road fresh

Mr. Otis Taylor - Banjo Boogie Blues

I am just an average 50 year old white man.  I live in Phila.  I race cross.  I can't sleep.   I'm ready for Louisville, I think.   Racing for a World championship.
I'm getting my music ready for the drive, my mix. 
I got a few 12 packs of retro cans of Tecate for the trip.
a flask, good coffee, 3 pairs of jeans, 3 t-shirts, 3-button shirts.  9 days away from home.
a shit load of all I got bike clothes.
A stop in Pittsburgh Saturday night,  a bit of a turn, but on my way, gotta see my Mom, stepDad Michael.   a bit of love and hugs and on the road.   I'm thinking Sunday Night at Freddies Bar
Louisville, just a couple of beers, a shot,  and to bed.

          my can't sleep started a few days ago.
the 1st night,  I got off the couch, and saw Mr. Lee Fields, a quick drive to the city, standing up by the stage,   the floor filled up, he worked, good old sounding soul to me, I got home and then dozed pretty good.
tonight, I rolled under the covers, shiver my self about, into place next to my lady.
My heart beat harder.
My eye lids stayed open.
My mind, I just thought thoughts of Louisville.
so I put my feet back on the floor,
sat back down with a beer,
I tried to write it off
my can't sleep.

Lee Fields - Honey Dove
to bed. d.  

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