well I've pre reg'd for the last race of my season  1/31/13.   Thursday night in Louisville.  7pm.
Singles Speed Cyclocross.  I don't have a proper SS bike, and I don't wanna do it on a gear'd locked out bike.   and my cross bikes, I love ya, but I'm done with ya.     Hate to say it,  but your going up on ebay/C-list,  after Worlds.   
It might be this clunker upgraded w/things from the shed bike.

but it might not, maybe a new bike.   I do like my Raleigh SS mtbike, maybe it needs a friend to hang out with in the shed,  uuuh, a Raleigh sscx would be nice.  maybe.


I look forward to thee SSWCCX13  visit to Philadelphia.  No better place for it to be.   I expect 100's of racers, nights of parties, Sun Ra might return from Saturn.    I plan to be the King of the Clunkers SS. 
I want the winners, I want them to be flown to England.  somehow in my mind, the UK, and eel pies and all.  doc martins, Snatch.... , that where else could the SSWCCX go?  but from Philly to merry England.  and the next race host flies the tattooed winners over to give 'em some Respect.
I'd make a special winston Churchill Raleigh SS model.   the cigar smoking drunk, he'd be the head badge,  he'd of liked phila.
I'd want Obree, and Wiggins, the Oasis Gallagher bros. going at it.   Coldplay, yep.    a Ska night at the 100 club.  Johnny Rotten, Donovan,  the Queen Elton John.    

F'n A.  Its December 20th.  What do I want?  I want to ride my bike,  to kick some ass Racin.   I want to F' the man.  To raise a bit of hell, to rock.    I want to die before I get old.  I want to live a lot of life before I die.

cheers mates, dlowe.

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