Firm Handshake.

Its nice to be reading again.  I finished two books this week. 
I've got a few more started,
and with the colder weather, and early dark. I should be sitting by a fire in my slippers turning lots of pages this winter.

I'm making my plans for L'ville.   I enjoy the exploring about the town, and thinking about the trip quite a bit.

Louisville looks to have some nice old places to visit, just mixed in with the life of the downtown.

Got out on the bike, cross.  Some plans but ended up pedaling.   and ended up passing the John Coltrane place.   A couple of men were doing some brick work on the front of the place.  The house is not in good shape.    I pedal past a bit then circled back.   Chatted with the main man.  64 yr old dude, doing the masonary work.  He stuck out his hand to shake.  I grabbed on as strong as I could and squeezed.  I ended up hanging out a bit.  He pulled out a photo of Coltrane from '57,  standing on the porch.  He talked about the importance of the past, of wanting this to live on.

If I keep things simple in my head, my world is based on time.   Most of the physical experience, from waves,  friction, gravity.   I've never gave a lot of thought to spirit.  Yep soul, but spirits?
and there are so many Head of State God figures, it's be a lot of work for me to figure out which one to put my blind faith into.
I've never needed to define my spirtiual beliefs, in god, no god, whatever..

Riding the bike and where it takes me, I have to make sure to keep my eyes open, to not just look up the road. 
Off to Pittsburgh this weekend, to visit my mom, and racing some cross.
cheers, d. 

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