the first thing I did was check in, then a bit of bike riding. checking out the course.  Then a stop at the sunoco for a 4 pack of the BBC Bourbon Stout.  

I thought I'd be taking a lot of pictures, and doing a whole lot of writing words, down on paper.
My gps won't work right, and things are strange.  I just keep listening to Bob Dylan. and I guess living just got in the way.

Louisville, I figure is what you get if you put David Lynch, Portlandia, and the Cohen bros. on the job.  Its that type of show.


the window is open. and the blinds are being blown about by a wind.  its warm for January.
and its gonna be cold, 25 when I race thursday.  with a heavy rain tomorrow,... I'll be good. 

I left flowers for my wife.

and I could shoot zillions upon zillions with a digital camera here, maybe I need an instamatic to capture the scene. 


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