Off the Grid! one really stands out in my mind,  Like a boss leader,  you know the imtimadator, squared chin, always razor stuble, low growl of a voice.   Brackish breath, cigs, last nights cheap whiskey.   and you meet them, a look over your head, and words said with a turn of a head towards more important task.   Not directed at you,  no comas, just run together, DO YOUR WORK.

Crossasaurus Awesome - Philadelphia Ciclismo!
when I'm out on a group ride, I always try to remember that the ride is only as fast as the slowest rider.    That on this ride we are the same fitness, skill level.   Both riding,  as one group.
The Cat 4's, no matter what, how pro $$$,  they always come off baggy,  a bit widered eyed, maybe it just cause they race the first race, early.  The alarm in there house goes off early.   They try to sneak out to this new love, without waking a sleeper.   The spouse a slight bit concerend about this new found love, but fine, ... it makes you happy,  you belong,  so she turns over and goes back to sleep. 
I'm learning a lot from my team mates.  Things I need in life, really, skills that make me a better person in this world.    I'm lucky to step into a time when the teams already been running for a while, geled and set.
the issuses they get resolved.    A bit of the time I feel like a Cat 4 in life,  my personality,  confidence, "people skills".   I'm a nit picker,  I like to watch.   be it racing or work, or whatever,  I like the wee little un-noticed details, the things so ordinare, that you glance over 'em.   I like the extra value, of catching voice in the air, two Cat 4's, strangers, chatting, hearing it start, maybe a friendship bound.
and what In the process of learning and teaching is being passed on?
what do you think this son learned yesterday at our race?
so where ever you are,  looking down at your phone maybe during a dull meeting,  think about yesterday,  think about the chart up there, with numbers, layoffs, $$$,  and think if you added a new value to it, another line,  like what you did yesterday at  "Crossasaurus Awesome - Philadelphia Ciclismo "  cyclocross Race.
that line on the graph  would run a very steep grade,  up and,  off the grid, maybe we can factor more of that into our lives, being independent, helpful, fun loving.  
Thanks to the leaders yesterday,  great job leading, and everybody that was there.
Cheers!  David Lowe 

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