One Point

I hope to have a new camera by next cross season. Takin' photos at cross races is good fun. Since I race, I kinda know where some of the best "Action" spots are going to happen. And since I race Masters we go off at noon. I have ample time to grab a beer and the camera, to catch the elite women's and men's races. The warm up laps are a good time to stake you claim in a corner, or do some pre shooting to line up some vantage points for the races. As some of you have the goal of winning a UCI point, mine is to get published. No small feat since I don't even own a camera right now. I borrowed Chads, at the Louisville USGP of cross race to shoot with.

I got a nice road hill ride in, and gonna go back out and hit the drives ride some tonight. Gonna reach in the fridge for one of the best tasting biking drinks in the world.... join me... get up out of you cube,... or off the couch and toast with me.

cheers, dlowe 20


invisible Heavy friends

I think if you read this blog, long enough, sooner or later you'll end up reading about yourself, or seeing some kind of photo/art thing portrait of you.

Jason's a sound Man, in a lot of different sense's. By trade he mics people up and floats a mic over them, at the end of a boom, pointed down at their mouth, with a small direct cone of induction. Listening intently for unintentional, distracting background noise. No room is silent, hums, buzzes, slams, and bad mufflers rule the airwaves. He tells great stories, and his mind has a need for music. He listens at home, at a special station, through headphones to the multiple layers of different length waves that stimulate the hairs in his ears. Whats he have to do with cyclocross? Nothing. Nothing at all. He has something, something most won't find, a true love, that moves his soul.

Today at work I listened to the stories of people, workers from the casinos. Trying to organize, trying to get a contract. They make from $4-$9 an hour, plus your tips. They don't want their kids to work in the casinos and its getting to the point where they can't/won't be able to send them to college. Funny how some of them had come to this country to better their families/lives, and now their concerns are just surviving again. Always Tip Well.

I was indoors all day, and I missed most of the sun. The color of the light this time of year makes me nervous. Tension, and an unsettled stimulation. Poking me, prodding me, soon, soon... new... ?????

bottoms up! dlowe. 21


played misty for me

a little air and a little toe in and I was good to go. I headed right to the Danger Tree.
via my forgotten friends laying in the brush way off to the side of one of the little trails on my cross loop.

there is no danger, the trail just cuts down the side of the hill. I did take a good spill jumping a tree a landing my rear tire on a root and kickin my ass on to the ground. I brushed off myself and then I brushed off some of the gravestones, I don't believe in spirits or ghost, but something does seem to be here. and as I rode off, it seemed to say "go ride, have a beer, be an ass... ect..." somehow I think the dead have decided to become, gone.

out the cut under access road, along the river, a brief stop at memorial hall, up the cobbles, around the old reservoir, and back into the wiss. got a good three hours in, not on the trainer.

Cheers, dlowe. 22


I'm am an OK computer

un hum,,.. I'm not the best socializer, and my hearing sucks from Punk rockin out, so its hard for me to really hear what your saying in them dang loud bars. So if i got a goofy smile and a little laugh, and what I say does not make sense that's why. Spent the day down in MD, with my wife's family, very fine folk. and then we hopped in the matrix and made it to the Dave Smith Beni'. So again, got to see and be with A LOT! of good folk. Dave is one of the peeps I admire in life, , He got cancer and some of his friends got a lot of his friends together to raise some dough.

sometimes you go to the mountains, and sometimes the mountain comes to you. Its funny how some of us seek out challenges, create our battles, find problems to solve. I admire those with a strong spirit, a will to battle, a unique personality. I have never lived my life as if I was living or dying, just trying to enjoy what I get. Funny thing is one thing I always lived by I learned from some Mountain biking book. Don't look at the obstacles, look at the path.... and that's how I live.

oh well, I got a new bottle of white Plum brandy to toast the night good night, with love to you all.... cheers, dlowe

here's my music for the good book thumpers: Damn, this player won't play? Shit, F.!

Discover The Gun Club!

Discover The Gun Club!

Oh, ... this player seems to work, JeZ.

and.... what ever happen to the K Car?

when things work, Um, oh ... its easy... it makes sense. I bought a cable for my Creative Zen for $6 loaded a movie on it, plugged it into the tv, and watched a movie. simple.

yeah I know I just squeaked it in, but its in! 23


....suffering succotash....

I like to suffer. I look forward to suffering. Probably what holds me back in road racing. Too much off the front, too much attack. I not a sitting in guy. Believe me I can suck the wheel with the best of them, but when it comes down to it, its only to beat you, to pop off the front and go. Thank you cyclocross for giving me such great suffering opportunities. Here's some photos I took at Louisville's USGP race this summer. Jez, I can't wait to go back there and race. A great weekend!

Its going to be a nice day for riding here in Philly. Out to hill in Valley Forge to ride. Cheers, dlowe. 24



back home, and back to work. Made it home all safe and sound, Chad ate a lot of nerds while he drove. Me, I got some free amps from BP (British Petrol) cause they appreciate me so much. Stepped into a good day of easy work today, and was working with Lee (that's my wife, a makeup artist) so we shared the driving to the studio. Green screen for keying in a nice lady talking about some drug stuff. Whoo Hoow!

my cool light manipulating Tools

a glimpse into the set

yep that bloke, that's me, keyed in and eating cookies from craft service.

cheers, dlowe. 25


fire of love

The thumper young’en dropped her bible on the way down the steps. The family is headed out to “church” again. While I sip beer and try to recoup from riding. I think the young’en girl just was’nt holding on to that good book tight enough and the devil pulled it from her hand.
I've always had an ambition, maybe most of the time I can't understand where I'm being driven to or why. Its not an ambition to make a mark or prove something. Some how I think my ambition is to just to enjoy life. I search, and study, I beat you in the sprint for the county line.

Discover The Gun Club!

I peaked my head between the curtains, and my ache legged heart dropped. Rain. Riding is done down here and its time to shove shit in bags, wheels and bikes in the car. Heading home. The last of my photos.
Cheers, dlowe 26


big "joules" day

and I climbed and climbed, up and up. I don't get a chance like this to often, but out to Caesars Head we rode and up Caesar Head we climbed. Perfect weather, nice breeze, puffy clouds and sun. It took a while for me to get to the top, I burned up a lot of joules, I'll have more about energy in a post in a few days.

Caesars Head is one of the lumps over in the distance.

I've moved on from Hand photos, and on to the study of the head, its early on in its making but here are 2 photos so you can get an idea of where I'm going with it.

Tomorrow we drive home, camps over, I miss home. Its was a good,... a very good trip. I look forward to coming back next spring. cheers, dlowe 27



just enjoying a nice day, I'm a little worried about the "good Book" thumpers in the upstairs room, they have been holed up for awhile now. Nothing a cold PBR won't solve, oh well onto my GA racin recap. I've been trainin' my pins to push the pedals pretty good this winter and they are coming around OK! Sat. you do a double, a TT in the morning and a crit in the afternoon. did fine in both, 4th in the TT and 5th in the crit, as a Master 45+ guy. Sunday is the RR, its not to bad, around a bit thin of 50 miles of rolling GA roads. We stayed together till about the half way point and the KOM, as the group came back together I pedaled off the front to see who still had some pop. Got a small group, nothin to stick. A counter went, and then I went again. Got a good group of strong pinned gray beards and we road away from the field. Held on to the town and I ended up 1st 45+ .

the hotel in "the hell hole" Union City, GA.

some good book thumping PBRs

repin' it up Chad and dlowe

dlowe spinning the "pins"

chad works on game face

chad racing the pro/am crit. looks like he is giving his pins a break

Chad enjoying the last night in hell hole.


Pulling into Greenville, with the radio on, road runner road runner... or just with the windows down. don't worry all, about the header pic, all is well here. Its for the peeps. Its for the new season, its for forgetting about the cold. My nose has been a stimulated. The sap is running. Got some racing in my legs. Again La Columbe fills the room with a magnificent roasted bean cloud. I feel ready to ride. I think Chads got an 80 miler out over Paris mt. to do today. To the lobby for some free grub. Fill the water bottles. Pedal the bike.
(...and...for you production people, the correct way to waft is to grab a 24 x 36 solid. Hold vertical. Flat and perpendicular to the molecular substance to be spread/moved. Pull flat out and away directing that substance into the void you want to fill. and... here is the important part.... twist 90 degrees and pull back to your starting point. Repeat as needed.) cheers, dlowe. 28