I was not able to make the LWC Crazy Train ride today.  I've been following the ride on facebook, the photos and post as they go up.  sounded real good, Nice.

So most of the last couple of days I've been home watching and taking care of Patrick.
One of our cats.   Patrick,  is pretty sick.   He has cancer, a large tumor on the leg was removed a couple of days ago.  We are trying to make him healthy, and give him a good quality life too.   The removing of the tumor gives him about a 50/50 chance of getting rid of the cancer.   If that does not work, ...he might have to lose a leg.  

His a bit feral, wild.  Its amazing how strong, how much pain he can endure, full of fight.  So he's locked in an room upstairs and my wife and I are doing the best we can to take the best care of him that we can.

I hope to maybe,  see if I can get out with the Lone Wolves sometime in the spring,  I'd love to get the loop in.  Nothing I would enjoy more than some urban miles on my cross bike.

I did get out for a short ride today, created a fun strava segment, a lap around Concourse lake.  Its cool, a couple of quick tight turns, and a few of 'em, if you miss 'em, you go into the lake.  Then,  I mostly lollygagged, enjoyed the weather, the park.


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