Bill Fay - "The Healing Day"

In one way it is easier to be a loser, for one thing, you are more credible.   You have no reason to lie.
And if you do lie,  just another reason for why you are a loser.

I know I packed more shit than shine-ola.   but now that I am finally in my hotel room, my damp socks are off, I'm eating all the pre-race bars I have, drinkin my take out beer,  I've found that I've shorted myself the cable to charge my one battery for my new camera.  That sucks.   I will have to be frugal tomorrow.     Shooting pics at Gettysburg.
I don't want anyone to assume what I need to know,  I'm not an auto type guy.  This new camera, It again just needs a fewer less buttons and dials.  F stop, shutter speed, ISO.  then add the auto focus onto  that.  Those 3 buttons make a photographer.   I looked at auto focus images, and I see why all the heads are shot in the same place, cause that's where the auto focus is set.  Fuck that!  Fuck it.
Those inches to the left, the balance hard to the lower frame, that's not an auto focus point.

I've tried to turn off all the enhancements, and I like the look of my flawed $99 lens on this, Beast.

I'm listen to Bill Fay crackin' beers, in my room.

Two beds, TV, bath, single cup coffee maker, average hotel room.

Cross this time of year is nice.  The beer stays cold on its own out on, sitting out on the grass.    The bad hecklers, they are at home.    The sun goes down early, so the drunk, don't stay up to long thinking.  
as Bill Fay says "jesus don't cry, you can rely on me honey"

and those moments when the wind, gust, stronger that a bit normal. and we hold on a bit harder,...I know where I want to be when I put my head down to fall asleep.
I hope that despite my flaws, short comings, mis-doings, and selfish acts, that you see the big heart of mine, beating strong and stupid inside my chest.

Cheers Stoudts CX!

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Anonymous said...

I clicked on the song, it complimented the words nicely. Cheers brother.
I like those pics. Regardless of your new camera; they look masterful.