summer school

I don't feel like racing tomorrow,....   I sit in the classroom and look out the window,  people are crackin' beers, long rides,  putting on a little fat on about the waist.
on Summer Vacation.    
I've got a bunch of home work, a book bag full.
I've got two months to go, to L'ville.   I'll work hard, and be smart about it, I hope.   I've never had to be fast in the end of January.  

Today, I've always wanted to do the park house tour.  In phila., at one point in time, this was quite an important city, and the Men w-$$$ built a number of house just outside the city,  spread down the river, up on the bluff. 

I've downloaded christmas music,  I want to celebrate. well that's not so much news, I always want to celebrate, or ponder, ... the thinkin'... and drinkin'

Ljiljana and I don't worry about celebratin, b-days, thanksgiving, x-mas.  We can't plan whats going to be a good day, you know, with work, moods, how much money is in the bank.  So when things fall in place, like today we make the most of it.  Today is a celebrate day. 

OK, so.. despite getting up early to race tomorrow, I do, I feel like its a full moon night ride, special, I want to race, well I've got the gear packed, and nothing to lose, I feel like racing.   I want the hole shot, I want to be the anvil from the sky, crushing my foes.   Hmm, might be a good day, immune to pain day.  Just got get my feet on the floor when the alarm goes off and out the door.  after that, its habit.

cheers, d.

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MikeW said...

You just validatd my race tomorrow.
I to was in a quandry.
Now.... full gas race on.