way long ago when I was kid, we made do, you know, If 5 guys showed up, three had gloves, somehow we made a baseball game outta it.  Pitchers hand, 3 hits, all the shit you needed to do, and the games, they were great.  Same with football, made due. 

To me a good cross course is the one that makes due the best.  Sure having some great landscape, drops, flyover, sand,  that makes a great course.   but you gotta make due. 

I'm at my Mom's in Beaver PA, drove over today, made it early enough to suss out the course, South Park Wave Pool.  

I offered to help, they had it going on, not much for me to do.   I pedal about a bit in my street clothes.   upphhh,   fence post, tightie tight single track w/roots, edge of sidewalk cement.  etc. 

BB gun fight, dirt clod war, we are gonna have some fun.

 my mom had some cold beers in the fridge, ones I'd left from the last visit.  A fresh baked apple pie.
We hit up a bar over in Rochester for beers and dinner.   A F'n good night.  I'm stoked to race tomorrow. 
 My bikes are parked in the garage next to my step-dads work bench, he's on the road screening the doc he just made.  He's a good man. 

My mom's from WVa, and I've spent a bunch of times, during the summers as a kid in Parkersburg, and with my Great Grand parents in Ravenswood.   Those were my Andy Griffith days.  Good kid days.

I worked in the South Park mall for 6 months, one of the times I dropped outta college.  Doing the photo stuff, you know, taking portraits at Sears Portrait Studio.   

sorta a home coming,  fucking sorta wanna do well tomorrow, and Sunday, I want to kick some ass.
my Worlds.
cheers, d.


Firm Handshake.

Its nice to be reading again.  I finished two books this week. 
I've got a few more started,
and with the colder weather, and early dark. I should be sitting by a fire in my slippers turning lots of pages this winter.

I'm making my plans for L'ville.   I enjoy the exploring about the town, and thinking about the trip quite a bit.

Louisville looks to have some nice old places to visit, just mixed in with the life of the downtown.

Got out on the bike, cross.  Some plans but ended up pedaling.   and ended up passing the John Coltrane place.   A couple of men were doing some brick work on the front of the place.  The house is not in good shape.    I pedal past a bit then circled back.   Chatted with the main man.  64 yr old dude, doing the masonary work.  He stuck out his hand to shake.  I grabbed on as strong as I could and squeezed.  I ended up hanging out a bit.  He pulled out a photo of Coltrane from '57,  standing on the porch.  He talked about the importance of the past, of wanting this to live on.

If I keep things simple in my head, my world is based on time.   Most of the physical experience, from waves,  friction, gravity.   I've never gave a lot of thought to spirit.  Yep soul, but spirits?
and there are so many Head of State God figures, it's be a lot of work for me to figure out which one to put my blind faith into.
I've never needed to define my spirtiual beliefs, in god, no god, whatever..

Riding the bike and where it takes me, I have to make sure to keep my eyes open, to not just look up the road. 
Off to Pittsburgh this weekend, to visit my mom, and racing some cross.
cheers, d. 



are there any great thinkers around today?

places where smart people sit and discuss, explore ideas, thoughts.

I understand Inertia all to well.   I tend to want that, once I get going I just want to stay there, just moving along.  Its a fight to push forward or back.  

Inertia is more defined to explain effects of physical, tangible objects, right?

is there an inertia to my soul, thinking, how my brain works?

and the world acts upon me,  and I try to accept, ignore or fight its forces.

in a race I like that Zone,  I want to reach it and maintain it,  but there is more and less happening around me, and I do have a bit more to give. 

Understanding what moves me, or why I don't veer to a new path,  defines me.   This blog, my writing its just off the cuff,  it'll stew around in my head a bit, but then I usually just type it out.    I'm surprised by what I write, and look forward to see how my next set of words typed out on the page, comes out, its a new read for me too.   

JK and Jess text me yesterday,  I was laying on the couch, watching tv.   Asked If I'd like to go see Sufjan Stevens X-mass sing along show at the Union Transfer.    Yep, got up, took the camera to practice, to work at it.

I liked the christmas ghoul,  I had a crush on that ghoulish backup singer,  I don't know,...

the show was sold out, but people were quite nice and with out much any inconvenience to others I just walked up to the front of the stage to take some pictures.

after about 4 songs, the relaxed big security guy came over and plainly asked me to stop taking pics,  I needed a camera pass from mr. Stevens to use my camera.    I'm not sure if Sufjan has a thing against dslr's, Canon, or my skills?   The pics from peoples phones were looking better than what I was shooting,  maybe he was worried that the camera might led to a blog posting, and that I might weave his show into my mixed up words.

Sufjan searching, looking, maybe finding some inertia.

cheers, d.



race report, - Klutxztown cx Saturday's version.

the race went excellent. after my tough physical/mental zapping week I was chopping at the bit to let my steam off on the racing of my cross bike. Day of, last row start, excellent! I like the view of 40 or so riders in front of me. the starting grid was tight, 7 across, packed tape to tape. No holes for me to poke through. I got in a bigger than normal starting gear, so coming up to speed would take a bit longer, but once I got up to speed, I jedi'ed through the pack, came outta the prologue maybe 12th. I brought a big shovel, and dug deep, deep into what my body could do. Standing and driving it faster. I musta been above my max most of the times. The barriers glowed, blurred in the light. I held on tight and found a good battle for 7/8/9/10 moved to the front of that group and pushed the pace up, pushing it, really suffering good. a bit of a lapse and 8th came around, I held the gap a bit, then it grew, I still buried myself all the way  to the line, 8th! When I got home I felt like I had fallen down a flight of stairs, I had a couple of beers and passed out at 8:30. These types of days are what I need, using racing as my training, My mind is fresh as ever, and I really look forward to the next race.

my average, the mundane,  its.....    the word work,  its not a word I like.   To most, and the way I learned it, you worked, toiled at something you didn't enjoy, to earn....   ?   a reward?

its the work I love,  to be able to do a lap at the Wissahickon, that's not work, thou it does require a bit of physical exertion, its a blessing.

this list of beers, from Agiato's, where I stopped post Wissahickon, I really don't think they are made because of toiling away is going to make the brewers some $$$,  a boat, fat belly, smell of coconut oil, hot babes.     I had the Scotch Ale.  and it was... mundane-lly good. 

I've ridden by the Indian many of times, I've never stopped.  Today I stopped.  Each block of stone was carried up to this perch.  Not easy I imagine.     A lot of what inspires me, it comes from my peers, my friends.       and I just want to make sure you know,  that the bit of extra effort, I appreciate, that it inspires me to do more, and in the end, I hope that I inspire others.
to the greatest mundane days.
Cheers, d. 



hmmm... I've found something that interest me,... in music and the photos I take.  finding the balance between abstract composition and the reality of a clearly focused photograph documenting the performance.

I went to the Death Grips last night, after a dig a ditch fill the ditch type of work day.

never thought I'd see the Death Grips, thought they might flash out in glory, before my chance.  and it worked out perfect.  a good corner to wathch from, very close, on the stage.  very loud, hot. straight through the set. Enough, I was contented. 

I have not slept but a few hours each night the last few days.  and not on the bike at all, much, except a ride over at the Wiss on Monday.

I work a bit more tomorrow, .... and pass out tonight, wake early and finish a good week of work ...tomorrow.
maybe race Sat.,   maybe a long mtbike ride Sunday, and more riding, I look forward to riding, more riding....
I like music the power the unfocused, disconnection, overwemlthed intensity, no time.


where the world seems more in focus, outta focus.

deep love xxoo dlowe.



Off the Grid! one really stands out in my mind,  Like a boss leader,  you know the imtimadator, squared chin, always razor stuble, low growl of a voice.   Brackish breath, cigs, last nights cheap whiskey.   and you meet them, a look over your head, and words said with a turn of a head towards more important task.   Not directed at you,  no comas, just run together, DO YOUR WORK.

Crossasaurus Awesome - Philadelphia Ciclismo!
when I'm out on a group ride, I always try to remember that the ride is only as fast as the slowest rider.    That on this ride we are the same fitness, skill level.   Both riding,  as one group.
The Cat 4's, no matter what, how pro $$$,  they always come off baggy,  a bit widered eyed, maybe it just cause they race the first race, early.  The alarm in there house goes off early.   They try to sneak out to this new love, without waking a sleeper.   The spouse a slight bit concerend about this new found love, but fine, ... it makes you happy,  you belong,  so she turns over and goes back to sleep. 
I'm learning a lot from my team mates.  Things I need in life, really, skills that make me a better person in this world.    I'm lucky to step into a time when the teams already been running for a while, geled and set.
the issuses they get resolved.    A bit of the time I feel like a Cat 4 in life,  my personality,  confidence, "people skills".   I'm a nit picker,  I like to watch.   be it racing or work, or whatever,  I like the wee little un-noticed details, the things so ordinare, that you glance over 'em.   I like the extra value, of catching voice in the air, two Cat 4's, strangers, chatting, hearing it start, maybe a friendship bound.
and what In the process of learning and teaching is being passed on?
what do you think this son learned yesterday at our race?
so where ever you are,  looking down at your phone maybe during a dull meeting,  think about yesterday,  think about the chart up there, with numbers, layoffs, $$$,  and think if you added a new value to it, another line,  like what you did yesterday at  "Crossasaurus Awesome - Philadelphia Ciclismo "  cyclocross Race.
that line on the graph  would run a very steep grade,  up and,  off the grid, maybe we can factor more of that into our lives, being independent, helpful, fun loving.  
Thanks to the leaders yesterday,  great job leading, and everybody that was there.
Cheers!  David Lowe 


fleshtone - Cold Speck

there is a great room in Philly.  Its small, a side chapel in an active church.   You almost could call this place the church of punk rock.    Shows in the basement, the main chapel.  Mostly indie, with a leaning towards punk.  

I carried in a 6 pack of an Old Forge tall boy cans.   Sat with a friend and drank and listened to the music.

in a room like this, a show like this, it gets pretty quite.   The audiences here are very respectful, and are pretty much silent, listening.   Cracking a can is a bit of an art, waiting for a crescendo. "crack".
Same with snapping photos,  I try to make sure that the I take pictures at a time where the shutter click is not heard.

Cold Specks is the name of the band,  but its her, I'm not sure her name, Al Spx I think.  

One of the best shows, again, another great one.  

Her skin tone was very close to the tone of the wood that made up this chapel.  At times she moved away from the mic and out sang the PA.     Listening to music in this room, I feel like a fine beer, aging in a bourbon barrel.

Her recordings come nowhere close to this live sound.   It was nice to hear just her, and a single supporter filling in a bit.   and I really enjoy her recordings,  all morning on the way to help with set up of our cx race tomorrow and all the way home, she played.

the photos, they are dark, same toned.  It was hard to "print" them,  very subtle changes, in the shadow, contrast, values made huge changes in the look.    ..... I need to spend much more time working on the "print".

thanks for reading, cheers, david.


Gettysburg/Annie Leibovitz



Cheers, d.



Bill Fay - "The Healing Day"

In one way it is easier to be a loser, for one thing, you are more credible.   You have no reason to lie.
And if you do lie,  just another reason for why you are a loser.

I know I packed more shit than shine-ola.   but now that I am finally in my hotel room, my damp socks are off, I'm eating all the pre-race bars I have, drinkin my take out beer,  I've found that I've shorted myself the cable to charge my one battery for my new camera.  That sucks.   I will have to be frugal tomorrow.     Shooting pics at Gettysburg.
I don't want anyone to assume what I need to know,  I'm not an auto type guy.  This new camera, It again just needs a fewer less buttons and dials.  F stop, shutter speed, ISO.  then add the auto focus onto  that.  Those 3 buttons make a photographer.   I looked at auto focus images, and I see why all the heads are shot in the same place, cause that's where the auto focus is set.  Fuck that!  Fuck it.
Those inches to the left, the balance hard to the lower frame, that's not an auto focus point.

I've tried to turn off all the enhancements, and I like the look of my flawed $99 lens on this, Beast.

I'm listen to Bill Fay crackin' beers, in my room.

Two beds, TV, bath, single cup coffee maker, average hotel room.

Cross this time of year is nice.  The beer stays cold on its own out on, sitting out on the grass.    The bad hecklers, they are at home.    The sun goes down early, so the drunk, don't stay up to long thinking.  
as Bill Fay says "jesus don't cry, you can rely on me honey"

and those moments when the wind, gust, stronger that a bit normal. and we hold on a bit harder,...I know where I want to be when I put my head down to fall asleep.
I hope that despite my flaws, short comings, mis-doings, and selfish acts, that you see the big heart of mine, beating strong and stupid inside my chest.

Cheers Stoudts CX!



...i hear sometimes, that time slows down, that you become super aware, thoughts are clear, floating past it all, moving easy, faster than everything.

it was like the wisp of a good cigar smoke, pure and smooth.  but at $11 a bottle I only bought one.  It went down to easy.  This is one of those rare moments that I wish I was Keith Richards, or at least maybe a peon for his Expensive Winos band.   Mooching a bottle, a case, and now...  not worried about it being gone, just pouring it down my gullet.  a stolen gluten.  This beer is proper.  and good.

I look forward to the next few days, racing at Stoudts brewery, a cheap hotel drunkenness.   Spending the Monday in Gettysburg, checking out the Anna-Lou Leibovitz show, her perspective of finding her self.   and pedaling about the vast battle fields.   Mathew Brady brought the death of war alive with his (and minions), photographs, of the dead.

did a bit of log cutting, and trail clearing for openers, will it bring me some karma?  f' karma!  who needs it.   whatever the next few days brings, pain, remorse, joy, ... that's what I'm glad to be alive for.

cheers. d.

.......Some of the oak casks at Samuel Smith’s date back more than a century with the individual oak staves being replaced by the Old Brewery coopers over the years. Gradually the casks soak in more & more of the character of the ale fermented in stone Yorkshire squares. Yorkshire Stingo is aged for at least a year, matured in these well-used oak casks in the brewery’s underground cellars deriving fruit, raisin, treacle toffee, Christmas pudding and slight oaky flavours, before being further naturally conditioned in bottle.