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I get to work at a lot of different places. I get a glimpse into the cube world, the hospitals, the ad agency insecurites, the sports, the educational, the pharma. Peolple dying of cancer, peolpe with new lungs, aids, depression. The poor, the rich and the spoiled. I've been yelled at, cheated, lied to, and ripped off. 20 years of it. I still, most of the time, love what I do. I've meet Lance, been in People Magazine with Bruce Willis, stood 10 feet from Neil Young playing, had lunch with Dick Vermil, and seen the twisted steel beams of the twin towers laid out on the ground. What have I learned from it all, nothing more than an reinforcement of what my parents taught me, be fair, true, work hard, have fun and love life.

oh... I got a new mp3 player, my old one died. I tried to fix it by giving it a few good taps with a hammer, but, alas still all I got was a blank screen. I scoured the Internet to find the most bang, and I got the Sansa Clip 4 giger. cheap and easy to use, no Itunes controls, I keep my freedom of use. I don't know why so many people buy into that crap? I loaded it up and went to the gym. I always leave it on shuffle,... did some squats to Royal City, leg press to Oasis, so on, good work out. spun outside for 2hrs got a lot of music listening in. SHIT, I LOVE MUSIC.

Going to see RED FANG at the Khyber next Tuesday, March 3rd. ya wanna go?


viva la high

I am a sandbagger. By profession. Its my job. I've never sandbagged a race, I always try to ride and race with riders that are faster than me. I have no use in beating someone that is slower than me. I learn more, suffer more, race longer, in all, get more for the bang for the buck. As far as work goes it is an important job, sandbagging. You gotta make sure all is safe, that the wind is not going to topple the equipment over. A lot of good sandbagging means sitting and watching. I got the call and time from Chad and was out the door for a good long road ride on Saturday. After a tough end of the year for me, my spirit has come back. It was a very good ride with friends/teammates. I always try to learn something on each ride, notice something, and store it all away. Its what makes us so refined, HA, sorta. but here's my tips for you. Look at the places you ride by, try them out. I must of thought about stopping at Marchiano's for the last 2 hrs of the ride. It was a long ride, 110 miles. So I was a bit hungry. The women shoved my pepper and egg bread into my jersey pocket and I rolled over to La Colombe to enjoy it with some coffee. VERY NICE, food taste really good when your hungry.
Today I got out on the mountain bike and hit the trails before they melted to muck in the sun. I went up the back side of the hill, to ride past the old mill houses. A simple day today, do some reading, go out for a beer and watch the Tour of Cal. on Tivo. Viva the refined cyclocrosser! cheers dlowe.

sorry about the music player creepiness, I can't find one that is easy to use... Yet. Enjoy my next musical selection, with a special cyclocross racer dedication to Stan,... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE "PU KLANG".

Pu Klang


The Middle Finger

Most of you are NOT followers but leaders. I've been home from work for a bit, cracked open a 22oz bottle of Bear Republic "Hop Rod Rye".

"Hop Rod Rye - Is essentially a bold American IPA made with 20% rye malt. Darker in color, Hop Rod Rye boasts a huge hop aroma and flavor accompanied by a slightly sweet, malty finish. A.V.B. of 8.0%. 2004 California State Fair, Silver Medal Winner; 2002 National Real Ale Festival, Chicago, Gold Medal Winner; 2001 San Diego Real Ale Festival, Silver Medal Winner & Best of Show (Runner Up) - og 1.074, ABV 8.0%, IBU 90+"..... from their web site. I like the few ryes out there. It needles me. Whats that mean? Its interesting, not smooth, a bit harsh, gotta some bite. It grabs the tongue, giving it a nice noggie, an indian rug burn of sorts. Not perfect, but better in all ways for its faults!

I had work today, yeah it made me happy, G. Bush, the Banks and heavy handed layings off by the giant corporate American has me sleeping just a little uneasy. I carried the sandbags with a big O' smile today. Cheers. Here's a nice photo of Matt, I respect Matt, Why? He is smart, creative, can take shit, and has his own perspective on what is important to his life, guy. He cares enough to know that giving the middle finger can be one of the most positve thing you can do as a human being.

What eles do I have for you? Not much. I ride my bike, drink beer, love my wife, got 5 nice cats, don't eat meat, my favorite color is red, snore, have no cavities, and... and...

cheers, dlowe


one hundred and forty two

Easy days are nice days. Two hours pedaling time, add another hour or so for goofing around and drinking coffee.

I stopped by "the father of baseball" to see what is up for the Phillies next year. Mr. Harry Wright stays just down the street from me. He said he was disappointed that no one took him to the parade, and wants to be made into some kind of "Andre the Giant" "OBEY" t-shirt, so he can fly around town on the back of some scenester fixie peddler, maybe get some of a PBR spilled on him. Anyway he is right in the middle of a beautiful West Laurel Hill Cemetery
just a quick, pretty spring day, jaunt up the drives, for you center city folk, perfect setting for a nice picnic. If all goes well for me, I hope to live to be 142, that's one of my goals. I did some laps in the big empty warehouse, and then hit the hill home. Going out with the lady to Union Jacks to celebrate Kristin's Birthday. Looks like a nice warm weekend, watch out Freds, I just shaved my legs and I'm feisty to roll. cheers.



I went to college to be a still photographer, when I came out, I had lost my interest in the art of photography. I didn't like the tedious darkroom work. Alone, no light, except the "safe light" and the occasional on/off of the enlarger. There always seem to be dust, or some tech. thing corrupting my work. I got deep into music, fell in love, became a grip, and waited for time to catch up to me. Still photography is digital now, just point and shoot away, somehow something will get in front of the lens and be interesting enough to show others. Flow we all know, when you hit that well designed course, or trail. It all doesn't work, some have the soul for it, taking a picture, plotting the trails, making a cross course that has a personality. Most don't. The snow started coming down this afternoon, I waited for the sun to set. Pulled out the single speed and pedaled out the driveway and rode over to the plateau. Hit some trails, pedaled down to the drives, up through Manayunk, and back around the bluff to the Bala Train station. I feel good, yeah, real good. cheers, dlowe