Boulder,  CX nationals this year.  I've never been.  Now, after Worldscx. I'm going.  

a great fucking week, nothing short of spectacular.

I learned a lot, for sure.  

and the love from Philly,  no better place to be. 

this area, we repped more that any.  C -F'n 3,  MAC,  Emmaus.  Racing our balls off, trying to be world champs and enjoying Worlds.  I don't think any part of america, the world, had more peeps loving CX than the MAC. 

so whats that that motivates me... to happen...  I want stars and bars coming back to the MAC.  we gotta bear down, them Boulder dudes, on the Ridleys, they are fast.  we gotta go try and take it,  to be faster.  We already are better drinkers, tougher.    I'm stoked, motivated,  I don't want to not be riding, resting,.. shit lets go kick some ass, Can't wait for Boulder.   love you all!  fucking great week.  dlowe.


Sherrilyn said...

Just found your blog, and YAY! Congrats on competing in worlds! Met my husband in Louisville this past wkd for the festivities. He lives in Philly, I'm moving there soon. Would love to give the sport a try. Is there any way to learn it in Philly? (I'd be masters age, women.) My husband raced road (cat 1 back in the day) and he LOVES to spectate cross. What a great event! So fabulous! I am totally hooked.

d.lowe said...

Phillys cool and in loving biking, great road, mtb, and of course CX. August starts up with the Water Ice ride, 5 Mondays of August Grass Track CX, KC's Cross Clinc, Sept. Wed CX workouts all over the place, MAC racing, and PACX racing, plus the Un-sanctioned, like Spooky, and I'm sure plenty more this year. Get Ye SSCX built up for the SSWCCX'13 events, this year in Philly. most CX/bike info can be found on facebook. @ the PHLCX page.