There is a small new trail put in the park, and its a good one for me.  Just a bit from my house and links nice.  I did my cx workout on my singlespeed cx bike.  Just a loop with three separate kicks up hill.
I've been on the single speed a lot.
It seems no one has named the segment on strava yet,  so Bowfinger it is.
Never thought much of single speeders, I don't see myself as one.
Don't know why I like that bike so much.  The old team custom paint maybe?

                                 a bit of art from Duchamp,

no racing this weekend.....  Zoikes!

regards,  David.


The pope of Cyclocross

I am a bit opinionated, and mouthy.
The honor, suffering, toil,  the soul searching, for that little bit of strength to crush my opponent. To stay with my group and have a chance,
to out wit 'em.

I expect it, from everyone and everything else involved, associated with CX.
To put me to task, not make it easy.  To make it, more,.....  better,....   CX.

                            Riding hard,  today I won a few battles,  yesterday I lost a few.
                        photo: Joey Bruce                    

maybe I learn something every race, every ride, I make mistakes, and some of them, no matter how much I try, are the same ones, again, and again.

Give me faults, test my faith, savor the pure and excellently run,
You put on a race, nowadays, you've got history to deal with, blood.
So do it your best.

 Dennis and M. Featherman, evaluating the wacky prologue of the strangely named and rough around the edges Quaker City Cross.
Cheers fellow racers,  respect CX!  dlowe.



what I do, for work, my career and technology,
Is based on Mastery.
Technology, has given an ever affordable option to create.

I fell into my job, but fell into something I love,  what I do is a combination of grunt work, efficiency, art, and personality.
I am a minion of   "lighting"  a grip in plain terms.

I like the idea that capturing an image can steal your soul,   I believe it does,
and it steals the soul of all the people that it takes to create it.

It is an art,  the lens choice,  the lighting, the interaction with the subject,  where you park, and when and what is for lunch.  "afternoon coffee"

Day #2 Nittany,  31st.   I told my wife,  that I rode harder stronger faster.   In a way,  I told her I did better,  that if I rode the way I did on Day#1 that I would have been in the 40's.
I picked up at least ten spots by finishing 31st!

This illustrated guide shows just what little things do, in changing a simple lighting set up,
to the mood, look,  the message created,

direct link:  Digital Camera World

Ride hard, a good effort, the best I can master.



day #1 Nittany

random elite woman - "no man's land"

Tomorrow, will I place better?

Cross is roaring on,
up at trexlertown,  nittany, not the original location of the course, but the name sake handme down.
I sorta knew on the trainer that,
the race,
my warm-up laps told me too.
I'd dig, my foot hard into the spade, but the ground yielding not much for the effort.

I wasn't my best.
I felt a let down from the magnificent Granogue.
I rode as hard as I could,
for a 30th place.

3 races into the season.
a good one.

Tomorrow will I place better?

With the heavy rain.
stout legs,  fast ones.
the time passes slow, and my curiosity,
superstitions, habits, tingle bubbly blood nervously flows.
I'll give a yank and a hoe, and crank and battle my foes.

29th, I suppose?

Cheers, dlowe


the Shrew

What I was looking for out in Lancaster, in a corn field,  I found on the magnificent DuPont's country estate in Delaware.

at the estate of Granogue,  where I raced the independent, superbly run,  cyclocross race.   The Estate yard is huge and rolly,  there is no just sitting parts.   You climb, corner, roots, .... Granogue gives me, the chance to let go, open the hatch and bomb away,  with some good fast hard descents and corners.

My group was 3 to 5 riders most of the race,  but my real race was a head to head battle with the Deluxx Bikes Team rider, Marc Vettori.   I tried to figure out his style, his plus's and minus's,  his secret lines,  where he was weak and where he is strong.   No kinks in the armor,  he is a shrewd rider, and His years of racing, the days, weeks and nights of thinking about racing show.   All I knew to do was to find my best spot on the course and try to pop him off my wheel.

I have a feeling I'll be seeing the backside of Marc quite a bit this fall,  I'm glad to have his good heart,  a strong souled rider,.... the man in front of me....     I don't know, and have not figured out how to defeat this foe, I'll keep an eye on him close, I will try and figure something out.

He got me at Granogue, with just a little spurt up hill, a gap he held to the finish, despite, my wrenching effort to catch  and pass him on the uphill pavement before the line.

I'd think,  that some of my top goals this year would be something like, "race more even",  "learning to save a bit for the last",  but it's not,
I'd like to socialize a bit better after races,  put aside, my results, and pal around a bit more with the various peeps that love what I love,  and to put a lot into what I put into our race,  and to make it, as great and as fun, as social and inviting as can be.

Cheers,  ...respect  the Shrewd!


chocolate croissant

Cross of the Corn

coming back from injury has gone pretty well for me,  on the bike earlier than I thought, and two weeks ahead of schedule as far as racing goes.  My target was Nittany, but feeling pretty chipper after a Reuther cx practice,  I also,  registered to race, The Cross of the Corn.

I tried to treat this race as a "pre-season" post injury tune-up.  I failed at that,  sulking most of the way home.   I could go, but I could not Getty-Up.   My heart unhappy with my legs my brain selfishly wanting a better finish.  13th.

post sprints coffee and croissant

I got out early to do the East Park Sprints, this morning, for some redemption.    
with good results,  nice cluster of sprints, consistent, and fast.

how it translate into my cross racing stylinzings,  who knows,...

CX, last year, I loved the place, loved my mind set, of doing my best, strong, what I was capable of doing.
and At the end of the day,  I judged myself, on just that;  that I left it all out there, smartly.

As much as I practice starts, run-ups and barriers,  I want to focus my mind, and find that place, where I left off last year. 

My take on Cross of the Corn,  it makes me unhappy, but I do it,.... I don't know if its my heart or mind, or what that makes me do it,  maybe its knowing that my foes are out  there, my friends, suffering, suffering without me, and I wanna be there with them

Cheers to the long season,  and Fuck You Corn CX!