Good Folk

I had a bit of fun the other night, shooting wheels with JK, for the Revolution WheelWorks website.  I've know Jk for a while, I think I've got one of the first set of wheels, unlabeled, that I've been racing cross on.  My first set of tubular rims.   so I'm sorta biased, but being me, I have a hard time using anything that I'd feel would slow me down on the bike.   I like the wheels a lot.  I've ridden them at battenkill, Granogue.  The carbon clinchers, my favorites.   It took me awhile to get use to the braking sound, but all else, super good.   I train on 'em, crits on 'em.   Just ride 'em to their death, I'll do.  I hope to get my second set this spring, just for racing.   Revolution Wheelworks.
the Studio was George's living room, drinking beers, listening to music, cats sleeping on wheel bags, a good way to spend a night.  Trying to fill in all these quiet days, the ones from x-mas eve to after new years day with productivity.
the other day, its was cold and clear, with snow moving in.  I hit up the centennial lakes to do some hot laps, 45mins. of as much as I could drive myself to replicate racing, workout. 

I pre-rode my lap, making some adjustments to the course, and on my way down the walk, a mini-van hops off the road and creeps down, looking for a place to pull off, to fuck or get high.

"Yo Fuck!,  you have to fuck here"  I yell at 'em.  they look at me, with zombie stares and park just to the right.  OK, go with it, so each lap the vans there, whatever.     Deal with it, go hard, 4 to go, push on.
the snow comes down, the van leaves, I finish up.   What a beautiful place.   I stand over the bike, steamy fog rising off of me.  Taking a few photos with the phone.  

If you'r on the cusp about going to Louisville, go, I love that town.  and I really can't wait to line up, on the old golf course links, and go at it with the other, Over 50 yr. old men, racing cross bikes.  and I really look forward to the weekend of watching Championship racing.  Right there, against the tape, yelling, drinking, watching the best.  My folk. 

other wise, next up, a week easy, some Crazy Train,   yo, a 100 or so phila cx peeps pedaling about abandoned urban places.  Beers.  and a cool Patch.  nice thinking Lone Wolf Cycling.  
Philly cross its got soul, heart, its thumping away, strong.   I hope to sprint up to the front of the ride and look back, look back at 150+, riding, January, cold. not racing.  A good training day, for me, for my soul.   Good Folk!

a grand new year to you all!



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