Tail that wags the dog

I'm holding a glass.
a short glass.
clear, with many facets.
its fragrant, the bourbon, warmed from my holding hand
I sip it,
that's not usually me.
I think about the season in front of me
the rides. races
I'll do
The top of the list.
my 100mile cx ride.
from my door to my door.
I'd only invite a few to join me.
Chad, Arthur, Meshia.

bill callahan - sycamore

along the way I'd like to see M.festa, j.bruce. joe wentzell. JRenyolds.  Mr. Kelly cline.
We'd pedal on.  up boys to men.
shit, why not Appeltons and Featherman. 
K. Sinclair.

I think when we became domesticated, it'd be hard to argue against, that we lost something. We became stupid pussies.

the last week was up in Boston.  and i worked with people I like. we'd take cabs, all'd do good work, drink, sleep in beds that someone else would make for us.

of course I want G. Klimi to ride along, carlos, nikki, nick, dennis, fatM.  all of you, everyfuckinoneof-yus.   even Frodo, Logan.
shit I want you all to have banners, flags, tippin something into,   pour in my glass.
I'd ride up the cynwyd trail by myself, needing a place to piss, drunk.
i'd round the corner, and Right, into the driveway. home.
"hey Jeffeson" I'd say to one of the kitties.
I'd smooch my wife, shower, nap, go out to dinner, go to bed, get up to work, and think,
maybe, maybe,.......  on a single speed.

just a usaul sunday night for me, listening to music, with a cat sitting on me. my wife, watching some tv. an abraham lincoln documentary.  
cheers, ride on. dlowe.


riding with Spidey

got out for a good long road ride yesterday,  I feel fresh off of cross, not spent.
so today, took it simple, and spun it out pretty good on the cheapo SScx bike.  still got a good ride in, 30 miles.

stopping here and there, thinking of taking out the camera and capturing the old stairs, steps, sidewalks, that use to go somewhere, that go nowhere now.  quite a few of them about Fairmount park.  

I saw spidey laying face up in the gutter, road by.  hit the brakes, they squeal, on the dirty rims, and cheapo pads.  u-turned and made my way back.  Picked him up, got one arm up.  Waving. and the other clutching the top of the panino pocket.

took him along, passed Rocky, Valley Green Inn, lots of joggers, and a couple of cyclist.  Took the tow path back in.    Stopped at La Colombe.  


Cheers, dlowe.



I feel a real soft, small, tiny, dull ache.  I have'nt gone to bed yet.  but I've been drinking bourbon, so I guess I suppose it might be a headache when I wake tomorrow.

I did not plan to end up, standing next to my bike, leaning on the rail, just watching the sky turn from blue, to dark blue to blue black.  Just happend.

I'm headed up to Boston next week for work, I'm in the mood to travel.  Might not make the MAC party, might. 

It was nice watching the sky turn dark.

things just happen.

and despite how I try, they do.


Crit Racer

the spirits help me, I hope that I'm never normal, but I do wantta get my feet back on the ground.  and this Bombastic writing,  ...droppin it.   

its nice to have another season done, I'm not going to take much time off the bike,  all ready I'm out just pedaling about.      Went out to the ATV trails in Bridgeport, got the ssxc mud caked, cleaned a bit with a stick and road home.  

I really enjoyed the week in Louisville, I thought I'd be takin a lot of photos, but was just soaking it all into much to want to be taking pictures.    but what I have, I want to put up, move on.

I got a couple of shot back stage, after the awards presentation.   Everybody was walking away, and I just went between the fences and... 

got a snap of Sven, patted him on the back, Nice job.  off he went.

Walked back down to the expo...  
talked to Gabby a bit, I think she needed a hug, trying to be a good sport, I ask her about the crash, and all she said was "that was me,... I crashed". 


I took her picture, she insisted that I get one with her.  I hope to see her at Nittany.  I hope more euros make it over for early CX racing in the states this year.

Mr. Powers putting on the best face he could, a small swarm of cx press and some fans.  I'm not sure how this race really sits in his gut.  I think he put a lot into this year.  Will he have the same drive next year, will he be able to step it up even another notch?

OK, done, ... just need to compile videos, of the race and burn/save them to watch next fall.  

My first crit, thinking the first week of March.    
Cheers, dlowe.


Letitia Street House

I am from Philadelphia.  Home of underdogs, cheats, inventors, leaders.

Rocky and the Free Spirit.

one of the first things I picked up when I started riding, a mtbike, was look at the path, not the obstacles,  somehow, this and many other things I've learned on my bike, I've taken into my life off the bike.
Frozen muddy ruts.  Needed some skills to stay up right.

I don't want a penny back from this weekend,  In fact, if asked I'd probably donate money to Louisville, to cycling, for putting on such a great event.   Even to the peeps putting on the Masters.

 front door Bashed down.

part of why I love racing cyclocross, is because it is not fair.    It's not cancelled because the mud's to thick, that the temperature is turning our bikes into anvils.

I'd think the oringinators of cross would be laughing at us,  measuring the width or our tires, starting grids, little wood "barriers".   I don't think cross was as much as a race, but a challenge.

we are resourceful, and stupid at times, for sure.  Mistakes.  I don't care.  I don't.  
Mine, errors they are unlimited.  unending.
I want to face the world with what can I give it.
Not what it owes me.

If I want the world to change, I better be the one to step up and whack the globe and set it spinning.
Bricks and mortar paid for by Penn.

I went tooling about,   there's a house, Letitia Street House, stuck on a plot of land that's funny.  In between the park,  76, the Zoo.   I went to see it.   I climb the steep cement staircase and got a glimpse, tore up grounds, brick walk ways of moss and dead grass.   The door kicked in.  The house open.   I went in.  Small two room first floor.  I climb the tight steps to the second floor, very dark, no one home.  another even small staircase, to an open 3rd floor.  Duct work ram shackled.  but nice light.  A sturdy place.     History is not always here to be seen, to touch.  Its rare, we destroy for progress.   It was nice to stand in this house.  To look out its front door.    To think about the past, and the future.

I made a couple of calls, gotta get her sealed up and safe.

ride hard, ride strong, ride with your heart and mind.  dlowe.

oh yeah,  when I race cross I always go with something I heard at the Blue Horizon, "always protect yourself"  don't count on the ref to step in, watch for a punch after the bell.



Boulder,  CX nationals this year.  I've never been.  Now, after Worldscx. I'm going.  

a great fucking week, nothing short of spectacular.

I learned a lot, for sure.  

and the love from Philly,  no better place to be. 

this area, we repped more that any.  C -F'n 3,  MAC,  Emmaus.  Racing our balls off, trying to be world champs and enjoying Worlds.  I don't think any part of america, the world, had more peeps loving CX than the MAC. 

so whats that that motivates me... to happen...  I want stars and bars coming back to the MAC.  we gotta bear down, them Boulder dudes, on the Ridleys, they are fast.  we gotta go try and take it,  to be faster.  We already are better drinkers, tougher.    I'm stoked, motivated,  I don't want to not be riding, resting,.. shit lets go kick some ass, Can't wait for Boulder.   love you all!  fucking great week.  dlowe.