I am myself

I've figured out that my soul is that of country dog.
A rambler of one.
I've often got more heart than brains.
a few ticks and fleas, maybe worms.
I can bark loud but hardly ever bite, ... well atleast not drawing blood.
I like to sit back in the bed of the truck, the drool, snot jowl spittle, just  roadmapping down wind.
I'll fart under the table, and wage my tail once or twice.
I go deaf when I see a squirrel, and bolt.
I don't show no affects of pain, or sickness.

one of my heroes.   Bill Cunningham.
a bike riding photographer, watch the movie, Bill Cunningham new york.

I don't think I've belonged to something so inclusive, as this years cyclocross season.
how'd that happen.  that people are taken the time to put on events, un-official and regulated.
rides, clinics, ovals, junkyards, parks, Monday night, Wednesdays, traditions...
Water ice, train wrecks?
and all have been invited, "join us".
I don't think I can remember any time in my life when this has happened before.
that people are just doing what they like
and if you do
all the better
and if you don't
it'll just take longer to kill the keg.

I love this band, Y Niwl, the songs, the 'tude, bunch a'thugs from countryside Wales. 
their own words, language.

Philadelphia, the SSCXWFuckingC.
I don't know if I'll get a Single Speed Cyclocross bike built up, I've been thinking about it.
and if I do, its going to be a bits and pieces one.
I wanna race the clunker class, trash picked frame, or a back of the bike store basement orphan, on the last legs and outta-date parts, wheels with hops, and a history in its self, been used, trashed, put back together, and used harder...

I, I think, am a Single Speed Cyclocross Clunker Racer, and as much as the fastest rider wins.
I wanta be on the bike with the most soul.  um... that French saying je no say kwa.

During my hot laps workout up around the Centennial Lakes, I saw the couch with 3 to go.
Off in the woods.  I went hard the last two laps.  I thought about how,why,that the couch was carried there.  Set down with a good view. 

I relieved myself against a tree, put the bike up in its roof tray, headed over to the follies Cx-mtb race, and bit some heels, cheated and howled.


I missed it this year,  I was working for a couple of days on a electical safety PSA

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