Masthead, baby

ah the maiden voyage, on a new bike, its one of the best rides, ...the feelings of pedaling a new stead, good, disapointment, proudness, ... this one, she's nice, real nice.

mr. r. l. Burnside - "poor boy"

the trip to west philly, to Firehouse bikes, the stop signs, the stop lights, I just wanted to blow 'em and be there.  I like shit more than the shine-ola, I work hard, I do buy nice shit, light, fast, strong.  The things, bikes that make me most excited, are the dopey ones, I don't know why I like looking through the beaters, has beens, still got life, tanks, quirky, I liked the showroom floor of Firehouse Bike better than anyother bike shop I've been in.  That's where I went to get the Free Spirit made to SScx.  They did it cheap and nice, mixing old bits, my used bits,  as much as possible with the new, ... cables, brake pads, bar tape, chain, seat post, and cog. 

Anyone with a big wad can sit upon somepen really nice.  but style, glint, blunt...
that ain't easy.  and this bike, I know its not tough,  or fast,   she has limits, risks, but this is my Single Speed Stead for Thursday night in L'ville, the kick off to my off and end of my season, my ass pocket of whiskey.   and my off season, the 10 days I won't train, I will be pedaling to places in Phila.on her, that I've wanted to visit, to photograph, to sit at.  1st stop Coletrane's place, maybe then the bar where the Black Panther Bobby Seale's sold BBQ up on Chelton Ave.

yo, tippin' it back, dlowe. 


Unknown said...

Last night of serious,Thurs in Lville .I'm in, shall we find somewhere to ride,sit and photo?

d.lowe said...

I'm in for some dive bar stuff thursday night

Anonymous said...

3rd street dive Lville

d.lowe said...

I hit up the Swan Dive bar a couple of my visits to Lville, sad its closed. it was outta the way, small, cheap, good beer, and I like'd the food. need a spot like that.