day #1 Nittany

random elite woman - "no man's land"

Tomorrow, will I place better?

Cross is roaring on,
up at trexlertown,  nittany, not the original location of the course, but the name sake handme down.
I sorta knew on the trainer that,
the race,
my warm-up laps told me too.
I'd dig, my foot hard into the spade, but the ground yielding not much for the effort.

I wasn't my best.
I felt a let down from the magnificent Granogue.
I rode as hard as I could,
for a 30th place.

3 races into the season.
a good one.

Tomorrow will I place better?

With the heavy rain.
stout legs,  fast ones.
the time passes slow, and my curiosity,
superstitions, habits, tingle bubbly blood nervously flows.
I'll give a yank and a hoe, and crank and battle my foes.

29th, I suppose?

Cheers, dlowe

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