umhh... this ones a tough one, so I might just forget it for now, seeing I've deleted everything I've written the past five tries. so simple still. Tweaking my cross bike, road the tubulars today out in the rain, and mud. more 10cent advice. I think if your training to race cross you should be training on your cross bike. I do my intervals on the cross bike, burrring sound of my tires tread buzzing, getting it dialed in.

It was just warm and humid when I left my house, then it rained on me. Cool pockets of air, and everything was greener, lots of greens. I drop onto the road to connect the ride. In the pouring rain. It made me feel good sitting on my bikes, looking at the traffic backing up. Car, car, car...

Sometimes work sucks, and the beer really hits spot. So raise your cold tecate and Cheers, to my friends. bloke, mate, pals... dlowe.


my shoes

when I open the fridge there is a nice tinkering of sound, vibrating glass, cold bottled beer. George is coming over so I put a few extras in. He is going to open up a hard drive and pull the data bits off of it. If all goes well we will be prying the top off a Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout Ale, and toast the night.

my life, that's what your here to peak into right? some dloweisms for you. well I did my cross work outs, and just raced Sunday, a 1,2,3 crit. I raced like a tool. I was a 5mm allen. Very useful. I was surprised by what my legs could do, and I let them do it, jumping and chasing, bridging and bringing back. I went all out and blew with 3 to go. Just coasted to the picnic table and caught my breath and watched the sprint.

I'm thinking about doing the spectra cross race, but it might be to $$$ to be worth the drive. I want to race Friday night. If you send me some cash I'll draw you in on my jersey.
got things done around here today, worked on the tomatoes, did some mopping, hit the gym, and some office work. that's it, no insights, no 10 cent advice, just enjoying the breeze. cheers, dlowe.



Yesterday I was in the Zone. Since deciding that its cross time, and putting road, mountain, the drives ride, all of spring training, the crits, climbs and fun I've had this year behind me, I've found that Zone again. I threw away my number from the last cross race I did last year. #365 I was keeping it to remind myself to keep my mouth shut, to ride to have fun, to try to live up to my standards, and not be disappointed/angry in those who don't. I don't need it now, I really don't need a Buddha, or something symbolic, just some cognitive hard work and focusing in on my ideas.

The headless Buddha is gone, the whole statue is gone, and it was big. I think he is head down in the Schuylkill river that ran behind him. That would be cool, I imagine the headless Buddha, buried in the murky mud, and life flowing by, he's happy, I'm happy.

and for a while I was looking for a new object to help me focus my thoughts, to help me imagine bigger things than the simple ideas inside my head. I was out doing my cross intervals, listen to music and just hitting a short recovery section and I rode across a single old worn out work glove. There was a hand inside that glove at some time. The glove was well worn, so the body that wore it, I imagined, must of been challenged.

I want to find my own solutions, and seek out simple things in the world that's close by me, and explore the challenges and shocks of the world that are outside of my neighborhood. focus. simple goals, concentration, and good friends. cheers, dlowe.



I saw a butterfly at the dry cleaners, after I dropped off my suit. I'm getting ready for going to another wedding.

thats enough for tonight, well I'll get a Pbr and write some more:

I got yelled at from car windows twice, "dlowe!".

that just riding a bike is fun. I hope to race cross next Friday night at a state fair. I hope I win a cotton candy prem. Things are pretty simple. and I stuff my gloves under my jersey to hold em while I use my fingers. 10cent advice. Always keep some toilet paper in the car, you'll use it. cheers, dlowe.

I'm also looking for a new Buddha.


yeah, hell yeah

with a smile, and a cool damp day, today was the day that I look at the calender and see what I've put into to the days box to do. Starting the cross plan, and the weather was perfect, and my mind and legs somehow seem fresh and ready to train hard. I'm looking forward to racing, drinking, riding, and the whole cross thing. I've got my eye on ya, so you better get at it! cheers, dlowe


De Flanger

I like how old recordings studios worked, how some of that stuff is still cool. Plates in the wall for sounds waves to travel down, touching the hubs of the spinning reels on the decks to off set the waves a bit. doooh, I don't think you'll really understand what I'm trying to get across to you, and, so, I guess that's fine. But, Anna did have a sly smile, not quite evil. Her picture is in two post in a row, and somehow, I got sorta drunk Friday night and was to tired Saturday morning, and unmotivated to chomp around on my bike trying to be the fastest 45+ crit rider in PA. Maybe I would of made a better effort if Gus the ground hog was on the jersey. but that leads me into standing in the middle of a creek.

So to recoup and recover yesterday I rode with Anna and Chad. I did not stay on the trail and took a nice dive straight into the drink. Did make it back to the racing occupation today, and learned more stuff, and had fun despite the race feeling like being a hamster in a spin wheel at a pet shop. Who knows whats up with my brain tonight, I don't. but oh well. Not eloquent, but wordy, nightie night. dlowe


40 lbs

today was one of those real days. It can't escape me, just simple. Easy does it. cheers, master dlowe.


bearable being

there is something nice about have legs that are a little fried. Tired. I plan to race this weekend, and ride like a pawn.


Who's nose? Who Knows?

I've never worried about what people thought about me because of this blog. Not that I don't do a lot of self editing. I gotta keep my friends, family, and job, so I just don't run everything out of my mind onto the page, even though it might seem like it.
I like to stick my nose out there. Despite my punk rock loss of hearing I keep my ears pealed open to non discreetly soak up your private/public conversation. As a crit racer I'm sitting just off the front sniffing the air, looking to make or be the brake. Today it was a Mtb race. My mind was very calm and I did a lot of thinking during the race. At times my nose got the better of me and my poorish skills, and I did bite it in a soft dirt corner.

I like wounds that don't bleed.
but in the end it was a Kelly Cline lesson that got me on the podium. Something he personally taught me in a few cross races last year. Its not the type of advice I'd like to share. Its one you have to go learn yourself. Just to stay with the nose thing, I always trim my nose hairs a night before a TT.

to the force of a storm, and Sunday night TV. Listen well this week! dlowe.


flow stream from the hip

so I going to backwards track this posting today. so I am sitting here eating pizza. Its really nice out and I saw the path today, no blood no broking bones, no one got the hairs on the back of my neck to stand, good day.
Riding up home I came across a couple of big bucks, they just ran off to a safe distance. Came around the corner to this big guy, two jumps and he was standing calm on the top of the bluff looking at me. I asked him to smile and I got a good snap of him. He said "cheers" and ran off to live his life in the urban woods around here.
just a nature break between the bar and my house.
Sid Crosby will never be a true blooded hockey player. Such a cry baby, flopper. But I did have to show my respect and toast Cory, his Pens did hoist the cup. Dog fish 60.

old middle finger to you. Please Fuck Off. I wish I learned how to ride a bike with flat pedals, not clipped in. Makes you such a smooth rider, and your jumping looks cool, tweaking the bike a bit to its side up in the air.
No doubt Ants a little out of hard riding shape, but after the first climb into the wissahickon on the demo Trek bikes, I think Catlin might be getting a new full suspension bike, we had some smooth good lines and some nice laughs. nice grammar/sentence structure.

I hammered up the hill to get my phone out to snap a photo of the climbers. Looks like contador and lance, Ha!

My wife snapped this one, of me, with my new salsa and cool jersey from Jeff A.

more 10cent advice, cut some ruby red with seltzer and it is really satisfying after a hot ride when you don't really feel like re-hydrating. That's what I did after my hill rr with Max, Ant, and George this morning.

and that brings me to yesterday and my last posting. Dumb broken meter, argument with leather necked lady meter maid, and a ticket for Ant who was narrowing down the shifting problem on the Mama. I think parking meters in Ardmore should be removed and the meter maids fired. I don't care how much money they bring in, its a stupid game. So ant would'nt take any money from me to pay for the ticket, dumb meter maid. .....cheers, to the fridge for a can of tecate, Here is to the french kid who won the stage. More Middle finger. dlowe



tired, can hardly make the mind and fingers work together. up early then a full day, then got A-1 Human Zoom care, then got home and gave everyone a pat or two, then took the Mama to the park for a real ride. I was one with myself, and the bike. Thank you to myself for doing all those workouts and riding and racing. Today was a great day on the bike in mind and spirit. I did start to peter out a bit and slogged home. I want a beer, and they are cold in the fridge but, I'm tired. That's how tired I am. with a good old fashion Cheshire cat grin, cheers to the bike! dlowe.
I went to sleep early, the sun was hitting the pool water and creating light reflections on the ceiling above the bed. I just pulled the soft sheers closed to doze for a bit.
Of course I woke up, how can anyone go to sleep for the night so early, sat around and passed some time and hopped back into bed again.

Then up a few minutes before the hotel clock radio came alive with the sounds of AM noise.



got out on the new 29er frame, Was gonna take it to belmont, but heck with the current state smoothness of Wissahickon trails, why not test it out there.
I ended my ride like many rides, sitting outside with a beer, watching the sun fall and clicking a few photos. As the sun was just reaching the tree line, I knew I had to beat it to make it to the top of the bridge to get a shot with the bike up there.

Did the prowling online and came up with the Salsa Mamasita for my 29er choice. Thinking its gonna meet my needs, that mr. gary fisher came up short on. It rides nice, the rear triangle is really something, combined with the rights tire pressure it sticks the tracking of the tire to the ground, with no paint can shaking machine riding feeling. The front end, good, I ride rigid, but to make this bike perfect, maybe a short travel, simple fork would be nice up front. Really, a non-burly 30-40mm travel fork. Just a bit to take out the bumps that the 29er wheels don't grab up. Is there a fork out there like that, time to click away on the Inet and discover.
up to Bethlehem, to entice people to be entertained by losing money. Casino. If you get a chance look at the salsa's rear. After one ride, its not really fair to say, but its the leading horse in the shed. xxoo. dlowe.



I'm not tired. I'm filled with a zest, pep, zing. I'm not a church go'er. and remember I'm the son of a preacher, so I've spent a lot of boring kid time in church. I just look down at my evermoving feet,....
as I wait for Charles to give Jenny Lee a big ol'e kiss to seal it all. Congrats Pals! I had a great time last night at your wedding.

Tipped a few back with the wife and friends, here's George enjoying a cock-tail.

...and the happy couple

and more drinking even a little dancing.

Nice sleeping weather, it was hard to unsnuggle from my wife this morning and put the kit and bike in the car. Once the race started I went right into dlowe mode. got my work in. felt good with the finishes 8th in the 45+, and 10th in the 35+. Whats coming up on the July agenda: Mtb race, state Crit championship race, RR, Mtb race, Crit, Wedding, Circuit race... and on my way to cross.

and here are some more photos that you need to see.

the swirling of my mind as I work nights. The beautiful rays of light from the rising sun as I leave the parking garage to go sleep a bit.

The water fall, on my private mtb trail.
Nora's grave, on my mtb trail.

and a 10 cent bit of advice, keep your water bottles spotless, less you'll feel a bit off. Just need a good brush, hot water and soap. Scrub, scrub.....

cheers, and whatever. dlowe.



Shit. I need to give JK his wheels back. I don't want to, so I guess I'll have to buy a set. Been riding them on the cross bike set up tubeless, no other way to train. When I race believe me its on tublulars, if you do anything, get the shitty frame and ride nice tubulars. Clinchers are the devil. period.
I want to race Iron Cross and this might be the year and if I do, whew... I'd do it on tubeless.

Next: Philadelphia Cyclocross Practice, there is none right now. But if you need to, I will ride with you and impart my decrepit lack of wisdom upon you, just drop me a line, I'll try to get you on a cx bike and out riding. You'll owe me. Most likely I'll ask for good beer, but who knows... so be prepared to sacrifice.
I want a new cross bike, and she'll be called jasmine.
Cause the jasmine beer I'm drinking, this ELYSIAN Avatar Jasmine IPA is good. Sweet and evil. Like me. If you can find it, drink it. NOW.

Team. Yep, I'm thinking that I might take out a loan or just put it on my credit card and create my own sorta fantasy team. Called, what else, Cyclocross Racers. And sponsors, well I'd like the shop to be one, and some bike company than deems it important to give us a sweet deal on bikes. King of Shaves. I shave my legs, you got to. and this is the best stuff to use. I'd like EBB to kick in some dough and hops. They'd go center of bibs back. Uuups.. excuse me... Hello.. yep, be right over. Tecate? OK. That was George, he's got my new bike going together. I'll definitely write more later. gotta go chip in. see ya... dlowe


a good pitch

Mr. Goose Gossage, the other night. I haven't worked a night in a long time. Goose was good and we all went home to sleep as the birds started to chirp.

some time passes.....

the drives last night was a good one. Got a fast one to show up so everyone was on their best behavior of keeping up the pace, you know, show 'em what ya got thing. I had a dude "having a bad day" who gave me the ole', gonna pop ya pops with these mighty fist if you don't shut your yapper about my riding. OK, don't blow up. Dude its the drives ride.
and a bit of time passes.... to today. Pulled into the lot.

Worked with some of the nicest people, good day. For sure. That blob on the left is the Wild Thing Mitch Williams, watching some play back. See that word RED on the side of the camera, well some how its connected to Blue and if you can figure it out, I don't think you will.

Peeps have been worried about me cooking my Pins, so gonna tip back this tecate and get a nap in. No riding today. See ya all Sunday at the Marlton greentree Crit. I'm almost certain if you check back tomorrow I'll have a new post up for you. Thinking Philadelphia Cyclocross Practice. cheers, and lots of cold beers in the fridge. dlowe.