born 8/22/1962 Indianapolis, In. I’m a freelance sandbag toting grip in film/video/media production. Living and working in philadelphia. I pass my time riding/racing my bicycle, drinking beers, eating good food, listening to music, and exploring the small bubble I live in. I’m married to Ljiljana Cado, we have 3 cats and live in a 160 old barn.

I’m not a boss, not much of a leader, as much as I respect the rolls, and as I know the importance they hold in making the world run right. I do my share of work, and I’m really thankful to have the work, cause I’d go crazy without it. My roll, my place in this world? I guess I’ve found that its to do what I love; to taste, fight, share, and suffer.  I toil enjoyably as the best minion I can be.
Cheers. d. lowe