The stimulis, tricks, seasoning.   I was hiding out a bit on the back of  the grip truck.  I took a phone photo looking out of the back of the truck, up the street, towards our rain protected carts/equipment.  I noticed the reflection on the right in the hard gel. (plexi sheet of color corection, or light reduction like a Neutral Density). 

I'm thinking of going to WVA to race
its a bit of a drive, but looks like a nice, tough race.
I wanna try to beat Gunnar Shogren,...
or maybe get away in a break with him, and chat it up some with the legend.
but most likely if I go, I'll get some much needed early season suffering and some uphill legs out of it.
 I'm looking forward to my time in a cheap hotel room.
and then heading up north to spend more time with my mom and stepfather in Beaver, PA.

toasting ya all, cheers.. clink.. glug glug. dlowe.


Twig switch

I think I sat in the coffee shop for quite a bit.  Today was gray, so no direction of the sun, no shadows.  I could of listened to Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen, and the Velvet Underground, something with just a little moody sting to it all day.

someone has gone to a bunch of trouble to line the trails of belmont with a bunch of switches.  I can't quite figure out if its to injure or challenge.  I got a bit of both,  a good jab to the right shin after clearing a log.  A poke to my cheek just below the eye, and another slap with the switch to my left shin.
That parks got some kind of personality!

Made my way over for a return to the Wiss.  got a good safe lap in.

folks don't get me wrong, I'm lucky to have some great friends and really wonderful family, I'm looking forward to my mom's visit this week, she's driving over from Pitts.  to stay a few days.....

....after my nap its on with some Funkadelic, got some house cleaning to do.  cheers, d.


Pot hole

I got out early, chilly, the day not yet warm from the sun.
I just wore a kit, no leg or arm warmers, trying to ignite a fire in my soul.
thinking, thinking,
the sun rose, and the yellow climbed across and up over the land.

All  my thinking and trying to resolve had to do with my family.
We don't talk, or see each other much.   Never close with my siblings.
I never felt it was a loss, since I never really had it.
but I've felt anger,
and somehow things moved forward.
for the first time my dad opened up to me, and it felt good to talk.  A first for us.
This might sound strange to most, but today after our little less awkward hug,  I said "luv you", and felt something.

I don't know what I hit, so fast, that nothing went to slow motion till after I saw the bike coming down on me.
and I sat waiting  to see what the damage was.
nothing major.
I ripped both the tires off the rims, after a lot of pumping, I felt clear headed enough to ride on.

ornery pill

I'm up early, by choice.  It still dark blue out.  and I'll be out on the trails as the suns rising. 

Thats the boss, getting it done right...
its just a bench behind the hotel, a few minutes before we load up the gear.  sipping bad hotel coffee, nice.
That was last week.

Back to today.  Funny hard to write about being in a bad mood.  so maybe just a solo ride on the mtbike is the best thing for me.

and last week:
rest stop.

excellent little bar that we came across  just by chance, great beer and grub on the outskirts of Cleveland.

Cheers, I'm going to find a tree to hug.  d.


haze notion

(Photo by T. Stewart)

no riding this week, in Chicago working



I've been under the infulence..... of  Georgia and Thee Von-T.  Another convergances of sorts, my love of blogs, bikes, beer, bread and trying something risky.  BAKING.  I baked a loaf of bread,  some beer bread. 

1 (12 fluid ounce) beer -- in my case Westmalle Airy (Dark Wheat) 7% abv from Earth/bread/brewery
3 cups self-rising flour
3 tablespoons white sugar
bake 50-60mins @ 350
Simple enough, for most, but for me, its a start.  I've never cooked before.  oh yah, Steevo's bagels were also inspiration.
Cheers and thanks for writing. d.


hello again

strange events, the last couple of rides, be it on the Mtb yesterday, or the road today.  I ran into both of the peeps I was a good samartian to.  The first I helped on the trails yesterday.  He had a broken chain.  I stopped, lent a hand, and soon both of us are on our ways.  Today I stopped during my RR to fill the bottle, about 40 miles from yesterdays repair location, and the dude comes up riding, says hey, thanks for the help yesterday. 
the second one yesterday, was a deaf older chubby bloke from Boston trying to locate his grandmother home. He remembered visiting it as a kid and knew it was somewhere along wissahickon park.  That was a little tricky trying to tell him how to get there, until he popped in his hearing aides (which only helped a bit).  We both sorta nodded like we knew, and headed on our rides.  
I never stop here, but was thinking about Chads last blog entry, then I wanted a coke.  Chad told me a bit about this guy.  I think its Bob, 83, been working it for 66 years now.
He's a good guy, a nice chat, and I sat on the bench and chewed my soft preztle and enjoyed a special can of coke. 
The bloke from Boston rolled by, I looked back up and he'd circled back.  Said he found his Grandmother home, and thats its looking good.  He gave a nice nod to me, and he rode off.

Built to Spill's song Hindsight keeps finding its way to play into the mix.  and for some reason I'm stuck on a line, trying to figure out what it means. "Is that grass just greener, ...cause its fake?"

I never enjoy watching the videos peeps put into blogs, but... if you want here it is.  Rather you listened to it as just music.  Its a great record, just go get it.   You can trust me.

cheers, dlowe.



butter krak

yesterday, the world just worked around me.

I'm quite happy with that.  I spent about an hour just sitting on the bench, in the direct sun, watching the world go by.

I've been riding and riding, .....  got the mtbike out.  The trails were sweet, like easter candy.  The bike rode like a bitch in heat.  The trails at Belmont, acted as my  prom date, fun, wild, and a bit nasty (overgrown, log strewn), ripping a buckle right off my shoe. 

I'm a dope, one sap running in the veins, dope.
cheers, Mr. D.W.Lowe.



eating more bread, fresh homebaked bread.  loaf after loaf.   I'm glad its warm so I'm just burning it off.  Might take a bit of a crusty loaf and some jam, with me tomorrow when I head out for my ride.
Need new music.   Got time and a head to fill while I pedal.
One thing I learned as part of my craft, is to walk in time with the talent so that my footsteps are silent.

Sometimes the hardest part of work for me is sitting silently.  Thats hard for me. yep. d.



I'm hooked, for a bit on crusty bread. 
Went to the bakery and picked up two loafs today, and my wife picked me up one on her way home from work.  I like shopping at a place that has flour and crumbs on the floor. 
One down, two to go.
cheers, my fresh friends.  david.


Rolf's seeds

I'll always remember this winter, not with dread, or missed time out riding the bike.  With a fondness.  I see the snow melting away, and soon it will be hot. I'll be racing, riding, training, and as always, looking forward to the fall and cross. Somehow just when I get use to one thing, it changes. I'm trying to be not so caught up with moving forward, but moving contented and learned.

I made coffee this morning, fresh ground, la columbe.  I had a mini baguette for a working snack, with George.  We took two of his bike and pedaled a few blocks, and leaned them outside the shop, and grabbed a cup of Joe with the baked goods.  Sat out on a bench, a bit cold, but just chatted, and the crumbs fell to the ground.

and somethings stick with you, I've been eating a local seeded bread cause of Rolf.  cheers, d.

the series I took: