race report, - Klutxztown cx Saturday's version.

the race went excellent. after my tough physical/mental zapping week I was chopping at the bit to let my steam off on the racing of my cross bike. Day of, last row start, excellent! I like the view of 40 or so riders in front of me. the starting grid was tight, 7 across, packed tape to tape. No holes for me to poke through. I got in a bigger than normal starting gear, so coming up to speed would take a bit longer, but once I got up to speed, I jedi'ed through the pack, came outta the prologue maybe 12th. I brought a big shovel, and dug deep, deep into what my body could do. Standing and driving it faster. I musta been above my max most of the times. The barriers glowed, blurred in the light. I held on tight and found a good battle for 7/8/9/10 moved to the front of that group and pushed the pace up, pushing it, really suffering good. a bit of a lapse and 8th came around, I held the gap a bit, then it grew, I still buried myself all the way  to the line, 8th! When I got home I felt like I had fallen down a flight of stairs, I had a couple of beers and passed out at 8:30. These types of days are what I need, using racing as my training, My mind is fresh as ever, and I really look forward to the next race.

my average, the mundane,  its.....    the word work,  its not a word I like.   To most, and the way I learned it, you worked, toiled at something you didn't enjoy, to earn....   ?   a reward?

its the work I love,  to be able to do a lap at the Wissahickon, that's not work, thou it does require a bit of physical exertion, its a blessing.

this list of beers, from Agiato's, where I stopped post Wissahickon, I really don't think they are made because of toiling away is going to make the brewers some $$$,  a boat, fat belly, smell of coconut oil, hot babes.     I had the Scotch Ale.  and it was... mundane-lly good. 

I've ridden by the Indian many of times, I've never stopped.  Today I stopped.  Each block of stone was carried up to this perch.  Not easy I imagine.     A lot of what inspires me, it comes from my peers, my friends.       and I just want to make sure you know,  that the bit of extra effort, I appreciate, that it inspires me to do more, and in the end, I hope that I inspire others.
to the greatest mundane days.
Cheers, d. 

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