if you don't  or haven't raced cross, stop.   this is not for you.

this, this is for my brothers and sister that race cross,

Today I was called up into the grid #29, I finished #32.   in general going backwards, not good.   but the way I'm looking at it,  this year it goes down that I'm the 32nd fastest Male 50-54 Cyclocross Racer in the World.   Yep that's true.

its was dark when I got to the course.  I could not sleep last night, so keyed up, in a positive way.
I left to early, and was one of the first cars parked.  In the dark.
the ground was wet, and the temp it hovered around the freezing point.   so not only did my bike get covered with mud, but it froze to the bike.  makin a nice fudgecycle.

there are points in the races, where you are trying to dig down, that I wanna go faster, to will myself faster, and I see and hear the race way up the course in front of me.   and the body/mind it doesn't have it.   

 and things are still a bit blurred from that effort.   I still got a bit of post race brain gibberish.   but this year, really has been a great year of racing the cross bikes.  Not my fastest.  
Nope.   but I'm pushing myself back from the family dinner table, overstuffed, full of it.  

a nap, put stuff back in the bag, and I hope my minds and legs take me to race some SScx tonight.

Thanks for the looking me in the eye today,  thanks for telling me to go harder, to will me on, thanks my brothers and sisters. My Special family.  Sincerely, d.lowe.


Brian said...

Proud of you David. Not only for your world ranking but the feeling an insights you emote!

Mike said...


Multiple Choice Question:

Things D Lowe is:
A) The mother effing Man.

End of quiz.

Breakaway Bikes said...

Dave Lowe = always a warm smile, a kind word, thoughtful insight, honest perspective, an asset to our cycling community. Great job out there Dave!