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I understand Inertia all to well.   I tend to want that, once I get going I just want to stay there, just moving along.  Its a fight to push forward or back.  

Inertia is more defined to explain effects of physical, tangible objects, right?

is there an inertia to my soul, thinking, how my brain works?

and the world acts upon me,  and I try to accept, ignore or fight its forces.

in a race I like that Zone,  I want to reach it and maintain it,  but there is more and less happening around me, and I do have a bit more to give. 

Understanding what moves me, or why I don't veer to a new path,  defines me.   This blog, my writing its just off the cuff,  it'll stew around in my head a bit, but then I usually just type it out.    I'm surprised by what I write, and look forward to see how my next set of words typed out on the page, comes out, its a new read for me too.   

JK and Jess text me yesterday,  I was laying on the couch, watching tv.   Asked If I'd like to go see Sufjan Stevens X-mass sing along show at the Union Transfer.    Yep, got up, took the camera to practice, to work at it.

I liked the christmas ghoul,  I had a crush on that ghoulish backup singer,  I don't know,...

the show was sold out, but people were quite nice and with out much any inconvenience to others I just walked up to the front of the stage to take some pictures.

after about 4 songs, the relaxed big security guy came over and plainly asked me to stop taking pics,  I needed a camera pass from mr. Stevens to use my camera.    I'm not sure if Sufjan has a thing against dslr's, Canon, or my skills?   The pics from peoples phones were looking better than what I was shooting,  maybe he was worried that the camera might led to a blog posting, and that I might weave his show into my mixed up words.

Sufjan searching, looking, maybe finding some inertia.

cheers, d.

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