym.  Its a young'en probably from the 70's.  All the rest are pretty contemprary, with the Cannondale Cadd 9 road bike being the oldest, and that statesmen comes in just under 3 years old.  With more tech. and intelligence we've made things that last shorter.    I raced once with someone who had downtube shifters, visiting home, his old race bike, he took 3rd in the race. 

I perfer the TV off in the training room.
I tried movies, and shows... but I guess what makes the time pass the best,  is just thinking.  I do listen to music, blasting

        I love day dreaming, inventing, discovering.        
I've really enjoyed this winter.    Getting my leg chops back.
     Shoveling.  The pedaling through the snow narrowed streets. 

 still  I want to race, the sun to be up in the sky a long time, to be 100 degrees, I love the heat.  Soon, soon.  But for now, build me something that will last longer than my lifetime.  I'm tired of throwing things out.  Of upgrading.    Sincerely, david.


stirred (but)not shaken

as my world has become smaller, with less stimuli, looking so much the same, it becomes easier to notice the more subtle things.  I'm used to big, to invasive, intrusive.  The winter's cold and the snow makes me spend more time inside.  I do get out to ride.  Today 3hrs on the mtbike, all on road.
Leading me to think of how obsesive I can become.   The time and energy I waste with my mind creating battles, defending and answering to threats that are never made.  
Don't I and the world have better things to deal with?
well here's one:  I've been searching for a place to donate my old bike jersey's.
anyone know of such a place?
comrades, d.


East Coast

I did not want to do my time on the trainer, so I geared up and went riding.  I got in a very good 2.5 hr ride.  Not epic.

somehow just another ride.
cheers, d.



Its with great anticipation that I pull the little memory card from the digital camera.  The cards inserted and tethered to the laptop.  A click, click, click and a list of file names and click and I see what I've brought back with me from my ride. 
I found one, this one, and thats it.  Right from the start of the big X-loop.  Just over the guard rail.  
I got in a nice, done with recovery ride.   
and what was running through my head, in the first of my many segments of thinking?  Be a Do-er.  Seems simple enough,  sorta got something outta this ride.
cheers, d.



If you don't know mr. Yow then you will never know mr. Yow.  But to me I really know the "yow" of life.  Jesus Lizard is your link if you want to get yowcastic.
and if you care, I've got a good bzzzzz going, heavy up on the anti cold meds and after a desperate run to get some, sipping of the limited edition and some soon to be gone, Yakima.


another day with Gus.
we pass our time talking in whispers, sitting in the shadows, in a way, like old men in a barber shop.
and then its over.

cheers, dlowe.