My training is all wrong. Whatever my workout for the day is I usually double, then if I'm good only reduce my rest/easy days by a 1/2. My favorite post ride recovery drink is BEER/PBR. Nutrition consist of coffee, coke, pizza and french fries.

While you all were out riding last weekend, I was at Saladworks working on their new commercials. It took about 26 hours to shoot the spots. I'm a GRIP. Been one for about 20 years now. Not bad work.
but it means that when your all headed back into work, I am headed out on my bike. Here is the start of my cross loop. Just hop the guardrail and pedal on fools....

.... and ride this old trail that is squeezed between the Schuykill expressway and the Schuykill river.

I stopped at the top of Rolling Hills park and sat for a while and listened to Bon Iver. I can live and work in such a world of chaos one day and be in the most peaceful calm setting the next. gotta love being a freelancer/Grip.

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I hit the big cross loop, didn't know how the trails were going to be but wanted some time out on the cross bike. The trails were fine, some snow, a little mud, salt, melted snow, and just dry roads. Got almost 3 hrs in. This is the base to "boys to men" climb. Its behind the old Boys II Men studio. The buildings are empty now, waiting to be turned into Luxury Condo's, which would probably end up closing access to the climb. They were old mill buildings tucked into the hills of Gladwyne.
I like the Bontrager fender I got for the bike. Its little, and is easy on and off. Keeps the ass dry.
I played in a punk band "Blue" for years, and now its becoming years ago. We put out our first single almost 20 years ago. 45's were a cheaper way for bands to get their stuff out there. We ended up putting out 5 45's, we were on some compilations, and we put out an LP. It was fun, DIY mentality and hands on, no one to answer to. and no money. When people find out that I was in a band they always ask to hear some of the music. I put it off, if they keep asking, maybe I might get something together for them to listen to. Ha, here it is for you, sorry the names of the songs are not listed on the player. you'll get a quick idea what we were like. Actually a few people thought we were "good" ha, fans, ha, ha. I'm just another regular guy. Cheers, dlowe

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I think everyone knows that we drink, being sponsored by PBR and all, and we have good time at it too. These ladies are some of the reasons I am riding for Human Zoom/PBR 09 this year. They are fast, fun and good peeps.
We had a nice party at the Garage to celebrate the riding year of 2008. The roadies, Mtb'kers and hard, fast crossers all came together to celebrate the "Joy of Riding". Charles, da Hammer brought some veggie chili, mmmm. Cute couple. There was lots of good food.
Chad brought his lips and style, and of course, every days her birthday Anna.

and you know some pictures just come out so wrong that they are so right. Here I am with MY MAN that got me into biking. ANTHONY!

lots of other HZ/PBR riding peeps-EJ,keith, davey d, andy, sarah, rich, drew, and frickin everyone else. Shit I spilled enough beer on my shirt for the rest of the spirits of team mates not in attendance. I tried to get george liquored up on the Monkey but he would not have it. He makes the best, most heartfelt, true speeches, when he is good and monkeyed up. ah shit I've got some great team mates

I did not have to work today, I awoke early and made some coffee for me and my lady. I looked out our living room picture window and saw the light, puffy snow flakes, falling lazy to the ground. F'n perfect SNOW RIDING weather. I got my Shit done and got out after lunch and took advantage of being a frickin dopey bike riding fool and pedaled and pedaled to my hearts content. I saw one tread line on some of the trails, and I soon came across the only other rider and we gave each other a quick hello, just like it was any other day. Today was special.

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One of my trips up to cleveland, in the old days, with the band, we're hanging out and this wired guy comes in with a shopping bag. Back in those days they were sturdy paper bags. In his bag was a coffee grinder and beans. We are drinking beers getting down to making the noise we made and he made some "fresh coffee". I wasn't a coffee drinker, so I got a great buzz quick. Cleveland's gritty and the music is too real. The only band that was able to harness the power of Cleveland was Pere Ubu. They went beyond, into the flats, the terminal tower, and they sounded like the waves that lap up on the shores of lake Erie. This is about that power. Now I do drink espresso and such, but I like to go back to the roots of the bean. Pure coffee bliss is "turkish" coffee. Grind the bean, add to water, bring to boil 3 times, pour, settle and drink. Flip cup over and read the sediment. Get stuff done.



The Duke Spirit,

hometown sounding band, just nuts and bolts. Sounds not so good? Well its one of my favorite listens for 2008. It was a good weekend. Cold, but who wants to ride a trainer? got up this morning and started the big o'pot of coffee. I slipped on my moc crocs opened the door and headed out to grab the news paper. Nice chilly cold crisp crunchy walk to the end of the driveway. The road looked salted and reasonably dry/rideable. Perfectly challenging day for a good cyclocross bike ride.

The "clogs" are more dopey than dope, but my feet are warm and happy.

This year I've done something different. I've kept all my bike running. Sounds sorta strange, but usually when one goes down I would push it aside and just hop on the next working stead. I've got a SS 29er Mtb, Geared 29er Mtb, 2 cross bikes, and a road bike, waiting to be put "into the game". I want to get some pedal/spinning the legs time in so I went to the Trek XO1. Not my Cannondale Racin' stead, but my pit/workhorse trainer. I met Chad out on the road and
proceeded to put together a ride of roads, trails, paths and sidewalks all mished mashed together. Some nice ice covered everythings, notability 1 steep cut through trail I like, was a fun skidding ride o'rama, who knew if I was going over the lip and tumble down the hillside or just slide to a stop on the trail when it became flat again. Well I got caught riding under a big downed tree, all safe and sound. I don't know how Chad didn't just plow into me but he had it all under control. We'll we got a couple of hours in, found a nice place to fill our water bottles, and got a great ride in. Nothing like riding in the cold!
I won some beer bets cause of the Eagles, also had a great SS mtb ride with a bunch of friends on Saturday at Belmont. Got alotta laughs while downing beers and food at Earth, Bread and Brewery Friday. ahhhh..... sometimes life's just easy and good. Cheers, dlowe



I went riding with friends this weekend. Sounds sorta common right? It is in a way, it always seems to be a different mix, a different group. Out on the road Saturday, and In the Woods on Sunday. Both were good rides. With friends, competitors and team mates. Phillys a good place to ride.

Click on the photo of the Henry ave. bridge to see more old phila photos. Our ride went under both ends of the bridge, and both times I thought of these cool photos, as I pedal beneath the bridge. Gonna try and get myself to go see some live music. Who could get my ass out of the house? Well its a lady and her name is Juana Molina, she is playing at the World Cafe Live on March 1st, I'll look for you all there, I know I'll be able to pick you out, and when I do, you gotta buy me a beer, Mr. fancy pants. Here is her photo

and some music for you to enjoy. You might of noticed down on the right side-bar a link to "e-music" well, I do get some money if you join, but I got to say, that its the place where I find most of the music I listen to, and I pay for it! Listen Up. Cheers, dlowe

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