rest stop

I got a new music player, and I loaded it up with some good stuff.
Got out on the cx bike, just to do the loop,  access roads, boxer trail, sneaky cuts, bomb down nature boy.    and did and more.

coming around east park someone had some kindness and caring for me.  They left me a couch.
I took advantage.   Sat for a bit, checked my phone, a sip of water.
I searched the cushions and came up with 14 cents, a remote control and a folding knife.
cool.   I stuffed it all back into the couch, and road on my way.

I felt good, smart ass-ish, and rammed up the pedaling and bombed down Nature Boy.
The tow path was empty, I attacked, screaming,  "yahooo",  and pedaling hard, it felt good to tear it up.

Cheers, thanks for the nice couch, it makes a great addition to the loop. dlowe

in my head:


favorite tree ever

there is one tree, that I love

and it makes me love, more all the others.

I've been trying to figure out what makes a picture.
and it seems that maybe its not, that its not much different.
that its really the same as a lot, the same as it all.

not that it tries to be, or ask, its almost troubled with who it is.
maybe the beauty is in the champion,  the one who is like us all,


Man of Leisure

philly flyer racers coming up Black Rock for the bell.

I headed back from my easy ride to see a bit of the Philly Flyer.   I usually do this race.  This weekend I went home, with my wife, to visit my Father in-law in Cleveland.  His 80th birthday.  We got to the house before he got home from bingo, Thursday night.  When he came in. Around 10pm. I gave him a hug.  I thought, " that hug I gave, It must of felt like a Irish rain heavy soaked wool sweater"  before I married his daughter, I did crash his car.  I had borrowed.  and he was fine, and took care of it, without a word.

I hung on him like smoke smelling hotel room curtains
My arms around his shoulders and neck like a life preserver, USSDavid.

more racers

I love racing, The flyer is always one I do.   Its early, the 1st one of the year.  Close to my home.
Not this year, in fact I've been a man of leisure, not working to hard, just keeping an edge.  I'm fit but I'd say not fast.    I like being a man of leisure.
I'm relaxed.   Fresh.
Looking good and feeling good.
Maybe this year I'll ride with a wink, a grin, and steal a sprint.  I'd love to get a win.

Cheers, dlowe.



I don't give a fuck about
so everthing 

and lately these are the junk miles to show for my effort.

Kevin Morby @ Boot and Saddle 3/14/15 phildadelphia

40 Voices Singing - Masterworks for Massed Choirs @ The Rotonda 3/15/15 philadelphia

there are a few bands that whatever they do I follow, with the wallow, the high, the junk, with much love, I follow.  The splinters, and solo projects.  Teenage Fanclub, Oasis,.... and Kevin Morby has found his way to my heart, like that too.

I wheeled sucked today,  got home late from seeing Kevin play, and up early to get time in on the bike before heading down to the city to see,  vocal choir music.

I am the king wheel sucka!
thats a good thing about the SRT,  you see 'em up ahead latch on and you know they'll push themself to go.   I'm a good mate,  when the strong head wind was crunching him,  I swung around and lifted the pace, he held on, digging a bit deeper to show me, and we rolled it.
But for the most part I sat in,  I got some good work in, more than I thought I would.

I saw the Babies, Woods and now Kevin Morby a second time.  Last night was Not the best of 'em, all of his show, one on the bottom, but still good.   I like to see where it all ends up.

slept a bit, rode the bike, then hit up the Rotonda to hear the 40 Voices.  The first two pieces, I had to hold back tears, beautiful, sitting in the unheated decaying building, I snuck up into the balcony.  the room filled, loud, with music,  and I thought how I'd like to have some of my Heros,  and some of my friends sitting with me.  Rockwell Kent, the Wright Bros.,... , Measha, Gorka, George, Ankers...   Silent and still I sat.   Incredibly fantastic.

my recording from the balcony shot on the canon t3i.

that is it


Big stacked.

lots of stops at new places.  got out early on the cx bike and lazyed around the area.  Headed downtown, to check out Port Richmond books,  came out with a pile of good finds!  A bunch of old photo books, including a couple by William Mortensen.
this is probably where I had my first beer in Philadelphia, its been closed for a while, and really falling apart. 
   I've avoided the soft trails, but have been attacking the snow/mud of the tow path and forbidden dr.
         As much as it is a hard go, its great training,  not too many,  days I get to hammer away
                on riding in soft snow, ice, and soft dirt.   Zaps the legs good.
                                               photo:  Edward Weston,   went up to Allentown
                 to see a good show,  looking at real photographs, real prints, and then at digital stuff,
                                                               His stuff is art, by far.

                                  some shots from around
                                  I road into the back warehouse, I could see from the street that the upstairs of the old building, mostly walls of windows was vacant.  I tried to change the mind of a grumpy man, with messed up hair, interrupting the unloading of a 40' trailer full of boxes, that I'd be a good man to rent the space.   He did not say no.  He said no, but maybe come back in a few months.  Hope.  It has my heart a flutter,  my space, the space where the computer was developed.
we got a crack in the wall in the bedroom, got a long list, spring awaits.
Cheers, dlowe.